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Magic Moments > 1991 > Phoebe's Arrival Episode 1526

Written by Chris McTrustry, Directed by Helen Gaynor

Guy thinks that Brenda is playing a dangerous game by flirting so much with Doug, but Brenda says that it’s obvious Pam isn’t paying him enough attention, so it’s every woman for herself…

At number 26, Josh is listening to loud music in the lounge room, when Todd comes in and tells him to turn it down, as he’s trying to get some sleep. Todd complains that he’s going to wake the whole street up playing music so early in the morning, but Josh says that he’s just enjoying the first day of the holidays. Todd explains that he’d planned to sleep until lunchtime, and asks Josh why he’s awake so early anyway. Josh says that he has to go to the hospital for what he hopes will be the last check on his eyes. Todd then decides to do some washing in time for Nicole’s party that evening, and Josh says that he intends to get together with Nicole that evening, as they have such strong chemistry. Todd isn’t convinced, but Josh tells him that sparks are going to fly.

. . .

Out on the street, Brenda spots Joe arriving back in a taxi. He explains to her that Madge has decided to continue with the trip and go to visit Scott and Charlene for a while. He says that he and Helen brought the campervan back and Brenda says that she’ll get in contact with Max Morton about refunding Madge for it, since she was the one who arranged to sale. Joe says that Madge is just about coping, but he’s seen her look better. Doug then comes over and Brenda encourages Joe to go inside and see Mel and the kids. Doug mentions that he had an early start on the building site and hasn’t even had time for breakfast. Brenda offers to cook him something on the house at the Coffee Shop, but he says that Pam will be home from her night shift now, so he’d better get inside. He walks off, and Brenda awkwardly runs off inside.

Inside number 28, Brad is finishing off his third bowl of cereal, as Doug comes in and shares a kiss with Pam, as she cooks. He thinks it’s his breakfast, but she says that it’s her dinner. She offers to share it with him, and says that she really needs to get some sleep too. He then decides that they should go out to Lassiter’s for dinner that night and Pam is quickly won over by the idea. Todd and Josh then let themselves in and ask Brad to the party that evening. Pam mentions that he could wear his new jacket, but once she leaves to book the restaurant, Brad tells his father that he can’t stand the jacket Pam has bought for him, but he doesn’t know how to tell her. Pam then comes back and the boys beat a hasty retreat, as she asks Doug what Brad was saying about his jacket.

. . .

At number 32, Joe is delighted to see Melanie and the kids, but Toby then mentions that there’s bad news about the church. Melanie says that she’d hoped to keep that until later, but Joe wants to know what’s happened. Mel explains that the church is almost completely booked up for the next few months and there’s only one date available – but it’s in two weeks. She says that it’s either that, or wait six months, so Joe agrees and Melanie is delighted. Toby then tells his father that Melanie was great as a mum – not too tough and not too wimpy. He says that it was great practice for her, for when all of their babies come along. Mel and Joe are both stunned into silence.

At number 28, Pam is on the phone to someone who wants to order some of his homemade surfboards. Doug is delighted, but Pam is still worried about Brad’s reaction to the jacket – she feels very out-of-touch with her children. Doug says that Brad’s fashion sense is terrible at the best of times, but Pam says that she wishes Brad could have said something, and that she’s had enough of even trying.

. . .

At the Coffee Shop, Brad is asking Todd and Josh if there are going to be any nice girls at the party, but their conversation is interrupted as a girl comes into the shop. She quietly says hi to Todd and Josh, and Brad asks them who she is. They explain that she’s the school nerd, Phoebe Bright – her dad’s the local undertaker and she has a pet snake, but she hardly ever talks to anyone. They leave, as Melanie comes in. She has come to place an order with Brenda, but is clearly distracted about something. Mel explains to Brenda that she isn’t sure that Joe wants any more kids, but she’d always imagined them having a baby of their own. Pam comes in and joins in the conversation, telling Melanie to stand up for herself and tell Joe exactly what she wants. Brenda disagrees, telling her to keep her man happy and not rock the boat. Mel ends up more confused that when she started.

At number 32, Joe is trying to get advice from Doug about the same situation, but is simply talking and not letting Doug get a word in. Doug stands up to leave, and Joe apologises. Doug tells him to listen to Mel and find out what she wants. Joe is grateful, and Doug says that he has to go as he and Pam are going out for dinner – it’s been a long time since they had any time alone and he’s really looking forward to it.

. . .

At number 28, Doug is horrified to learn that Pam has been called into work and that they’re going to have to cancel dinner. She says that there’s been an emergency and they’re short of staff, but Doug refuses to listen and storms off, saying that he’ll just go to dinner by himself. There’s a knock at the door and Brad answers – it’s Todd and Josh who’ve come to collect him for the party. Pam reminds Brad to wear his jacket, but he isn’t keen. Doug then comes out of the bedroom and tells Brad to wear the jacket and keep his mother happy. They all leave, and Pam is left standing on her own, looking upset.

At number 24, Brenda is doing aerobics in front of the tv when there’s a knock at the door. She makes excuses about her appearance and asks Doug to sit down. He asks her if she had any plans, but she says that she was just going to do the washing-up, so Doug asks her out to dinner. She happily accepts and runs off to get ready.

. . .

At the party, Josh, Todd and Brad are standing around, and Josh is worried that he hasn’t seen Nicole and that she won’t be impressed with what he’s wearing. She comes over to them and immediately comments on how nice Brad’s jacket is. Josh drags her away to a quiet corner and asks her how she is. She says that she’s fine, but she needs to go and get some more food as everyone’s looking hungry. Josh stands around on his own until Todd and Brad come over and ask him how it’s going.

At Lassiter’s restaurant, Brenda is telling Doug that if she were to re-marry, she’d make sure to devote all of her time to her husband, as it’s the only way to make sure a marriage survives. Doug says that it’s a good attitude to have, as marriages need a lot of work. Brenda then wonders what to order, and says that she’s trying to get in shape, but Doug says that he likes the way she looks now. They’re then approached by a flower seller and Doug buys a rose for a delighted Brenda.

. . .

At the party, Brad is helping himself to plenty of food when Josh comes over and asks if he’s seen Nicole. Brad says that she went to get more food, then Josh spots her and goes over. She’s stand-offish with him and he asks why she phoned to invite him if she’s not interested. She explains that she phoned everyone to invite them, as she wanted to party to be huge. She then apologises but says she’s got lots of guys to entertain – Josh tries to stop her, but she tells him to back off. Todd and Brad tell Josh that they should go, as the party’s no good anyway.

At number 32, Toby is trying to get to stay up late, since it’s the school holidays, but Joe and Mel send him off to bed so they can talk. Joe then mentions the subject of babies and Mel quickly says that she’ll understand completely if he doesn’t want any more, as Toby and Sky are so great. Joe says that he wouldn’t mind, and Mel is thrilled and hugs him, but says that they don’t have to plan anything straight away, they can just wait until the time is right. Joe tells Mel that she’s the best thing that ever happened to him.

. . .

At number 24, Brenda and Doug get back and find the house in darkness. She switches the light on and says that they’ve got the place to themselves. She offers Doug a nightcap, but he turns her down as he realises where the conversation is going. She thanks him for a wonderful night and he goes to kiss her goodbye, but they end up kissing each other on the lips. Doug quickly leaves and Brenda happily looks at the rose he bought for her and smiles.

. . .

At number 26, Josh is furious with the number of women he’s wasted time on – Cody, Melissa, Lucy and now Nicole. He says that he’s finished ogling women – but Todd and Brad aren’t convinced that he’ll last more than a fortnight. They decide to make a bet on it and he wants to find something embarrassing for the loser to do. Brad then suggests that the loser has to get together with Phoebe Bright and kiss her in public.

Summary by Steve