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Magic Moments > 1991 > Harold's Disappearance: Part Two Episode 1521

Written by Gavin Strawhan, Directed by Philip East

Madge is chatting to an artist, but they look up and notice that Harold isn’t there any more. They go over to the rocks and Madge finds Harold’s glasses in a rock pool. She calls out his name…

At number 28, Brad comes in and Pam asks him why he hasn’t tidied up the house. He says that he was outside checking out Adam’s old car, and it was really nice of him to leave it for them to use. Pam reminds him that he left it for her, but agrees to share it with Brad, as long as he shares the rego and fuel costs. She asks him where his jacket is, and he says that he lost it, but he’s got three t-shirts on to make up for it. Joe then comes in and tells Doug and Pam that he couldn’t wait to share the news – he and Melanie are getting married. They’re both delighted for him, but he says that the way his finances are at the moment, he’ll have to get the engagement ring from a bubblegum machine. Pam thinks that, fancy ring or not, they’re going to be very happy together.

. . .

At number 24, Brenda is preparing dinner when there’s a knock at the door. She looks worried and calls out, asking who it is. It’s only Helen, and Brenda admits that she was concerned that it was somebody looking for Guy. Helen explains that Guy was the reason she called over – she isn’t sure that Harold and Madge would approve of him staying there. Brenda isn’t sure that Madge would be all that bothered, but Helen says that she’s not as tolerant as she appears and would never take up with a younger man. Brenda realises that Helen thinks Guy is her toyboy and quickly corrects her, explaining that he’s her nephew. Helen is embarrassed and apologises, but Brenda quickly laughs it off. She says that what Harold doesn’t know won’t hurt him – and they wouldn’t want to spoil Harold’s holiday.

The search parties are out, and a police officer asks Madge if she’d like a cup of tea. She thanks him and follows him out to the back of the police van. They talk about how rough the sea looks and he asks her if Harold was a strong swimmer. She says that he was, and he wonders if he might have just decided to go for a swim. Madge says that her husband wasn’t an idiot. The officer then asks her about Harold’s mental state and she insists that he was in a very upbeat mood about the trip and would never do something like this on purpose.

. . .

The next morning, at number 28, Brad gets up and immediately asks Doug to lend him some money. Pam starts dropping hints about Brad finding a job and tells him to go and ask Joe if he needs some help. Doug then complains as Brad drinks the last of the milk and he leaves for work in a bad mood. Pam then presents Brad with a new jacket that she asked Gaby to bring home from the menswear shop at Lassiter’s. Brad pretends to be thrilled about it, but it’s clear that he hates it.

Madge is sitting in the back of the campervan, gazing out the window onto the ocean.

. . .

At number 28, Jim arrives to speak to Pam about helping out with Dorothy’s council campaign. Pam says that she’d love to help, but won’t have a lot of time, and Gaby and Doug are also both busy with work, but she suggests that Brad could distribute some leaflets. Brad says that he doesn’t really want to save the school, as the world would be a better place with less of them. Pam is annoyed with him and points out that this campaign is about the community, not his personal preferences. He tells Jim to give him a call if he’s really desperate for help. Pam then tells Brad to put his new jacket on if he’s going out, and he reluctantly does, but isn’t too happy when Jim says that he likes it and would really like to have one the same.

At the Coffee Shop, Helen calls in to see Brenda and offers to help out whenever she’s busy or short-staffed. Brenda jokingly wonders if Harold has asked Helen to spy on her. Doug then appears from the kitchen and Brenda explains that she’s already got some muscle in to help out. He mentions to Brenda that Pam is on late shifts all week, and asks if she’d like a few games of darts at the Waterhole. Brenda accepts and Doug leaves, while Helen says that Doug is quite the flirt. Brenda claims not to have noticed.

. . .

Back at the search site, Madge is on the beach watching, when the policeman from the night before comes up to her. She asks why she hasn’t heard any helicopters in quite a while, and he says that they’ve scaled the search right down, as there are very few places left to look. He tells her how sorry he is, but she says that she knows that he’s gone – she knew it the night before. He asks if he can call anyone or get her anything, but she thanks him and says that she’s fine on her own and wants to wait until the search is called off completely.

At number 28, Joe has come over and Brad is asking him about work, but deliberately selling himself short, claiming that he’s clumsy and possibly allergic to trees. Joe says that it doesn’t matter, as he hasn’t got enough work for himself, let alone an assistant. Brad looks pleased. Pam then comes in with the washing, and Joe shows her the ring he’s found in a pawn shop for Melanie. Pam thinks it’s lovely and tries it on, but says that it’s a shame that someone had to pawn their engagement ring, and they might go back for it. Joe realises that it’s not right and decides to try and sell it back, giving Brad a lift to get the shopping he promised to go out for two hours ago. As they go, Pam hands Brad his jacket and Joe laughs, claiming that it’s ‘very Jim Robinson’.

. . .

At the Coffee Shop, Jim is putting up posters for Dorothy’s campaign when Felicity comes in. He apologises to her over the business with the guesthouse and she says that it’s all forgotten, but she isn’t very impressed to see Dorothy’s campaign posters. He asks if she’d like some to put up in her shop, but she tells him that there’s nothing she likes less than those do-gooders who campaign on single issues, and she’ll be doing her best to make sure that Dorothy is not elected. She then rips up the poster and bids Jim good day.

At number 26, Doug is having lunch with Jim and Helen, and asks Jim when he’s off to Japan. Jim explains that he hasn’t decided yet, but Helen points out that he’s concerned that the house will collapse into anarchy without him. Jim says that he’s simply concerned about leaving all of his clients, but he’s found someone to fill in, so his only concern now is Paul and Glen. Helen says that their feud has completely died down, so Jim agrees to leave for Japan the following week. Helen then mentions that he’ll still be there for the election, and he tells them about his little meeting with Felicity. He’s concerned about her plans to ruin Dorothy, but Helen says that Dorothy is easily going to win the election and there’s nothing that Felicity can do about it.

. . .

At the Coffee Shop, Brenda takes Felicity’s plate and mentions that she saw her chatting to Jim. She says that it’s great the way he’s helping Dorothy with her campaign, especially after all she’s been through lately. Felicity’s ears prick up and she goes along with the conversation as Brenda talks about Colin Burke and the counterfeit money.

At number 28, Joe and Brad get back with the shopping and Joe shows Pam the new ring he’s got for Mel, with the money the pawnbroker refunded him. Pam thinks it’s lovely and that Joe shouldn’t worry about competing with the one that Simon gave her. Brad mentions that he saw Josh at the mall and his eyesight is much better now. Pam then rushes off to get ready for work, as Joe leaves, not missing the opportunity to get another laugh at Brad’s jacket as he goes. Brad takes the jacket off and decides that it’s going to have to meet with a nasty accident.

. . .

. . .

At the search site, the police officer tells Madge that they’ve called off the search, as there was no point continuing. She asks him to thank everyone who was involved in it. He tells her that the body will probably be washed up in the next few days, as they usually are. She says that she couldn’t bear not knowing what had happened to him, and agrees to check into a local motel. She tells the officer that the trip, and the campervan, had been Harold’s dream and he’d been so excited. She says that he was a very kind man and had planned all the details of the trip, as he was such a stickler for details. The officer goes to book her into the motel, and she goes inside the van and starts looking around. She sits down and finds one of his jumpers, which she holds close to her as she breaks down in tears.

Summary by Steve