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Magic Moments > 1991 > Matt's Departure Episode 1392

Written by Dominic Burke, Directed by David Morgan

Aidan tells Gemma that he loves her and would do anything to get her back. At the hostel, Helen and Josh are leaving when Helen trips and falls down the stairs.

At number 32, Joe and Melanie are rushing through breakfast, and Joe is calling out to Toby to hurry up and get ready for school. Mel is rushing around and asks if she needs to drop Sky off at the creche, but Joe says that he’ll do it himself. Matt then walks in and Joe asks him if he’s ready for another day of looking for work. Matt isn’t convinced that he’ll find anything and Joe asks if he’s going to go in the dole, thinking that Hilary won’t approve. Matt then mentions that Hilary is going overseas for a while and that’s why he was on the phone to her for so long last night. He says that he’ll give Joe the money for the call, but Joe insists that he wasn’t hinting at that, as Matt walks out. Mel returns and asks Joe what’s wrong, and Joe says that there’s something wrong with Matt. Mel points out that he’s having a romantic crisis with Gemma, but Joe thinks it’s just a “storm in a teabag”. Mel quickly takes the opportunity to ask Joe about his love life, but he tries to change the subject, explaining that he’s too busy just being a dad these days to even think about marriage. She tells him that it doesn’t need to be marriage – just a little bit of fun. An uncomfortable Joe races off to get Toby ready.

. . .

Jim and Glen arrive at a country hospital to find Josh waiting for news. He explains that they’ve taken Helen for some x-rays and that he’s been with her all night. He tells them that he was with her in the ambulance and she was conscious but started to see double, and she’s sprained her ankle. Jim wants to know what they were doing, and Josh explains that they were at the hostel where Todd was, but they didn’t find him. Glen calms Jim down and says that none of that matters right now. Jim says that he’s still not happy and goes off to try and find out some news. Glen tells Josh that Jim will be fine and says that he’s not comfortable in hospitals. Josh hopes that Helen will be alright, as he was meant to be looking after her.

At number 24, Aidan is finishing up a phone call as Gemma is just getting up. She asks him if he was arranging another job interview, but he tells her that they have to talk. Aidan says that they didn’t resolve anything last night, but he can stay with his friend Jeff, so he wants to know if Gemma wants him to stay in the area or go back to Queensland. Gemma fails to respond, so Aidan says he’ll pack his bags. Gemma stops him and she explains that she feels comfortable around Aidan, because they grew up together, but she loves Matt. Aidan is devastated as Gemma hugs him and apologises.

. . .

Melanie finds Joe asleep outside the Waterhole and has a go at him about slacking off from work. He gets defensive, but she insists that she was joking, and tells him that she’s invited a friend of hers, as well as an old flame of Paul’s, Jan Daly, over for dinner. Joe remembers her as a bit of a goer, and thinks that Mel has set him up, following their little chat earlier that morning. Melanie denies this, so Joe tells her that he’ll take the kids out. Mel says that it’s all taken care of – Madge and Harold are taking Toby and Sky to the circus. Joe realises that he’s beat – but he still isn’t convinced.

At the hospital, Jim returns and tells Glen and Josh that it’s bad news. The doctors think that Helen has a fractured skull, but have sent her to a radiology centre for a CAT scan. He tells them that if there’s bleeding, they’ll have to take Helen to a bigger hospital with a neurosurgeon.

. . .

At number 24, Aidan has finished packing his things and Gemma tells him that there’s a taxi waiting. He says that he isn’t sorry, as she was worth fighting over, but she can still pass his apologies on to Matt. She tells him that she’s glad he’s staying in the area and not returning to Brisbane and that she’ll always be a friend to him if he needs one. They hug, and he picks up his bags and leaves.

Back at the hospital, Josh asks Jim for some change so he can phone his parents. Jim then suggests that Glen takes the car and Josh and returns home, as there’s no point in all three of them waiting. As Josh goes to call his parents, Helen is wheeled out on a trolley and asks what everyone’s doing there. Jim says that she gave them a hell of a scare, but she insists that she’s fine – just a small concussion and a sprained ankle. Jim and Glen are relieved, as the nurse wheels Helen away.

. . .

At number 32, Melanie is polishing Mrs Mangel’s good wine glasses, but Joe thinks that she’s going to too much trouble. She tells him that he scrubs up really well, but he tries to play it down. Matt then comes in and asks for a word with Joe. Joe thinks that Matt and Gemma will be able to sort things out, but Matt says that it won’t happen this time, and he’s made a few decisions…

Gemma is sitting alone at number 24, looking at her locket…

. . .

Glen answers the door at number 26 to find Matt standing there. Matt asks after Helen, and Glen tells him that she was lucky, but she’s just got a sprained ankle and a concussion. Matt then asks Glen if he’s still interested in buying a car, as he urgently needs some money and wants to sell Bertha.

At number 32, Joe is nervous as Jan arrives, but Melanie insists that he answers the door. As Jan comes in, Melanie makes an excuse about having to go and help Gemma with some dressmaking and promptly leaves. Jan then asks Joe if she can tempt him with some nibblies, but he tells her that she should see what’s for dessert. She looks disappointed as he tells her that it’s a gateau. Jan sits herself down and makes herself comfortable and is happy to hear that the kids are away overnight. Joe offers her a drink and she says that she’ll have a beer, as she’s so bored with all of the girlie drinks.

. . .

At number 24, Melanie is telling a distracted Gemma all about setting up Joe with Jan, before she notices that Gemma isn’t paying any attention. Gemma asks Mel if she knows where Matt has got to tonight, but Mel says that she doesn’t, but she’s sure he’ll show up soon and they’ll patch things up.

At the hospital, Jim goes to sit with Helen, who is now wearing a neck brace, and she asks if Glen is ok, as he must be worried about the sort of family he’s landed himself in. Jim explains that it was Glen who insisted on driving up to the hospital. He then chastises Helen for lying about going to an exhibition and she apologises. She says that the chances of finding Todd seem to be growing more and more remote, and Jim forces her to face the fact that they may never find him in such a big country. Helen is upset, as she had come to view Todd as one of her own children.

. . .

Back at number 32, Jan and Joe are discussing careers and she’s worried that she’ll always be a waitress and never make it into P.R. Joe tells her to hang on in there, despite what anyone else might try to tell her. She’s worried that she won’t be able to hold an intelligent conversation, but Joe tells her that she’ll do just fine. She calls him a gentleman and they lean in for a kiss but he stops and apologises. She tells him that it’s fine and she understands, before going to get them some more cake.

At number 24, Melanie apologises for hanging around all evening, but she doesn’t want to interrupt Joe. Gemma says it’s fine and tells Melanie to get herself some food, just as Matt arrives at the door. He tells Gemma that they need to talk. She tells him that Aidan’s gone and Matt explains that he needs some time out as he isn’t sure where they’re going any more. He says that maybe they’re not meant to be together, as he’s too obsessive. Gemma thinks that Matt’s overreacting, but he says that he’s going back to Adelaide to mind Hilary’s house. He kisses Gemma and walks out, but she chases after him, unable to accept what he’s saying.

. . .

. . .

. . .

Out in the street, Gemma chases Matt to his cab, begging him to wait. She insists that they can work things out, but Matt says that he needs to sort himself out. They kiss and she says that she loves him. He insists that he has to go and gets in the cab. Melanie comes out and hugs a devastated Gemma as the cab pulls away.

Summary by Steve