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Magic Moments > 1991 > Guy's Arrival Episode 1517

Written by Unknown, Directed by Steve Mann

Todd and Jim are searching in the bush for Paul, but decide that they’ve already searched that area thoroughly, so they’ll go and look somewhere else. As they walk away, they miss Paul’s body, lying unconscious in the bushes.

At number 30, Dorothy is showing Harold and Madge her leaflets for the Save Our School campaign. Madge is impressed, but Harold isn’t sure that it’s a very positive approach to the campaign, it just tells people not to vote, not an alternative. They wonder about finding someone who’s a positive role model to represent them, and Madge suggests Helen. They’re not sure she’ll be in the mood after everything that’s happened lately, but Dorothy thinks that it might be the distraction she needs. Madge agrees and offers to talk her into it before they head off on holiday.

. . .

. . .

At number 24, Brenda is doing the ironing and watching the footy when there’s a knock at the door. She answers to find her nephew, Guy, standing there and asks what he’s doing there. He claims that he really missed her, but she doesn’t believe him. He assures her that things at home just weren’t the same without her around, so he’s come to stay. She’s shocked and says that she isn’t sure, as Madge and Harold might not approve. He asks if she’s allowed guests as part of the rental agreement and she says that she is, but she’s not sure he falls under that category. He begs her to reconsider.

At the search site, Lucy asks a passing policeman if there’s been any news but he says that there hasn’t. Jim then emerges from the bush and is surprised to find Lucy there. She explains that she came with Brad and Adam after they heard about Caroline being found – she tells Jim that Caroline is suffering from exposure but will be fine after some rest. Jim says that hopefully Paul will be able to survive another night, as it’s looking less likely that they’ll find him before it gets dark. Lucy then mentions that a man named Brady called about a tenure, but Jim says that it’s going to have to wait, as he has more important things to do. Lucy shows him where Brad and Adam went and he goes to help them, with Lucy telling him to be careful as he goes.

. . .

At number 26, Christina is telling Helen how worried she is, and wonders why Paul left Caroline in the first place. Helen says that he was just searching for some fire wood to make them warmer, and that he’ll be fine. Chrissie isn’t so sure, but Helen reminds her that Paul is one of life’s survivors. They’re interrupted by Dorothy, Madge and Harold arriving. Christina starts to cry and quickly excuses herself, and Madge asks if there’s been any news about Paul. Helen says that there hasn’t, and Harold offers to go and help, but she points out that the police are there now, so they’ll have all the help they need. Dorothy brings up the campaign, but Madge isn’t sure that it’s the right time. Helen asks what’s going on, and they explain about the campaign and how they need someone to stand for council as part of it. Helen says that she can’t, as she’s got enough to worry about at the moment. She says that she’s flattered that they asked, then the phone rings and they see themselves out, as Helen answers. It’s Michael and she asks him to stop phoning as she has no interest in talking to him ever again.

At number 24, Brenda tells Guy that he’s going to have to leave, as Madge and particularly Harold, wouldn’t like him staying there. They hear voices and Brenda tries to bundle him out but they’re too late. Brenda introduces Guy to Madge and Harold as a friend and says he’s from Queensland. Harold is delighted to meet a fellow Queenslander and asks him to stay for dinner. Guy is happy to accept, despite Brenda’s efforts to get rid of him. Madge and Harold insist that he stay, and Brenda gives up as the three of them go into the kitchen to have a cup of tea.

. . .

In the bushland, Jim is calling out Paul’s name, as he begins to come ‘round and realises that his dad is close by. He starts calling out and Jim hears him and eventually finds him. He helps him up and Paul insists that he’s ok, just a bump on the head, but he can hardly walk. He asks about Caroline, and Jim says that she’s in hospital, which is exactly where they’re heading to now.

That evening, at number 22, Christina and Helen are delighted to see Paul as he comes through the door with Jim. Chrissie hugs him but he flinches with pain and goes to sit down. Jim offers to get him a drink, but Paul insists that he’s fine and will do it himself, so Jim leaves. Helen asks what happened, and Paul explains that he was looking for wood when something in the bushes startled him, and he fell over and hit his head. He says that it wasn’t really that bad, as he was unconscious for most of it.

. . .

At number 24, Harold comes out of the bedroom, saying that Toby doesn’t want dessert, and sits down with the others. Guy mentions that it can’t be too good to be out in the bush in this weather. Madge says that Christina must be so worried about Paul, and Brenda agrees, mentioning a motorcycle accident that Guy once had and how worried she was. Madge asks how the two of them met, and they both claim not to remember and quickly change the subject. Dorothy then arrives and apologises for interrupting, but Brenda says that she really must be walking Guy to the bus stop now. They quickly leave and Dorothy explains that she can’t come up with anyone who would be a suitable candidate. Madge then mentions the local doctor, Neil Dawson, and Dorothy thinks it’s an excellent idea, as Neil has a child at the school. She decides to call him that evening.

At number 22, Paul is telling Christina how closely he had to huddle up to Caroline to stay warm and smiles as he realises that he’s making her jealous. She says that it’s lucky she can trust her sister and they’re interrupted by Lucy arriving. They thank her for helping with the search, but she says that it was Jim who spent the most time there. Paul thinks he was just there out of duty, but Lucy says that he gave up an important business deal to help with the search. Paul doesn’t believe it, but Lucy says that she took the call, and storms out, saying that Paul isn’t half the man that Jim is.

. . .

At the Coffee Shop, Brenda is showing Guy into the kitchen, telling him to leave some food for the breakfast customers. He thanks her, and she says that it ‘s not much, but she can’t afford the prices at Lassiter’s. She tells him that it’s just for tonight, as Madge and Harold are leaving for their trip the next day, and he can move into number 24 then. He thanks her for everything and she says that she’ll be back early in the morning.

At number 26, Lucy answers the door to Michael and tells him to get lost, as Helen doesn’t want to see him and doesn’t need to be upset. Michael says that she has to the right to know that he’s there, but Lucy claims that her grandmother isn’t there, and that Michael shouldn’t be speaking about Helens’ rights after what he did to her. Michael says that there were reasons for what happened, but Lucy simply slams the door in his face.

. . .

The next morning, at number 24, Dorothy is telling Madge and Brenda that Neil Dawson claimed not to have time to run for council. They wonder who else to turn to, until Brenda suggests that if Dorothy finds the campaign so important, she should run herself. Harold and Madge think it’s an excellent idea, and Dorothy realises that she might have no other option. The phone rings and it’s Henry, so Madge sits down for a long chat. Dorothy then decides that she should be going, and Harold says that he’ll leave with her, as he wants to get down to the Coffee Shop. Brenda tries to stop him, but he insists. Brenda asks Madge how long she’ll be on the phone for and when she says that it’ll be a while, Brenda grabs her bag and runs out the door.

At number 26, Paul arrives to see Jim. He thanks him for finding him and apologises if he didn’t seem too grateful. He says that he was being stubborn and didn’t want to admit that they still care about each other. Jim says that things have been said that shouldn’t have been said, and changing the will made it look worse than it was. Jim says that he found it difficult to show he cared, as he’s so independent now. Paul insists that he just wants his father around. They say that they love each other and share a hug.

. . .

Harold arrives at the Coffee Shop and lets himself in, just as Brenda comes running through the door, insisting that she sometimes enjoys a run in the mornings. Harold is switching everything on and is about to go in the kitchen, so Brenda knocks a box of straws from the counter. He helps her to pick them up and she insists on going into the storeroom to find some more. She then helps Guy to pick up his stuff and get out the back door, just before Harold opens the hatch and asks why she’s taking so long. She says that she can’t find the straws and Harold point to them on top of the fridge. He comes into the kitchen and finds Guy’s mouth organ on the floor. Brenda says that it’s hers and that she enjoys playing country music. Harold opens the storeroom door but luckily for Brenda, Guy is nowhere to be seen.

Guy, in only his underwear, hides his bag by the bins behind the Coffee Shop, then starts putting his jeans on. As he struggles, he walks around to the front of the shop, bumping into Lucy, who asks who he is and what he’s doing. He tells her not to worry about it and that he’ll see her around.

. . .

At number 26, Jim and Helen are washing up and she’s delighted that he’s managed to patch things up with Paul. There’s a knock at the door and it’s Michael again. He wants to see Helen and says that he won’t leave until she agrees to speak to him. She appears and tells Jim that she can take care of things. She tells Michael that this is the last time they’ll see each other, as nothing he can say will make her change her mind. He asks her to come with him, but she repeats that she won’t change her mind. He says that what he has to show her might make her think again…

Summary by Steve