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Magic Moments > 1992 > The 1992 Season Premiere / Beth's Arrival Episode 1586

Written by Barbara Angell, Directed by Tony Osicka

Todd is desperately trying to keep hold of Glen's hand, but he loses his grip and Glen falls. Lucy is asleep as a hand appears from the wardrobe...

The wardrobe door opens and someone walks out into the bedroom. Suddenly, Josh and Brad arrive home making lots of noise. The man goes back into the wardrobe, but Lucy sees him and screams out for Brad. The boys come in and drag the guy out of the wardrobe, telling him they’re going to call the cops. He begs them not to and they start to listen to him, but Lucy insists that they just call the police straight away...

. . .

. . .

Outside Lassiter’s, Glen is being put into an ambulance on a stretcher. Todd is explaining what happened and the paramedic tells Todd that he should go to hospital too. The paramedic explains that Todd did well in not moving Glen, and that he stands a chance of avoiding spinal injury. He asks again if Todd will come, but Todd insists that they just get Glen some help as quickly as possible.

At number 26, Bob is telling Helen what a great job she and Jim have done bringing up Todd these past few years. Bob explains what a bad example he’s been, when there’s a knock at the door, so Bob goes to hide out the back. It’s Gaby at the door, asking for Glen. Helen explains that he went to Lassiter’s with Todd to fix a banner, but says she can wait for him. They both wish that Paul and Glen would end their feud and Helen tells Gaby how lucky she is to be marrying Glen. Suddenly, Todd bursts in and says he has some bad news – there’s been an accident. Gaby realises that it’s Glen and Todd says that he’s been taken to hospital…

. . .

The man tells Josh, Brad and Lucy that he thought the beach house was empty, as he overheard the owner at the post office saying she’d be away for a while. He explains that when he saw them arriving, he vanished, but then realised that he’d left his wallet behind. He tells them his name’s David Brennan and he’s around for a surfing competition, and that he comes from a small town called Garrabri, just up the coast. Brad is satisfied with the information that David is a fellow surfie, but Lucy’s not so sure. He promises that he wouldn’t have taken anything, and Josh says it’s fine. He explains that Lucy went through a hard time recently and it was all a bit of a shock. David then says that there’s another reason for his needing somewhere to crash – he’s not alone…

Paul is playing with Andrew and Christina is pleased that he’s in a better mood now. He says that he has a good feeling about the new year being a new start and she says she’ll be there for him. Just then, the phone rings with news about Glen’s accident. Paul explains to Chrissie that the accident happened at Lassiter’s, making him responsible.

. . .

The doctor explains to Helen about the spinal damage and that they can do further tests once Glen regains consciousness. Until then, she insists that they go home, as there’s nothing they can do. Helen tells Todd not to blame himself and to get some rest. Helen then goes in to see Gaby, who’s sitting by Glen’s bed, begging him to wake up and be alright. Helen insists that he’ll be fine and Gaby explains how much she loves him. Helen says that her love will give him the strength to get better.

. . .

Paul arrives at the site of the accident, to find Todd already there. He asks if Todd’s hurt and Paul asks whether the police were asking any questions. Todd says they weren’t involved and Paul says he’ll need a statement about what happened. Paul tries to find out whether he fell or if Todd pushed him, but Todd is too shaken to remember much.

Bob and Todd are sitting on the steps at the back of number 32 and Bob is assuring his son that he wasn’t to blame and he did the best he could. Todd is frustrated that the doctors wouldn’t say much, and Bob says he could do with a doc himself to look at the wound on his arm. Todd tells him to see one, but Bob gets annoyed, saying that he can’t leave the house. He then explains that he has the name of a doctor in Anson’s Corner, but he needs Todd’s help in getting a car to get over there…

. . .

Back in Surfer’s Paradise, David and the others get back from looking for Beth. Just as they’re walking up to the house, Beth comes running out from the back yard asking David where he’s been. David introduces everyone to each other.

Todd and Bob are sneaking around outside number 26 and Todd suggests they get a cab instead. Bob insists he wants nobody else involved and they quickly get into Jim’s car. Meanwhile, Paul and Chrissie are coming out of number 22 on their way to the hospital when they see Jim’s car go past with Todd inside. They wonder who it was doing the driving…

. . .

Helen brings Gaby a hot drink and Gaby says that she wishes there wasn’t all this time waiting. Helen tells Gaby not to dwell on the events. Just then, Paul and Christina arrive, saying how sorry they are and how they can’t believe what’s happened. The doctor then appears to do some tests and Gaby rushes over, but the doctor explains that she can’t come in. Gaby starts to break down, while Helen heads off home and Paul tells Chrissie that he’s going to try to contact Jim to let him know.

At number 22 that evening, Paul is on the phone trying to get through to Jim, who seems to have just disappeared. Paul is worried about how Jim will take it, and then mentions how bad it’ll be for business, saying he can’t afford this right now. He says he needs to offer some compensation to the guests affected, and goes off to the hotel.

. . .

At number 26, Helen is putting some things together for Glen and Todd asks about Jim. Helen suddenly remembers Paul seeing Jim’s car being driven earlier and tells Todd that she checked and the engine was warm. She realises that Bob was involved and Todd starts lying, trying to cover for his dad. Helen walks out, saying she’s too worried about Glen right now.

. . .

Beth tells Lucy that she insisted on joining him when she heard David was coming north. Brad asks Beth is she’s any good at surfing. She says she likes swimming and will be in year 12 this year. She says she likes computers, which impresses Josh. Josh then asks David and Beth if they’d like to stay and they’re thrilled, promising that they’ll take good care of the place.

. . .

Glen is awake and apologises to Helen and Gaby for ruining their day. He suddenly realises that he can’t move his legs and Helen insists that it’s probably temporary. The doctor arrives with some results and asks Helen and Gaby to leave. Glen insists that they stay, so the doctor goes on to explain that the head injury was only minor, but there has been some damage to the spinal chord. Glen asks what sort of damage, and the doctor explains that he’s severed some nerves, which is why he can’t move his legs. Helen asks if they can operate, but the doctor says it’s not that simple and that the damage is irreparable, and that it’s highly unlikely that Glen will ever walk again.

Notes: Glen’s doctor in this episode, Dr. Greir, was played by Kate Whitbread, who later returned to the show in 2003 to play the recurring role of school principal, Candace Barkham.

Summary by Steve