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Magic Moments > 1991 > Brad's Arrival Episode 1501

Written by Ian Coughlan, Directed by Philip East

Paul and Glen are arguing outside number 22 about Jim helping Glen financially. Paul stops Glen from going inside to get Karen and says that if he wants a fight, he’s got one…

Glen tells Paul that fighting won’t achieve anything and Paul accuses him of backing down. Paul starts goading Glen, and they start to fight, but Glen is far too quick for Paul and soon knocks him onto the car bonnet. Jim comes outside and spots them, as does Gaby, who’s walking home. Jim stops them and sends Paul into the house. Paul warns Glen to keep off his property and Gaby tells Glen that she hopes he feels better now. Jim sends Glen into number 26 as a disgusted Gaby walks off.

. . .

Inside number 26, Jim sends Josh away so that he can talk to Glen. Jim is furious with Glen, who points out that he wasn’t the only one throwing punches and that Paul has finally pushed him too far. Karen then comes in and asks Glen if he’s ok. He angrily tells her that he’s fine.

At number 28, Gaby is making dinner when Doug and Pam arrive home. They’re all delighted to see each other and Gaby asks how Brad is coping. Pam says that she can ask him now, and Brad comes in the door, complete with surfboard. He says that he’s fine and that the jail was no worse than some of the hostels he stayed in. Doug wonders how on earth Ramsay Street is going to cope now that Brad Willis is in residence.

. . .

At number 26, Karen sits down for a chat with Glen and says that she feels lonely, especially with them getting married and feeling like strangers. Glen says that they’re friends and that’s as a place as any to start a relationship. Karen goes to bed, as Doug arrives to introduce Brad. Josh and Brad chat in the kitchen, as Doug takes Jim to one side and says that he isn’t sure how Brad is feeling, as he doesn’t seem to want to talk about the prison at all. He asks Jim to pass the word around to everyone not to mention jail to Brad until he’s ready to talk about it. In the kitchen, Brad and Josh arrange to go surfing soon and Brad then walks into the wall as he leaves.

At number 22, Jim tells Paul that, with Doug back, they need to press on with the holiday home project. Jim then mentions Glen and Paul goes along with what his father is saying, insisting that he didn’t want to fight and that there are far better ways to settle the issue.

. . .

At number 28, in the middle of the night, Brad is making himself a banana smoothie and he wakes up Gaby in the process. He says that he’s going to wake up Josh and go for a surf, convincing Gaby to join them. Pam and Doug then get up too, asking what all the noise is about. Pam is sneezing and Brad goes to wake up Josh, as Gaby goes to get dressed. Doug jokes that maybe they only let Brad out of jail so that the guards could get some sleep, but Pam doesn’t want to joke about it.

Out in the street, Josh and Brad are joined by Gaby and the three of them pile into the VW. Brad drives off and Josh quickly points out that in Australia, they drive on the left hand side of the road.

. . .

At number 26, Karen is making breakfast for herself and Glen, who’s complaining that Brad was knocking on the window earlier, trying to find Josh. He says that he’s got the day off work, and Karen then tells him that Paul was over earlier and wanted him to go over to number 22 when he had some free time.

At the beach, Josh is busy waxing his board, as Brad is keen to get in the water. Brad accuses Josh of surfing on an antique board and runs off, tripping over on the way. Josh joins Brad and Gaby makes herself comfortable on the beach and watches the pair of them showing off.

. . .

At number 22, Paul invites Glen in and says that he isn’t going to beat about the bush – he offers Glen $10,000 to leave town and take Karen with him. Glen is stunned and Paul ups the offer to $15,000. Glen insists that he isn’t just going to walk out of Jim after everything he’s done, so Paul makes a final offer of $20,000. Glen just smiles.

Back at the beach, Brad is tying his board to the roof of the VW and admits that Josh is a better surfer than he thought he’d be. They decide to go and get some food and, as they drive off, Josh asks Brad if he tied down both boards properly. Brad says that he didn’t tie down Josh’s board, and he stops suddenly, causing the board top fly off the top of the car. Brad says that it doesn’t matter as the board was ancient anyway and he offers to make a new one. He then throws the board in the bin and gets back in the car.

. . .

At number 26, Glen shows Karen the cheque for $20,000 from Paul. They both agree that it’s a lot of money and they wouldn’t have to be dependent on anyone else, but Glen doesn’t want to leave Jim after everything he’s done, plus it would mean that Paul had won. They decide not to accept and Glen phones Paul to tell him, ripping up the cheque down the phone. He then throws the pieces in the bin.

At number 28, Paul explains to Doug that he’s had someone look over the holiday home plans and they’ve suggested some cost cutting ideas. He tells Doug that he’ll bring them over later. As he leaves, Pam arrives home, looking terrible. She says that she’s spoken to Dr Dawson and been sent home, but she suspects that she could be coming down with Bagee ‘flu.

. . .

At number 26, Glen tells Karen that he’s been on the phone to the registry office and he thinks that they should get married within the next few days. Karen is delighted. Jim then arrives home, complaining about his golf game and throws a flyer in the bin. He then spots the torn up cheque and asks Glen exactly what is going on.

At number 22, Jim arrives and tells Paul that he knows all about the cheque. Paul says that he isn’t surprised to hear that Glen went whining to his daddy, but Jim says that he only found out by accident. He suspects that Paul simply wanted Glen to leave so that he’d eventually be cut out of the will, but Paul insists that he just wanted to get back to his old relationship with his dad. Jim says that he doesn’t blame Glen for punching him as he would very much like to do the same thing right now.

. . .

. . .

At number 28, Gaby and Brad arrive home and Pam says that she’s been trying to find them all day. She asks Brad if he’s been ill recently, and he remembers a really nasty illness that he had in prison. Paul then comes over and Doug realises that he was there earlier that day, so he could be carrying the Bagee ‘flu too. Pam decides that they’re all going to have to stay at number 28 until the virus has passed as they don’t want to risk infecting anybody else.

Summary by Steve