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Magic Moments > 1991 > Adam's Departure/Harold's Disappearance: Part One Episode 1520

Written by John Upton, Directed by Steve Mann

Glen and Gaby are fighting about the disaster that was her fashion show, and as he shouts at her, she asks if he’s going to hit her too. He storms out, and Doug tells her that she went too far. She says that he gave as good as he got, and it seems that there’s more to him than meets the eye.

At number 32, Toby rushes to greet Melanie as she comes through the door and she’s surprised by the reception, considering she was only at her sister’s for one night. Joe comes in and hugs her, before breaking the news that Simon was there and he told him about them getting together. He says that he didn’t believe him, and wants to hear it from Melanie herself. She goes to call him, as Toby says that it’s tough if Simon missed out. Joe points out that they’d be very upset too if they lost Melanie, so Simon is allowed to be unhappy right now. Toby then explains that he’s showing Sky all the places on a map of Australia that Madge and Harold will be visiting. Melanie comes back in and says that Simon wants to come over the next morning.

. . .

Early the next morning, Madge and Harold are driving along a coastal road in their campervan and Madge realises that nobody knows where they are, so she won’t have to field any more calls from irate council members. Harold then sheepishly mentions that he did leave a forwarding address for a post office along the coast, just in case something should happen. Madge laughs and he starts singing “You take the high road and I’ll take the low road…”

At number 28, Gaby is asking Doug and Adam their opinions on Glen, but Adam changes the subject and asks where Brad is. Doug says he’s gone surfing, and then points out that Glen used to date Gemma, so Adam isn’t his biggest fan. Adam insists that has nothing to do with it, he just thinks that Gaby could do a lot better. As he goes, Pam comes in and says she’s done the washing, so she’ll be able to help Gaby with the rush at the boutique following the fashion show. Doug then mentions to Pam that he’d like to throw a big farewell party for Adam that evening, but Pam says that she’s on the 4am shift at the hospital, so it might not be practical. Doug gets annoyed and walks out, saying that his eldest son leaving home for good is a big deal.

. . .

At number 32, Simon arrives to see Melanie and Joe and the kids quickly leave. He says that he isn’t going to make trouble and Melanie is relieved, but he then questions how quickly the whole thing has happened and wonders whether it’s going to last. She says that it will, and he reminds her that she once thought that about their engagement. He points out that Melanie and Joe lived together for a long time, just as friends, then suddenly went on a holiday and fell in love. She tells him that he’s wrong and hands the ring back to him. He tells her that this doesn’t just affect her life, but Joe’s, Toby’s and Sky’s. He says that he can tell that she’s not completely sure…

At the boutique, Gaby is fiddling with the displays as she tries to work out if some customers are going to buy anything. Pam tells her to calm down, but Gaby says that they’ve been there for 20 minutes. Pam reminds her that looking is half the fun of shopping, but the two women leave anyway. Pam says that they’ll be back, and Gaby thanks her mum for being so supportive. Doug and Glen then come in, looking for some tools they left behind, and Pam asks Doug if he’s still being grouchy. He says that he had good reason to be, and she agrees, and tells him that she’s swapped shifts and they can throw a party. Meanwhile, Gaby stops Glen as he’s leaving with the tools and apologises for their argument. She says that she’d like to spend some time with him, but he says that it’s not a good idea, and walks out.

. . .

At number 32, Melanie tells Joe about Simon’s claims that it was just a holiday romance. Joe realises that it’s got Melanie thinking, and he tells her that it wasn’t just a sudden realisation that he was in love with her. He says that he thought he’d lost her when she was with Simon, so he grabbed the second chance he was given, and Mel says that she’d just never known what real love felt like, until Joe admitted his feelings. They kiss.

Outside a post office, Harold tells Madge that they didn’t have any mail waiting for them, but he passed on another forwarding address, just in case. Madge reminds him that they’re supposed to be getting away from it all. She’s then telling him about the postcards she’s sent back to Ramsay Street, when Harold spots a police officer looking at the campervan and rushes over. Harold is shocked when the officer mentions that a van fitting that description was known to be trafficking drugs, and he asks Harold to open it up. Harold says that he’s a law-abiding citizen and would never do such a thing, so the officer begins to search him. Harold asks him why he’s doing this, and the officer then reveals that he’s been sent by Doug and Joe. Madge is amused by the practical joke, but Harold is not.

. . .

At number 32, Joe and Doug are laughing about the joke, but Melanie thinks it was mean and is worried about Harold having another heart attack. The phone rings and they run off to answer it and laugh down the phone to Harold. Simon then arrives at the door and Melanie goes outside to speak to him. He explains that his parents are hassling him about wedding arrangements and he needs to know if she’s made up her mind yet. She says that she’s thought long and hard, and it isn’t just a holiday romance with Joe. Simon is devastated, and Melanie tells him that he’s a fantastic guy and is bound to find the right girl one day, but it just wasn’t meant to be.

At number 28, Pam is helping Adam with his packing, including Lazarus the skeleton, and he says that Gemma probably won’t want to dust it. Pam tells him that he’s going to be sorely missed around the house. Doug then comes in, complaining that Harold Bishop will never get a practical joke as long as he lives. He then tells Adam that they’re going to treat him to a slap-up takeaway dinner, any nationality that he wants. Adam is grateful, but says that he can’t as he has to be on a train in two hours. Pam says that she thought he’d be taking the car up to Newcastle in the morning, but he explains that he’s leaving it behind – and has signed it over into Pam’s name. She’s touched and he thanks both his parents for everything.

. . .

. . .

On a beach, Harold and Madge are walking along and he admits that he saw the funny side of the joke when he realised that everyone in Ramsay Street is still thinking about them. He finds shell and they decide to keep it as the first souvenir of their trip. Madge then spots an artist out on the rocks and decides to go and speak to him, and see if he knows any good painting spots for when Helen comes out to join them. Harold decides to go and search for some more shells, and Madge tells him to be careful. He insists that he’ll be fine, as his boots have good strong soles, and he says that he feels like he’s closer to God when he’s communing with nature.

At number 26, Doug apologises to Glen for the way Gaby spoke to him the day before, but Glen doesn’t seem too bothered about it. He says that she’s already apologised to him anyway, but he didn’t handle it too well. He then tells Doug that he’d quite like to take Gaby out, and Doug thinks that it’s a great idea.

. . .

At number 28, Gaby arrives home and finds Pam crying over Adam’s departure. She says that business really picked up during the afternoon, and that Adam came in to buy a dress for Gemma. Pam then says that Doug isn’t going to waste the occasion and wants to take the two of them out for dinner. She suggests that Gaby ask Glen along, but Gaby isn’t too keen on the idea. Pam wonders what happened to change her mind about him, but Gaby says that she was right about him to begin with, he’s a pig.

At number 32, Joe finds Melanie deep in thought and she admits that she was thinking about Simon. She says that it’s a shame about the wedding being called off, but she’s just being sentimental. Toby then looks up as Joe and Melanie proceed to sit in silence on opposite sides of the room. He goes over to his dad and tells him to do the right thing and propose to Mel. Joe isn’t sure, but Toby tells him again, so Joe calls across the room to her, asking if she wants to get ‘spliced’. She doesn’t hear him properly, and he says that it doesn’t matter. Toby then walks out, and Joe goes over to sit with Melanie, and asks her to be his wife, as Toby listens in. She says ‘no’, but then smiles and says that of course she’ll marry him.

. . .

. . .

Madge is chatting to the artist, as Harold searches for shells on the rocks behind them. She’s asking him about his work, and looks around and waves at Harold. He waves back, and she starts chatting again, telling the man that his painting is very good. He says that she can have it for $150, postage home included, and she’s tempted but says that she’ll have to ask her husband. She looks back to the rocks, but can’t see him. The artist says that those rocks are dangerous, and the two of them go over to look. He says that he’s going to call search and rescue, but Madge insists that he must be there somewhere. She bends down and picks up his glasses from a rockpool, and screams out his name.

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Summary by Steve