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Magic Moments > 1993 > Annalise's Arrival Episode 1830

Written by Adam Bowen, Directed by Richard Sarell, Produced by Alan Coleman/Dave Worthington

Channel Ten: 15/01/93, BBC One: 18/11/93, UK Gold: 05/11/99

Toby tells Jim that Dorothy’s divorce papers came through that morning. Michael accuses Julie of not caring whether he’s innocent over the fire, she just wants him back in prison – she agrees, saying that she wants him out of her life for good. An age-conscious Lou asks Toby how old he looks – Toby says that all old people look the same to him. Pam throws Doug out of the house over the Sue-Ellen situation.

It’s the evening, and Jim is having a cuppa with Julie at number 32. She brings some biscuits in, and he admits that he’s missed having her, Phil and the kids at number 26, as the place seems so empty with just him and Helen. Julie envies him having a quiet house, and Michael then walks in and happily greets Jim. He tells Julie that his mate Jordan is coming over the following day, but she realises that Jordan is the boy that Michael got expelled from boarding school with, and says that she’s not sure they should be hanging out together, as they clearly have a bad influence on each other. Michael gets annoyed and says that it doesn’t matter what she thinks, as Phil’s already agreed to it. Michael stomps off to his room, while Jim asks Julie what happened to her truce with Michael. She says that it didn’t last long, and Jim comforts her as she says that Michael always seems to have it in for her, and Phil just can’t see through him.


At number 30, Toby walks into the living room, where Dorothy is sitting at her desk, and he asks her if she likes pets. She says that she’s very fond of Bouncer, so Toby suggests that she buy herself a puppy, to keep her company when everyone leaves. She says that she’ll be fine; she’s used to living alone and besides, she hopes she’ll still receive lots of visits from everyone. She then explains that she’s got a visitor coming that she’s not looking forward to – the Regional Facilities Manager for the Education Department, who’s going to decide about the school extension. She suspects he’ll fuss around, nitpicking and driving her mad. Toby thinks he might be really nice, but Dorothy doubts it very much, as she’s met his type before, and she tells Toby that the next 24 hours are going to be an endurance test.

At number 28, Pam is ranting to Brad about Doug and how he doesn’t deserve to be taken back when he’s got a floozy waiting for him down at the Waterhole. Brad doesn’t think his dad is like that, and says that Beth’s been working behind the bar every night and has seen how unhappy Doug is. He accuses Pam of being too hard on Doug, but she says that she was ready to forgive him after what happened with Jill, but he’s given her no reason to trust him, and that’s the end of the matter.



At number 24, Lou is trying on hats in the hope that they’ll make him look younger, when Beth comes in. She says that Benito called, and he wants to know if Lou’s still interested in the caryard deal, but Lou’s not listening, more concerned about his appearance. She then mentions her friend Annalise is on her way over – she was going to move into number 32 until they lost it, so she was wondering if she could have the spare room at number 24 instead. Lou says that the set-up is perfect as it is – they don’t need another housemate – but then Annalise arrives, Lou takes one look at her and says that she must be the young lady who’s about to move in.

The next morning, Jordan arrives at number 32 and politely introduces himself to Julie. Julie is impressed, but says that she has to leave for work, and tells Michael that she doesn’t want to get home to find the house looking like a slum. Jordan asks what there is to do in Erinsborough, and Michael says there’s nothing. Jordan hands him a cigarette and says that he’s sure it won’t take long for them to find something interesting to do.


Meanwhile, at number 30, Dorothy is pacing around, waiting for the inspector to arrive, and says that she has better things to be doing. There’s a knock at the door and Toby goes to answer. He lets the man, Tom Merrick, into the house, and Dorothy is surprised to see that he’s quite attractive and dressed in leathers. He apologises, explaining that his bike broke down, and offers to just validate the paperwork there and then, rather than waste any more of her precious holidays. He realises that both Dorothy and Toby are staring at him, and asks if there’s something wrong. She admits that she thought he’d be more of a… fuddy duddy, and he admits that when he saw her personal file, he’d pictured her as a dope-smoking revolutionary. They laugh about it, and Toby smiles at how well they’re getting along.

At the Willis house, Doug is ranting at Pam about how unfair she’s being. He says that it’s costing him a lot of money staying at Lassiter’s, so he’s putting the house on the market, then they get split the profits and each get their own place. Pam is outraged, telling him that she should have been involved in the decision, as she owns half the house. He says that if she wants to carry on living there, she can get a mortgage and buy him out. She says that he’s being unreasonable, and if he wants to speak to her again, he can do it through a solicitor. He storms out, and Brad, who’s been listening to the whole thing from the dining table, looks worried.


Outside, Doug walks to his ute, as Brad chases after him, and says that surely they can work something out. Doug points out that they just tried that, and it got them nowhere. He declares that the only solution is divorce and admits that it’s a shame he doesn’t see much of Brad anymore. He suggests that they do something together – fishing, that afternoon. Brad agrees and Doug heads off to make arrangements.

At number 24's dining table, Annalise produces a curling wand from her bags, and Beth explains that her friend is a hairdresser. She talks about the salon where she works, and how she goes to aerobics every evening. Lou says that he’s been meaning to get into shape, and perhaps they could work out together. Annalise then mentions the car outside, and Lou says that it’s his, and he has a whole caryard. Annalise is impressed, so Lou offers to take her out for lunch, and for a spin in the car. Beth says that she can’t come, as she has to get back to work, but Lou doesn’t seem too bothered about spending the day alone with his gorgeous new housemate.


Doug and Brad are in a fishing boat out in the ocean. Doug gets up to get a beer and Brad tells him to be careful, before admitting that he’s scared of falling in after the shark attack. Doug tells his son not to feel silly, and then admits that he can’t believe he’s in this situation – middle-aged and getting divorced after 25 years of happy marriage.

Toby, Dorothy and Tom have just finished lunch, and Tom tells Dorothy that she’s a wonderful cook. He starts admiring her artefacts and says that he has some too, but they’re not out on display as he’s never had a chance to sort them. He explains that he spent six months living with an Indian tribe on the Amazon, before accidentally mentioning that he was once in prison. Toby asks him why, and he says that he was protesting the Vietnam War. Dorothy is amazed, and admits that she too went to prison after taking part in a peace rally over the war. Toby sees how well they’re getting on and heads off to the shop to get some ice cream.


Back at number 32, Jordan and Michael are still smoking, and Michael is telling Jordan about what happened with the cottage that burnt down, and how Julie was desperate for the police to charge him for it. Jordan realises how much Michael hates her and wants her out of his life. Michael asks if he’s got any ideas for getting rid of her, and Jordan thinks that, between them, they could come up with the perfect solution.

Beth arrives at number 28, looking for Brad. Pam explains that he’s gone fishing with Doug, spitefully saying that it looks like it took a divorce for Doug to be a proper father. She apologises to Beth and says that she shouldn’t drag her into it, and Beth says that she was really sorry to hear about Pam and Doug’s problems. She says that she feels bad for Gaby and Brad, but hopefully they’re old enough to understand. Beth asks her what she’s going to do now, and she says that she’ll move on with her life, visit her friends and her children and try to remember what it’s like to be an individual. Beth asks if she’ll still see Doug, and she says that she won’t, at least not by choice – if she’s going to start a new life, it has to be a life without Doug in it.



On the boat, Doug is telling Brad how he can’t imagine his life without Pam in it. He starts to reminisce about the better times, then apologises to Brad for the way he’s blown everything.

Dorothy and Tom are telling each other about their disastrous past marriages. He realises that it’s getting late and he still has some other business to do in the area, so he gets up to leave. Dorothy thanks him for coming and Toby then comes out to say goodbye, before suddenly asking Tom to come to dinner. Tom is surprised, but Dorothy tells him he’s more than welcome and suggests he come back once he’s finished his other business.


Julie arrives home, surprised to find that Michael’s got the house ready for the decorators. He says that he was speaking to Jordan, who’s having some serious problems at home, and has realised how lucky he is, and how much trouble he’s been causing, so he’s going to change. He says that he wants to start calling her ‘mum’ from now on. Julie is amazed about the effect Jordan’s had on him.

At the pub, Lou has bought champagne for himself and Annalise and she asks if he always has this much fun. Just then, Benito bursts in, looking for Lou. Lou makes an excuse about Benito being an employee and takes him to one side, saying that he didn’t want to talk in front of his new girlfriend. Benito’s shocked, but Lou says that Annalise is crazy about him.



Back on the boat, neither Doug nor Brad can get the motor started, and they’re starting to drift. Since neither of them can fix it, Doug suggests that they row, before realising that there’s only one oar. He then offers to swim, but Brad says that he’ll never make it – so he'll have to get over his water phobia and go instead...

Regular Cast Appearing: Michael Martin, Jim Robinson, Julie Martin, Toby Mangel, Dorothy Burke, Pam Willis, Brad Willis, Lou Carpenter, Beth Brennan, Doug Willis, Benito Alessi

Guest Cast: Kimberley Davies as Annalise Hartman, Jay McCormack as Jordan Farnsworth, Robert Essex as Tom Merrick

Trivia Notes
• First appearance of Annalise Hartman, played by Kimberley Davies, who, at the time of filming, was dating Scott Michaelson (Brad Willis)
• Michael’s nickname at boarding school was ‘Maggot’
• Off-screen, Debbie is spending the day at the zoo with Hannah
• Annalise works at a hair salon under the new gym in Anson’s Corner
• Three flashbacks of Pam and Doug are shown. Past character Adam Willis is also shown in one of the scenes
• Tom has an ex-wife and two children, who all moved to Texas after the divorce

Summary by Steve

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