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Magic Moments > 1991 > Ryan's Departure Episode 1394

Written by David Phillips, Directed by David Morgan

Dorothy tells Ryan that she’s found him a job at the school library, but Ryan stops her and says that he’s signed up to join the army.

Dorothy realises that Ryan is serious, as he explains that he’s signed up for four years and is leaving the next day. She’s shocked that they’ve called him up that quickly, but he explains that he’s going to see his parents first. Dorothy thinks that they’ll be mortified, but Ryan insists that the army could set him up for heaps of other different careers. Dorothy agrees that it’s an admirable thing to do, but wonders if Ryan just likes the uniform. He starts to get annoyed and tells his aunt that he doesn’t want to be a librarian and she should stop treating him like a child, before storming out of the room.

. . .

At number 28, Pam tells Doug that Helen will be in hospital for a couple more days, but should come out from it with little more than a sore ankle. The family then all sit down to eat, with Pam mentioning how rare it is and Doug complains that Pam is always out at work now that she’s resumed her nursing career. Doug thinks that it’s a shame Adam wasn’t with Helen as he could have helped her, but Adam reminds his father that he’s a builder now. Doug wonders what Helen could have fallen off at an art exhibition, but Pam tells him that she wasn’t at an exhibition, she was in a sleazy hostel. Doug continues to rant at Adam about becoming a doctor, then realises what Pam said and asks why Helen was in a hostel. Pam explains that she was looking for Todd. Cody is annoyed with Pam for blabbing the secret, but Pam says that everyone might as well know now. As Pam explains that it’s looking like Todd just doesn’t want to be found, Cody walks out and Adam steals her food. Pam tells him to be a bit more sensitive, but Adam says that he has problems too.

At number 22, Caroline is trying to fix the kitchen sink and they think that it’s a ridiculous way to spend their Saturday night. Chrissie says that Paul will be back from America tomorrow and her social life will be back with him. Caroline is relieved that she’s managed to sort out all of the problems at the office before Paul got back. There’s a knock at the door and it’s Adam, so Chrissie makes herself scarce. Adam tells Caroline how much he’s missing her and tries to hug her, but she says that it’s a bit late but they can go out tomorrow. As he leaves, she tells him that she missed him too.

. . .

The next morning, at number 30, Ryan isn’t talking to Dorothy but she asks him if he joined the army because of her. He says that it wasn’t on a whim, he applied months ago after leaving school, but it was just another option back then. Dorothy reminds him that he’ll be trained to fight and use weapons, but he insists that he didn't sign up with his eyes closed.

At number 24, Harold is complaining about the mess Joe made of his garden, and Madge is surprised that he hired him in the first place. Dorothy arrives to apologise to Harold, as Ryan won’t be able to start his part-time work at the Coffee Shop, since he’s leaving. Harold and Madge are shocked, and Madge is even a little sympathetic, as Dorothy announces that Ryan is leaving to join the army.

. . .

At number 26, Melissa is hanging around Jim, asking him for Helen’s address at the hospital, so that she can send a card, when Todd suddenly walks in. They’re both shocked to see him and Jim gives him a hug and welcomes him home. Melissa tells Todd that Cody is out for the day, but she’ll be so happy to see him home. Melissa then leaves Jim and Todd alone and Todd explains that Helen talked him into coming home and she explained everything about Glen too. Jim breaks the news to Todd that he’s going to have to repeat year 10 as he’s missed so much school. Todd says that he needs to go and convince Dorothy to change her mind and rushes out, with Jim in pursuit.

At number 30, Ryan is packing and is shocked to find Dorothy ironing his underwear. There’s a knock at the door and Dorothy is surprised when Todd walks in with Jim. She asks him if he got tired of life on the run and he tells her that she can read all about it in his next essay, when he comes back to school tomorrow. Jim asks Dorothy to go easy on Todd and Todd begs her, insisting that he can catch up with the work on his own. Dorothy finally relents and gives him a chance, and Todd tells her she’s beautiful, before racing out. Jim thanks Dorothy again and she insists that this is just probation. After Jim leaves, Ryan approaches his aunt and says that he sometimes suspects that she might have a heart after all.

. . .

In Ramsay Street, Caroline approaches Adam, who is helping Doug load the truck, and he realises that he’s running late. He runs off to get his wallet, and Doug asks Caroline how things are going at Lassiter’s. Meanwhile, across the street, Ryan is saying goodbye to Jim, who thinks it’s a great idea to join the army. He wishes him luck, and Ryan then goes to number 24. Chrissie appears from number 22 and tells Jim that Paul is getting a cab from the airport and she’s busy cooking a feast. Caroline walks over with Adam and Chrissie rushes off, saying that she has to ask Madge a favour. In the driveway of number 24, Madge and Harold are saying the farewells to Ryan when Chrissie approaches and asks Madge if she can borrow a roasting tin. Harold continues the gardening and Ryan walks off, as Madge sends Chrissie inside and then walks over to a worried Harold, who’s found something suspect in the garden.

At number 22, Adam apologises to Caroline for freezing her out and they call a truce and kiss. They’re discussing Adam’s career change when Chrissie walks in and asks if they’re staying for dinner. Caroline says that they’ll be going out, as Paul and Chrissie deserve a nice romantic dinner for two. Just then, the phone rings and Chrissie answers it – it’s Paul and he thinks he’ll be away for at least another week. Chrissie is upset and tells them that they’ll have to stay for dinner now, as she’s got far too much food for one.

. . .

At number 28, Pam and Doug are wondering how they’re going to cheer Cody up. Melissa then arrives at the door and asks to speak to Cody, who doesn’t really want to play Melissa’s games. Melissa calls Todd in and Cody is thrilled to see him.

At number 22, Adam and Caroline feel awkward kissing on the couch with Chrissie so upset. Chrissie suddenly walks in and says that she’s going to get an early night. Caroline runs off to see if she’s ok, as Adam is left alone.

. . .

. . .

At number 30, Ryan promises that he’ll stay in touch, and Dorothy says that she’ll be happy with a letter every once in a while. Jim arrives and gives Ryan a compass he used in Vietnam, which brought him good luck. Dorothy says that they should hurry along and she lets Ryan drive her car to the airport. Ryan is surprised that she now trusts him to do that, but she tells him that she trusts him and is proud of him and is going to miss him very much.

At number 28, Doug and Pam are off to the Waterhole to give Todd and Cody some time alone together. Cody is embarrassed by them as they go, and Todd insists that adults are usually more confused than their kids. Cody tells Todd that she ought to strangle him after everything he’s put her through and she isn’t sure whether she can forgive him. He tells her that he never stopped thinking about her and she begins to soften, and then they share a kiss.

. . .

At number 24, Harold is concerned about the oil that he’s found in the garden. Madge thinks that they could be rich, but Harold isn’t at all convinced that it’s the kind of oil you have to drill for. Madge reminds him about a story in the newspaper the week before about how oil can rise up to the surface sometimes, and she’s convinced that they’ve struck it rich.

Summary by Steve