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Magic Moments > 1991 > Gaby's Arrival Episode 1496

Written by C.M. Covington, Directed by Steve Mann

Adam is shocked to see a familiar face at the door…

Adam is absolutely thrilled to see his sister, Gaby, standing on the doorstep and hugs her. She’s surprised by his warm welcome and asks him what’s wrong. He quickly introduces her to Caroline, but points out that they’re no longer an item. Gaby then has a look at the house and starts handing out gifts to Adam and Caroline. She says that she can’t believe that she missed Cody, but can’t wait to see Brad again and find out all about the USA. She asks where everyone is and Adam tells her to sit down…

. . .

At number 32, Joe is doing the ironing, as a surprise for Melanie, when Todd comes over and asks if he can help out with the gardening jobs, since Glen is busy planning things with Karen. Joe is happy to have the help and Todd explains that he’s saving up to go and see Cody in America. Joe tells him about a job over at a big house in Elliot Park, then tells Todd to leave as Melanie gets home. Mel is talking about Simon, before she notices that Joe is doing the ironing. She’s delighted and agrees not to move out if it carries on.

At number 28, Gaby has been fully informed about Brad’s situation and that they need $10,000 to get him out of prison. They realise that selling the cars won’t be enough and Gaby decides to look over the books to see if anyone owes Doug anything. Caroline offers to lend them the money in the meantime, but they assure her that they’ll work something out. Gaby goes to bed to look over the books and tells Adam that it’s a shame he broke up with Caroline as she seems really nice. Caroline then repeats her offer to Adam, but he says that hopefully Gaby will work something out.

. . .

The next morning, Adam is introducing Gaby to Joe, Melanie and Todd. He explains that they’re on the way to the bank. Gaby then offers to help push Joe’s van to clutch start it and they manage to get it going, though Mel turns down Joe’s offer of a lift to work. She also tells him not to make dinner for her as she’s not sure what her plans are.

Melanie arrives at the office to find Caroline looking at a bunch of roses waiting there for her. She reads the card and is disappointed to find that Simon wants to meet for lunch, but she can’t go as she has to work. Mel then admits to Caroline that she’s worried about making a fool of herself if Simon isn’t the one for her, but Caroline tells her not to analyse it and just to enjoy it.

. . .

Joe and Todd have arrived at the job in Elliot Park and Joe is trying to fix the van, leaving all of the work to Todd. Joe hands him a shovel and tells him to get on with it and he’ll help out later. Just then, the neighbours, Nancy and Alec Brewster, begin an argument in the middle of their driveway. She’s accusing him of having an affair with his boss’ wife and he warns her not to say anything. She goes inside to make the call and he follows her, saying that if she does, she’ll seriously regret it. Joe is very amused by the argument.

At number 28, Gaby and Adam arrive back, disappointed that the bank wouldn’t give them credit. Gaby mentions Wilf Turner, one of Doug’s clients who was written off as a bad debt. Adam explains that he’s a con artist and he managed to get out of paying on a technicality over a brick wall. Gaby points out that the $12,000 from him would get Brad back to the country, but Adam thinks that she has more chance of winning the lottery. Gaby thinks that Caroline’s offer might be worth accepting, but Adam says that she was saving the money to put a deposit on a unit and it’s not fair to ask the Robinsons to help out the Willises yet again. Adam then leaves to try and sell the cars.

. . .

At the Coffee Shop, Joe is telling Todd about the argument between the Brewsters and Todd thinks that maybe they should have stuck around. Todd then remembers seeing Alec Brewster digging a hole in his back garden. They both decide that it’s probably nothing, before becoming quite concerned.

At the office, Caroline comes in and Melanie gives her some messages from her estate agent. Caroline explains that she’s been looking at a unit of her own and now it seems that she’ll have the money for the deposit after all. Simon then arrives with a picnic for him and Mel. She asks him over for another typing lesson that evening, but he isn’t sure, mentioning that Joe doesn’t really like him. Mel insists that Joe won’t mind and Simon decides that he’s going to have a little chat with Joe, as he reckons that he knows what the problem is.

. . .

Back at their gardening job, Todd is trying to look over the fence but Joe tells him to get on with some work. Just then, they hear a loud noise and Todd looks over the fence to see Alec Brewster dragging a big black back down the back steps. He calls over Joe and the pair of them are stunned to watch him putting the bag down the hole.

At number 32, Todd is insistent that Brewster has killed his wife. Joe tells him that it’s none of their business, reminding him of what happened to Caroline and Christina when they interfered in someone else’s business. Todd isn’t so sure, but he leaves. Simon then arrives and asks for a chat with Joe. He believes that Joe doesn’t think he’s good enough for Mel, but he insists that he isn’t going to hurt her. Joe says that he doesn’t care what Simon is like, as long as Mel is happy.

. . .

At number 28, Adam is telling Caroline that he had no luck selling either of the cars. She offers him the money again, but he turns her down. Gaby then comes out in a sharp business suit and says that she’s going to go to Wilf Turner and tell him that she’s Doug’s lawyer, Gabrielle Martin and she’ll expose some of his more corrupt business practices unless he pays up. Adam and Caroline try to talk her out of it, but she goes anyway. They decide to go with her.

At number 26, Todd phones Alec Brewster and pretends to be from a record store, asking to speak to his wife about some CDs she ordered. Alec says that his wife isn’t there and she won’t be coming back, before hanging up on a shocked Todd.

. . .

. . .

At number 32, Simon and Melanie are laughing through their typing lesson and Joe is getting annoyed. Joe quickly leaves and Simon admits that he feels bad that Mel won’t let him pay for the lessons. She tells him that she isn’t really a typing teacher and just made it up so that they could spend some time together. They kiss, just as Joe walks in. He walks out and leans against the wall, devastated.

Summary by Steve