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Magic Moments > 1993 > The 1993 Season Premiere Episode 1826

Written by Chris McTrustry, Directed by Richard Sarell

Heywood threatens to throw Cameron down a lift shaft. Stephen arrives home and finds that Phoebe has gone into labour. Beth and Hannah are trapped in the burning cottage and Brad races in to save them…

Inside the cottage, Hannah is convinced that they’re going to die, but Beth says that they won’t. Brad then bursts in and says that they’re going to get out of there, just as the door behind them bursts into flames. Outside, Philip and Doug are wondering what’s taking so long when they notice movement at a boarded up window. They all rush over and help Hannah, Beth and Brad get out.

. . .

. . .

At number 30, Stephen is on the phone to Pam, but she’s not answering and he wonders where the hell everyone is, and why the ambulance hasn’t come yet. Phoebe is in a lot of pain and Stephen tells her just to remember the birthing classes and breathe through it. She tells him that she’ll try and asks him not to faint.

At Heywood’s office, he tells Cameron that he made the smart choice, but Cameron doesn’t see that he had any choice. He asks Cameron what he found out in the course of his investigations, but Cameron admits that he has no solid evidence of anything. Heywood says that he needs a lawyer who’s well-respected and he expects complete loyalty from all of his employees.

. . .

At number 30, Stephen is on the phone to the emergency services again, telling them that this is serious and his fiancée is about to give birth. He hangs up and tells Phoebe that they’ll be here soon. Phoebe isn’t sure that she can hang on – the contractions are getting a lot closer and she can feel that the baby is going to come. Stephen goes and gets some towels and says that if she and the baby are ready, then so is he.

At the hospital, Hannah is in a bed telling Philip how scary it was in the cottage. Outside the room, Julie rushes in and asks Doug what’s going on. Doug explains that Pam is in with Hannah now. Pam then joins them and explains that Beth and Hannah are fine, but Hannah has to stay in for observation, as she’s so young. And Brad is also ok – Pam is beginning to think that he’s indestructible. Julie is just about to go in and see Hannah, when Brad appears. Julie thanks him for everything he did and goes in to see her daughter, as Pam hugs her son. Inside the room, Julie wants to know why Hannah was at the cottage in the first place. Hannah explains that Michael stole Muffy, so they went to the cottage to get her, as that’s where Michael hangs out. A surprised Philip and Julie look at each other.

. . .

At number 30, Stephen wraps up the newborn baby in a towel and hands her to Phoebe. Phoebe is amazed by how perfect she is and Dorothy is stunned as she arrives home. She says that they should get mother and daughter to hospital and they’ll have to take her car, but then they hear the ambulance arriving. Stephen is amazed to realise that he delivered the baby without even fainting.

At the hospital, Pam tells Brad that he can go in and see Beth now. Just then, Stephen wheels Phoebe in and she tells them that she had a baby girl, and that Stephen delivered her. Stephen explains that the baby’s in a humidicrib at the moment and Phoebe will have to spend a few days in hospital. She asks why they’re all at the hospital and Doug says that it’s nothing and they’ll explain later. They all walk off, as Philip and Julie come out of Hannah’s room. Julie is still confused as to why Beth would take Hannah off to that cottage in the middle of the night, but Philip tells her not to worry, everything has worked out fine.

. . .

At number 28, Pam and Doug are finishing their hot chocolate and Pam is worried about Beth, not having her family around at a time like this. Doug thinks that she’ll be fine, she has Brad and Lou to look after her. They talk about how brave Brad was, and how worried they were when they thought they’d lost him. Doug then notices the time and decides that he should be leaving. Pam asks if he wants to stay for another drink, but he doesn’t think it’s a good idea.

At number 24, Brad wants to stay with Beth, but she insists that he go home, and she can call him if she needs him. As he goes, Beth gives him a kiss to thank him, and Cameron looks the other way. Afterwards, Cameron says that it must have been the night for close shaves, but doesn’t elaborate. He tells Beth that he’s got a new job, doing legal work for a development firm and she’s pleased for him.

. . .

At number 32, Philip and Julie are explaining everything to Debbie, but they insist that Hannah will be fine and will be home the next day. Michael then turns up and they all want to know where he’s been. He says that he’s been playing the pinball machines and, when they tell him about the cottage, he says that he knows nothing about it. When Julie confronts him about the doll, he admits that he put it in the bag to go to the orphanage, but he hasn’t been anywhere near the cottage. Philip sends Debbie and Julie off, so that he can speak to Michael alone. He tells him that he might need some kind of counselling, as all of his anger is causing him to play silly games, which nearly cost three people their lives that evening. Michael gets upset and says that maybe he wouldn’t be so angry if people believed him when he told the truth.

The next morning, at number 24, Beth is making coffee for her and Cameron, when there’s a knock at the door. It’s Cathy, who has come to see if Beth’s ok after the fire. She also asks Cameron if there’s any news about Marco and his connections to Heywood, but Cameron says that he must have got that wrong, as he’s been investigating and Heywood is completely above board, so the burglary was just a coincidence. Cathy is grateful and thanks Cameron for his help as she leaves. Beth then asks Cameron why he suddenly thinks Heywood is clean, but he tells her it’s none of her business.

. . .

At number 32, a police investigator is asking Hannah why she was at the cottage. Hannah explains that she went to get her doll, as Michael took it and put it there. Michael isn’t impressed with this, so the investigator asks him where he was. He says that he was playing pinball, alone. The investigator asks if he’s sure about that, before producing some evidence, a lighter engraved with the letter M, and also says that a witness saw a young man, matching Michael’s description, at the cottage late the previous afternoon. Julie looks across at Philip, as if she’d been expecting this outcome all along, as Michael looks worried.

At the hospital, Cathy is visiting Phoebe and has brought a pink babygrow as a gift for the baby. Dorothy and Cathy ask if they’ve come up with a name yet, and Phoebe announces that she’ll be called Hope, as it’s a new beginning for both her and Stephen after some difficult times. Stephen then asks if Cathy would like to join him to go and see the baby. After they leave, Dorothy sits by Phoebe, who admits that Todd was right – the baby was a girl – and she thinks that everything is going to be fine from now on.

. . .

At the pub, Cameron is having a drink with Heywood, and is trying to find out what’s become of Marco Alessi, as his family are concerned. Heywood says that Marco isn’t a problem any more, and Cameron becomes worried, but Heywood says that he hasn’t bumped him off – he isn’t Al Capone – but as long as he stays out of the country, he’ll be fine. Doug then comes in and introduces himself, but Cameron explains that this is a private business meeting. Doug leaves them alone, and Cameron tells Heywood that he doesn’t want his family involved in any of this. Heywood suggests that they take the meeting back to his office.

At number 24, Beth greets Brad at the door with a kiss and tells him that she’s going to cook a special meal for him, as he was such a hero. He says that he isn’t much of a hero – he’s still too scared to go for a swim after the shark attack. Beth insists that it’s nothing to be ashamed of, but Brad walks out, telling her to save the meal for another time.

. . .

At number 32, the investigator admits that, with all of the evidence surrounding Michael, not to mention him being expelled from his boarding school for starting a fire, he’s going to recommend that Michael be charged with arson. Everyone is stunned as he leaves, but Julie says that it was only a matter of time before something like this happened.

. . .

At the hospital, Phoebe is happily laughing with Cathy and Dorothy about her wedding dress being like a tent now, so Dorothy offers to get Gaby to make another one. Pam comes in and says that baby Hope is adorable, but Phoebe just wants to know when she can nurse her again. Pam says that it won’t be long, but the crib is the best place for her at the moment. Stephen then comes in, looking worried, and he says that the doctors aren’t too happy with the development of Hope’s lungs. He says that she’s having serious problems breathing and the next 24 hours will be critical – but Phoebe needs to prepare herself for the possibility that they could lose her.

Summary by Steve