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Magic Moments > 1991 > Joe, Melanie and Sky's Departure: Part One Episode 1548

Written by Chris McTrustry, Directed by Helen Gaynor

Glen and Gaby end their argument with a kiss, and go to make themselves more comfortable on the couch…

At number 26, Josh and Phoebe are talking about the undertaking business and Phoebe says that her father always claims that ‘it’s a living’, but none of the customers seem to find it very funny. Todd comes in, claiming that there’s going to be bloodshed next-door. He apologises to Phoebe for the prank her played on her, and she says that she’s come to terms with his twisted male values. She then asks him, Josh and Lucy over for dinner at her place the following evening and Josh quickly accepts on everyone’s behalf. Phoebe then leaves, insisting that she’d rather walk home on her own, and Lucy and Todd are annoyed with Josh, as they don’t want to have dinner in a funeral parlour. Todd asks Josh if he fancies Phoebe, but he says that he doesn’t, he just finds her interesting, and Todd comments that there are enough weird romances happening in Ramsay Street already.

. . .

At number 28, Gaby and Glen are kissing on the couch and she says that he’s a pretty mixed-up guy, acting so hard-to-get. He says that he’s just being a modern man and she asks him if he wants some dinner, admitting that Lucy did all of the cooking. He says that Lucy can eat it then, and they start to kiss again.

The next morning, at number 32, Melanie and Sky are finishing the packing, as Joe comes in and shows her the money belt he got, so he’ll never lose the travellers cheques again. Mel wonders if Jane will have some time to show her around London – Joe offers to do it, but Mel says that she wants to see more than the pubs. Toby then comes in and Joe says that he’s very proud of the way he’s handling all the changes at the moment. He asks him if he’s still got the watch that Harold gave him, and Toby says that he polishes it every day. Joe then gives him his own watch, which he’s had inscribed with ‘On ya wildman’ on the back.

. . .

At number 22, Paul and Christina are discussing how much they’re missing Caroline already. Paul wonders how he’s going to cope at the office with Caroline and Melanie not around, and Chrissie offers to come in and help, but Paul says he’s got one of the reception girls filling in. The phone then rings and it’s Chrissie’s mum, Margaret. After Paul leaves for work, Chrissie says to her mum that she hasn’t told Paul yet, as she isn’t sure how he’s going to take the news.

At number 26, Lucy, Josh and Todd are preparing breakfast. Josh is complaining that Todd and Lucy want to pull out of the dinner with Phoebe, when Glen comes in and asks why nobody can ever be quiet in the morning. They all remind him that he didn’t get to bed until the early hours of the morning and ask him how things went with Gaby. He’s very guarded, so they give up pumping him for information and are interrupted by a knock at the door. It’s Gaby, and Lucy, Todd and Josh are very amused to find Gaby and Glen kissing in the doorway. Mel and Joe then arrive to say their goodbyes to everyone and are also amused by Gaby and Glen’s sudden closeness. They wonder if they’re going to recognise the place by the time they get back from England.

. . .

Christina arrives at the office to see Paul and tells him that it’s time that they started to discuss baby names. She says that there’s a family name that belonged to her grandfather and now her uncle and her dad wants it to be continued to the next generation – Benito. Paul laughs and says that there’s no way, then he suggests calling it Paul Junior. She says that won’t be happening either and she storms out of the office, calling Paul a dictator.

At number 30, Toby and Joe arrive, with all of Toby’s possessions, and Bouncer. She tells him that he can use the pool whenever he wants and can have friends over, as long as he asks first. She shows him a plate of snacks and drinks that she’s prepared for him and tells him to go and have a look at Ryan’s old room, which he’ll be using. Once Toby has gone, Dorothy offers to give Joe and Melanie a lift to the airport and says that Toby seems to be coping very well. Joe says that it’s great, but he seems slightly upset.

. . .

At the Coffee Shop, Glen arrives to meet Gaby and she suggests that they take their lunch and go to sit by the lake. He says that he has to wait around for the lunch order for the boys and he only has a half-hour break. Meanwhile, Phoebe asks Josh if Lucy and Todd have been trying to get out of the dinner party. He denies this, but she points out that they didn’t look too happy about it the night before. Josh reminds her of her reputation for being slightly… eccentric, but says that dinner will be her chance to change that image. She asks him why she would want people to think that she’s no longer weird.

At the office, Melanie calls in to say goodbye to Paul and Christina. When she mentions the baby, she suddenly finds herself caught up in an argument about Benito and Junior and quickly kisses both Paul and Christina goodbye and makes a run for it. The phone then rings and Paul answers it as ‘Paul Robinson Senior’ much to Chrissie’s disgust.

. . .

. . .

At number 32, Sky watches as Joe checks that he has the passports and money, then Melanie comes back and tells Joe about the fight between Paul and Christina. She says that she’d hoped that they’d raise their own family at number 32 one day and Joe agrees that it’s going to be hard to leave the Mangel house behind. A car horn sounds from outside, so the three of them pick up their things and leave. Before he goes, Joe takes one final look back at the house and says ‘See yas later’.

At Phoebe’s place, Todd, Josh and Lucy arrive, and Todd is immediately worried to see her snake, Oscar, in a tank in the corner. Josh is amused as Phoebe suggests having pizza and watching Invasion Of The Bodysnatchers on video. Lucy asks about a coffin that’s propped up against the wall and Phoebe says that she thinks it’s empty, but she’ll never forget the time her dad lost one of his clients.

. . .

. . .

At the airport, Melanie is telling Toby that when they get back, they’ll get a house big enough for all of them. Toby thinks that they’ll need a pool too, as he’ll get used to having one at Mrs Burke’s. Melanie is disappointed to see that Sky has fallen asleep, as she’ll probably be awake on the plane now. Joe then turns up with some bags from duty free – some things for Mrs Mangel and John, and some Australian beer to remind himself of home. Joe then sits down next to Toby, who doesn’t seem too bothered that his father is leaving.

At number 22, Chrissie is looking through a book of baby names, and Paul complains that they haven’t eaten yet. Chrissie says that she isn’t hungry and reminds him where the kitchen is, before apologising and calling a truce. They agree that, if it’s a boy, they won’t even consider Benito or Paul Junior as names. He goes to call for a takeaway and then Chrissie suggests Walter as a name, Paul comes back with Trent, then Chrissie suggests Heathcliff. They realise that they’re getting nowhere.

. . .

At Phoebe’s place, she, Todd and Lucy are watching the video in the dark, when Josh makes them jump as he comes back with the pizza. As Josh sits down, Todd thinks that he can hear something coming from inside the coffin. Lucy then hears it too, and the coffin door begins to open so they rush out the door. Phoebe then shows Josh that she hooked up some fishing wire to make the door open, and that the coffin is just her dad’s tasteless drinks’ cabinet.

. . .

At the airport, Joe is getting sick of the money belt around his waist, so he removes it and hangs it around his neck. The flight to London is then called, but they realise that Toby is nowhere to be seen. Dorothy thinks that he might be waiting for them at the gate, but Joe insists that he’s not going to risk it and wants to make sure he says goodbye to Toby.

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Summary by Steve