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Magic Moments > 1991 > Lucy's Return Episode 1396

Written by Lois Booton, Directed by Steve Mann

Jim decides that things might finally be looking up for the Robinson family, until he opens a letter and realises that there’s more bad news…

Jim explains to Glen that it’s a letter from Lucy’s school. She hasn’t been applying herself and the principal is threatening to withdraw her scholarship and kick her out. Todd comes in and overhears the last part, asking who’s being kicked out of school. Jim explains, and admits that Julie did say that Lucy was reluctant to go back to school after her most recent holidays, but he didn’t think it was that serious. He decides to drive up to the school the next day and speak to his daughter. Glen offers to join him, but Jim turns him down, finally admitting that he hasn’t told Lucy about Glen yet, and would like to do it face to face.

. . .

At number 28, Pam is trying to do some study and moves some of Cody’s books. Cody gets annoyed and picks up her stuff and goes to her room. Doug then appears and tries to get cosy with her, but she says that she hasn’t got time, as she’s got so much new technology to learn about. She says that, after dinner, they need to talk about the household budget. Cody then answers the door to Todd, but is still refusing to talk to him. He tells her that Belinda is just a friend, but Cody suddenly snaps back that she seems more like a girlfriend. He insists that it isn’t the case and follows her as she storms off to her room. Doug says that this is the fourth teenager they’ve had in the house and he still can’t work out why the kids can’t settle their problems in a mature way.

The next morning, Josh is talking to Cody about Belinda, as they walk to school. He says that Todd has invited her down to stay, but Todd insists that this isn’t true, and Cody, Todd and Melissa all tell Josh to shut up as he keeps dropping Belinda’s name into the conversation. They all start talking about where they’re going to study after school to help Todd catch up, and Cody storms off, saying that she doesn’t care. Todd follows her, and Melissa tells Josh that one day, his big mouth is going to get him into a lot of trouble.

. . .

. . .

At number 26, Glen runs out from the shower, wearing only a towel, to answer the phone and takes a message for Jim from Lucy’s school and it seems that she’s run away. As he hangs up, Lucy suddenly bursts in the door and asks who Glen is, and why he’s running around the house half-naked. He says that he’s Glen Donnelly and he lives there and Lucy starts flirting with him and asks if he’d like to share a room, as that’d give her dad something to stress about. She admits that she’s joking and goes off to her room.

Later, Glen is fully dressed and playing guitar in the lounge when Lucy comes and joins him. She says that he’s good and it reminds her of her brother, Scott. She then starts asking Glen where his parents are, and he says that his mum died a few months ago. She says that her mum died too, when she was a baby, but her dad always talked about her. She asks Glen about his father, and he says that he’s around, quickly changing the subject to tell Lucy that Helen will be home the following day. Lucy is pleased and asks Glen why he’s staying. He explains that the family took him in and Lucy admits that her gran has always taken in waifs and strays.

. . .

At number 28, Pam is telling Doug that they’ll have to tighten their belts and he can’t go giving Cody money whenever she flutters her eyelashes at him. Doug agrees, then Cody walks in and hugs her dad, asking him if he’ll buy her a new dress for a party. She says that she just needs $80, but Pam says no. Cody then asks her dad and he says yes, before Pam furiously butts in. Cody suggests that they go halves on it, but Pam says that they can’t afford any extravagances and Cody already has enough clothes. Cody accuses her mother of wrecking her life.

Outside number 26, Lucy is standing out chatting to Glen as he fixes up Bertha. She explains that she still wants to finish year 12, but wants to do it in the city where it’s more fun. She says that it’s great to see Bertha still on the street, as almost every guy who’s lived there has owned her at one time or another. She asks Glen to take her for a ride one day and he says that he will, as long as she doesn’t mind being seen out in the old rust bucket. Todd and Melissa then get back and Todd runs up to hug Lucy. He tells her she’s looking great and they’re about to go inside and catch up when Todd notices that Melissa’s walked off.

. . .

Across the street, Pam and Doug are cleaning out the garage when Cody appears in one of her old dresses. Pam think she’s looks great but Cody says that it looks terrible and is completely out of style. Doug thinks they should buy Cody a new dress and he and Pam argue about it as Melissa runs in and announces that Belinda’s turned up and is very pretty. Cody announces that she’s going to go over there and kill them both.

At number 26, Lucy and Todd are making sandwiches when Glen comes in and Lucy offers him some food. She then goes to answer the door and finds Cody and Melissa standing there. Cody comments that she doesn’t know how things work in ‘Hicksville’ but in the city they don’t go around stealing each other’s boyfriends. Todd quickly interrupts, but Cody won’t listen to him and continues ranting. Lucy then explains that she’s Lucy Robinson, not Belinda, and has no interest in Todd. Cody is humiliated and leaves, as Lucy and Glen laugh and Todd chases after her.

. . .

At number 28, Pam is trying to go through the accounts when Cody storms in, followed by Melissa and Todd and says that Lucy shouldn’t get away with talking to her like that. Melissa points out that Cody was the one who was rude, and Cody tells her friend to get her facts straight next time, before telling people that Belinda is in town when she clearly isn’t. Todd explains that he and Lucy are practically related and she usually spends her holidays with her sister, Julie. He then tells Cody that Belinda has just turned 12, so her parents probably wouldn’t let her come to Erinsborough alone and, even if they did, he wouldn’t go out with her as she’s too young. Finally beaten, Cody goes to get changed out of her dress.

At number 26, Glen admits that it’s the first time he’s seen Cody lost for words. Lucy wonders why she’d be interested in Todd anyway, as she prefers older men. Her flirting is interrupted by Jim walking in, asking his daughter what she’s playing at. He announces that she can stay to see Helen, then will have to return to school the next day. She pleads with her father not to send her back there, and asks to go to Erinsborough High. Jim says that it’s not that good a school, but Lucy reminds him that he went there, as well as Julie, Scott and Paul. She says that Helen will still need to be looked after and she could help. Realising that she’s winning her dad over, she goes to make him a cup of tea. Glen asks Jim how he’s going to cope with having Lucy back home, and when he’s going to tell her the truth.

. . .

At number 28, Josh is annoyed that he missed Lucy and Cody’s argument, and Todd blames Josh for the whole mess happening in the first place. Cody and Melissa are still in the bedroom, so Josh suggests that they do some maths study. Todd then realises that he’s forgotten his book, so they go back to number 26 to get it. Doug, meanwhile, sits down with Pam, who is trying to find more cost-cutting measures and suggests that Doug’s employees take a wage cut. Doug isn’t happy with the idea, and Pam says that in that case, she’ll need to lay somebody off, suggesting Adam. Doug hates the idea of sacking his own son and wonders if there isn’t another way.

. . .

At number 26, Glen is trying to give Jim and Lucy some space, so they can talk, when Todd and Josh burst in. Lucy asks them if they’ll be back for dinner, as Todd introduces Josh to Lucy. Josh asks Lucy if it’s been strange coming back to find so many different people on the street. She admits that Todd’s girlfriend is a bit strange, but Josh says that he means Glen – it must be weird to suddenly have a new brother. Todd angrily tells Josh that nobody had told Lucy yet, and then he, Josh and Glen make themselves scarce, as Lucy asks her father exactly what’s going on.

Summary by Steve