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Magic Moments > 1993 > Phoebe and Stephen's Wedding Episode 1833

Written by Jeffrey Truman, Directed by Steve Mann, Produced by Alan Coleman and Dave Worthington

Channel Ten: 20/01/93, BBC One: 23/11/93, UK Gold: 10/11/99

Stephen learns that his parents will now be coming to the wedding, and says that there's something Phoebe needs to know about them...

Stephen has explained that his parents are a couple of old hippies, and travel around playing music at coffee houses. Dorothy thinks they sound very interesting - she says that she's looking forward to meeting them. Once she's left the room, Stephen explains to Phoebe that he feels like his parents are stuck in a time warp. He also says that they don't believe in marriage, and that his mum will probably call him by his original name - Freedom. Phoebe tries to stop herself from laughing, as he goes on to say that he has a brother and sister called Cosmic and Serendipity too. Phoebe thinks they'll get along well with Dorothy, as she was a bit of a hippy too - but Stephen points out that Dorothy is quite normal these days, whereas his parents are non-lacto, vegetarian, pacifist, environmentally conscious Buddhists. Phoebe looks a bit worried.

At number 28, Beth is helping Brad to pack for his trip to Bali - she wishes she was going with him. Pam then answers the door to Stephen and Phoebe, and Stephen thanks her for letting him stay over tonight. Pam asks them how the preparations are going, and they tell her that everything is organised, but Phoebe admits that she's struggling to stop worrying about Hope. Pam offers to look in on her while she's at the hospital the following day. Phoebe then leaves - Stephen kisses her and tells her that he can't wait for tomorrow.


At number 32, Michael arrives home and finds Debbie sitting on the couch. She asks what he's hiding, but he quickly changes to subject to Rick, asking Debbie how things are going with him. Debbie says that she's still working on it, and leaves to have a bath. Michael then produces a bottle of vodka from inside his jacket, but quickly hides it again when Julie comes in. She tells him that she didn't save him any food, and that he needs to start showing her more consideration, if he wants them to get along. He smiles and tells her that he will.

The next morning, at number 28, Pam is preparing to leave for work, as Stephen and Brad appear in their suits - with Brad complaining that his is too small. Pam tells Stephen that she hopes everything goes well, and she's sorry that she can't be there, before she leaves. Toby then appears with a video camera, and Stephen wants to know how things are going over at number 30. He mentions his parents, and Toby asks if they drive an old clapped-out combi with flowers on it, as it just pulled up outside. Stephen wants to go and check on the situation, but Brad tells him that he can't see Phoebe yet, and drags him away, telling him that it will all work out fine.


At number 30, Phoebe is surprised by how conventional Dave and Sally look, and Sally explains that they knew how important this day was for Stephen, so they made an effort. Phoebe is glad that they could make it, particularly as they don't agree with marriage, but Sally explains that they're all in favour of commitment, and they had their own ceremony, where they stood naked under a waterfall and recited poetry. Phoebe isn't sure what to say to that, but mumbles something about wishing she could have been there. Beth says that she and Phoebe should be getting ready now, and Phoebe tells Sally and Dave that the wedding is taking place across the street, at number 22. As they leave, Toby returns with his camera, wanting to get some soft focus shots of Phoebe getting ready, but is told that he can't. He then answers the door to Tom Merrick, and Dorothy is surprised to see him. He apologises if he's too early, and says that Toby told him that Dorothy wanted him to accompany her to the wedding.

Dave and Sally arrive at number 22, and Stephen is surprised to see that they've dressed appropriately for the occasion. Cathy welcomes then in, as Stephen goes to call the caterers and check that everything is on track, and offers them some snacks, but they explains that they're vegetarian, and they don't eat dairy either. Brad says that Dave looks familiar, and then he realises that he saw their band Daisy Chain playing in Noosa. Sally asks for purified water, but Cathy says that her water comes from the tap. Stephen then gets off the phone and says that the caterers have messed up the booking, thinking it was for the following week. He realises that the guests will soon be arriving, and they have no food or music.


Over at number 30, Toby is secretly videotaping Tom and Dorothy, as he tells her how embarrassed he is about the situation. He thinks that Dorothy doesn't want him to accompany her to the wedding, but she insists that she'd like it if he did. Toby says 'Good one!' and they both spot him hiding behind the chair. He tries to make a quick getaway, but Dorothy stops him, suggesting that he put away the camcorder now. He says that he can't, as he needs to capture the moment that the bride walks out.

The Martin family arrives at number 22, and everyone tries to come up with a way around the catering problem - Cathy says that all of the food at the coffee shop is frozen, and Philip explains that there's a function on at Lassiter's, so the staff there are already stretched to the limit. Brad suggests that they order pizzas, but then Dave says that he and Sally could go to a health food shop and make a vegetarian feast for everyone, and they could grab their guitars and provide the music too. Stephen seems a little concerned, but accepts their offer.


Back at number 30, Beth appears from the bedroom - Dorothy tells her that she looks lovely - and announces that Phoebe is ready. Beth sends Dorothy and Tom over to number 22, to tell them of the imminent arrival of the bridal party, and she and Toby wait for Phoebe to appear.


Dorothy and Tom arrive at number 22, where she introduces him to Philip and Julie, and tells Brad that Phoebe is on her way. Brad rushes off outside, and Cathy tells Dorothy about the disaster with the catering. Tom offers to keep an eye on the drinks table. Meanwhile, Michael gives Julie a glass of 'champagne and orange juice' and she's very grateful - Phil tells her to take it easy, as she's still got the rest of the afternoon to get through. Reverend Richards then asks everyone to head out to the back garden, as the bridal party is about to arrive.

Outside, Dave and Sally are playing their guitars as Phoebe walks down 'the aisle' to Stephen. Reverend Richards has barely had a chance to get things started before Pam bursts in and says that she needs to speak to Phoebe and Stephen urgently. A concerned Phoebe asks if it's about Hope, and Pam tells her to come inside.



Phoebe and Stephen follow Pam into the house, and she explains that she's brought Hope with her, and she thought that Phoebe would want to know straight away. Phoebe gets to hold her daughter, as Pam explains that her newest test results came back clear, so she was able to pull a few strings and bring her home. Phoebe is very happy to see her, but Stephen tells her not to cry just yet, as she's still got the wedding to get through.

A little later, Reverend Richards begins the ceremony, and Phoebe and Stephen take their vows, as their friends and family, including Pam and baby Hope, look on. They exchange rings, and everyone claps as they share their first kiss as husband and wife.




Later, Michael hands Julie another drink, as across the room, Hannah and Dorothy sit with Phoebe and baby Hope. Pam then takes the baby upstairs for a rest, as Stephen and Phoebe say their goodbyes to Brad, before he leaves to go on his trip. Beth and Debbie leave with him. Stephen is then mortified as his parents start up a song, and Philip is equally mortified as a drunk Julie tries to get Reverend Richards to dance with her. When that doesn't work, she moves on to Philip, dragging him around the floor, as Michael watches and smiles to himself.

At number 28, Debbie is telling Beth how she and Rick are being kept apart, and Beth says that Debbie had better get used to a life without romance - this gives Debbie an idea. Brad then hears Swampy sound his car horn outside and gets ready to leave. He and Beth share a long kiss, and she tells him how much she's going to miss him. He leaves, then comes back and kisses her again, before leaving properly.


Back at the party, Dorothy is making a speech about how Phoebe didn't make things easy for Stephen when they first met, particularly when she introduced him to her snake, Oscar. Everyone makes a toast to Phoebe and Stephen, as Michael hands Julie another drink. As Michael looks at the almost empty vodka bottle, he quickly hides it when Philip comes over, telling him to keep an eye on Julie - and not to give her any more to drink. Phil then approaches Stephen and Phoebe, giving them the keys to the Presidential Suite at Lassiter's for a couple of nights, since their other honeymoon fell through. Beth then announces that it's time to throw the bouquet, which Dorothy catches.

Later, Cathy is seeing the Martin family out of the house as they leave for home. Michael smiles to himself, and Hannah asks Debbie what's wrong with their mum, as Philip helps Julie out the door. Cathy closes the door and is about to return to the party, when Philip returns with a glass that Julie has taken with her.


The Martins arrive home, and Michael is smug as Philip struggles to cope with a drunk Julie, who starts making sexual remarks to her husband in front of the children. Philip is trying to help Julie up from her chair, when Debbie suddenly announces that she's been chatting to Reverend Richards all day and she's come to a decision - she wants to be a nun...

Featured Regular Characters: Phoebe Bright, Stephen Gottlieb, Hope Gottlieb, Dorothy Burke, Toby Mangel, Beth Brennan, Brad Willis, Pam Willis, Cathy Alessi, Philip Martin, Julie Martin, Debbie Martin, Michael Martin, Hannah Martin

Guest Cast: Robert Essex as Tom Merrick, David Murray as David Gottlieb, Jane Little as Sally Dawes, Anthony Fletcher as Reverend Richards

Trivia Notes
Dave and Sally would return in 1994, with Ivar Kants and Helen Rollinson taking over the roles
First mention of Mark (Cosmic) Gottlieb and Serendipity Gottlieb
Off-screen, Doug has been held up at the building site

Summary by Steve

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