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Magic Moments > 1993 > Dorothy and Toby's Departure Episode 1843

Written by Ian Coughlan, Directed by Helen Gaynor, Produced by Alan Coleman/Dave Worthington

Channel Ten: 03/02/93, BBC One: 07/12/93, UK Gold: 24/11/99

A man named Eric gives Cameron a bag of money, telling him to make sure Gavin Heywood gets it. Dorothy announces that she’s moving to the country with Tom and she’ll be teaching at Toby’s new school. Michael tells Philip that he’ll take very good care of Julie…

At number 30, Dorothy admits that she’s missed teaching full-time, and the drop in salary is a small price to pay for her perfect new life. Phoebe admits that it’s just a shame she’ll be so far away.


At number 32, Philip is clearing out all the alcohol from the kitchen, telling Michael that they need to make sure there’s nothing to tempt Julie. Hannah comes into the kitchen, asking if they’ve got visitors coming, but Philip sends her off to bed. Michael asks what they’re going to tell Debbie and Hannah, but Phil tells him to just play it down if they ask any questions. The phone rings, and Michael answers it while Phil goes to tuck Hannah in. Michael then speaks to Jordan, telling him that the plan’s working perfectly, and soon not only will he have everyone believing Julie’s crazy, but she will be crazy.

The next morning at number 26, Jim and Helen are surprised when a woman named Angela Starkey arrives with her hyperactive son, Nathan, for a viewing of the house. As she goes from room to room, Nathan starts bouncing on the sofa and Helen grabs the ice cream from his hand. Angela says that she prefers her son to be allowed to express himself, and then says that he’ll probably get tired soon, as he was up all night vomiting. He says that he feels sick again and lies down on the sofa (after throwing all the cushions across the room), while Angela says that this must be very exciting for Jim and Helen, getting to meet lots of interesting new people. Helen is not amused.


At number 32, Hannah is washing up, while Philip and Michael finish breakfast. Julie comes in, dressed for work, and Hannah asks her if she’s OK. She says that she’s still feeling a little bit off colour but, when Philip looks at her, she says it’s nothing to do with what he’s thinking. Hannah asks what they’re talking about, but Phil quickly sends her outside to play. He then suggests that Julie take the day off, but she insists that she’s fine, so Philip leaves. Michael then also suggests that Julie go back to bed, and he’ll do the housework, but she tells him she’ll manage and he shouldn’t waste his holidays. She then asks if there’s any tea, and Michael tells her there’s a cup in front of her – she just poured it. She says that she didn’t, but Michael insists that she just poured it whilst they were talking. Julie continues to protest, so Michael humours her, and she looks confused.

At number 24, Cameron is setting up his new marble chessboard, and Stephen is impressed. Cameron admits that he’s yet to find anyone in Ramsay Street who plays, but Stephen says that he does, so they arrange a game for that afternoon. Stephen then tells Cameron about Dorothy leaving, and Cameron says that Lou and Beth will be upset that they missed the farewell. He says he’s going into town now to buy a few new things, showing Stephen a catalogue. Stephen’s surprised at the expense, saying it’ll put a huge dent in the credit card, but Cameron tells him he’s paying cash. He then quickly lies that he won some money on the horses.


At number 30, Tom, Toby and Dorothy are packing. Tom and Toby take some bags outside, while Dorothy goes to join Phoebe, who says that she’s happy for Mim, but it’s like losing her family. Dorothy reminds her that she has her own family now, but starts to wonder if she should put off the move. Phoebe tells her no, she’s got Stephen and Hope, and she’ll be fine, but she’s still going to miss her a lot. Dorothy says that life’s going to be exciting for both of them and they’ll keep in touch – always.

At number 32, Julie has finished ironing and tidying up and takes out a chicken to defrost for dinner. Michael comes in, surprised to see her, but she says that she’s had a rest and now she’s done some housework – she’s functioning normally. Michael almost drags her off to go and get more rest, and she asks why he’s being so pushy. He explains that he just wants to be one of the family, so Julie says that she’ll go and read in bed. Once she’s gone, Michael puts the chicken back in the freezer, then starts ironing a different shirt.


Back at number 30, Toby has found the missing Bouncer, but by the time he gets to the front door, the dog’s run off again. They realise that Bouncer doesn’t want to leave either. With all the packing done, Dorothy apologises for not being able to leave behind the furniture, but Stephen says that, with the low rent, they’ll soon be able to save for their own stuff. Dorothy realises that it’s time to go, then suddenly races over to number 26, realising that she hasn’t told Helen she’s going…

At number 26, Jim and Helen are shocked by Dorothy’s news. Helen is upset to have lost Madge and now Dorothy, and says that Ramsay Street won’t be the same. As they leave the house, Dorothy asks them to keep an eye on Phoebe, as she’s not taking it well.


Back at number 30, Dorothy, Jim and Helen walk in, with Cameron, who apologises that he got caught up at the shops. Dorothy says that he really didn’t have to buy presents, and he apologises, saying he didn’t. Dorothy then says a teary goodbye to Helen and they share a hug, Jim tells Toby to say hi to Joe and Melanie, and Phoebe tells Dorothy how much she’s going to miss her. They’re preparing to go, when Toby realises that Bouncer isn’t there. Just then, Hannah walks in with him, and, with everyone accounted for, they all move out onto Ramsay Street.



Outside, everyone waves off Tom with Bouncer in his sidecar, and Dorothy and Toby in her car.

At number 32, Philip arrives home and finds Julie and Michael playing cards. Julie insists that she’s only relaxing because Michael insisted, but she’s making a roast tonight and has ironed a shirt for Philip. He goes to make a cup of tea and calls out, asking where the chicken is. Julie is stunned when she walks into the kitchen to find it’s no longer under the food cover, and that there’s a different shirt on the hanger. She has no idea what’s going on, while Michael asks his father for a lift over to Jordan’s.


At number 26, a man named Les comes to look at the house. He starts checking everything out, asking how much Jim wants, and declares that there modern houses aren’t really constructed well, and he prefers a house on the main road, closer to public transport rather than stuck out in the back streets. Jim says that he’s happy to show Les around, if he’s serious about buying, but Les explains that he isn’t buying, he’s selling, and he’s checking out the competition. Jim throws him out.

Phil drops Michael off at the Farnsworth house, saying that he thinks maybe Julie’s drinking has been going on for a while, and she’s starting to suffer withdrawal. Phil leaves, with Michael saying that he’ll make his own way back, and once the car’s gone, Jordan appears with a trail bike. He tells Michael that if he takes the dirt track back, he’ll be in Ramsay Street around ten minutes before Phil gets home. Michael says that he can’t way to see Julie’s face.


At number 32, Julie is re-ironing Philip’s shirt, when Michael comes in the back door. She’s surprised, as she thought he was at Jordan’s, but he says he changed his mind, as he thought she could do with some help. She says that she appreciates his concern, but she’s fine. He tells her he’ll be in his room.

At number 26, Helen is cleaning stains out of the carpet, and she tells Jim that she’ll miss Dorothy popping in for a chat in the afternoons. She then spots someone in the garden, and Jim answers the door to Mr Seaton, who’s booked a viewing. He says that he had a good look from outside, and he knows when a house is perfect, but there’s a problem with the price. He offers $140,000 then $142,000, but Jim says that, although he’s willing to negotiate, he won’t be giving the house away. He leaves, and Helen suggests that Jim just find an agent to handle the sale.


Back at number 32, Phil arrives back, and Julie asks where he’s been. When he explains, Julie says that Michael didn’t go to Jordan’s, he’s in his room. Phil is stunned, so Julie sends him to go and look in Michael’s room. Phil says he doesn’t have to, and goes to call Jordan’s house. Jordan then puts the phone through the the mobile he gave Michael, and Michael, from number 32’s back garden, talks to Phil, leaving Julie looking deeply concerned, while in the garden, Michael looks pleased with himself.

At number 24, Cameron returns to the chess game, and asks Stephen if he heard the phone ring. Stephen says that it was an American guy called Eric, who wanted to check he had the right address, as he’s coming over later. Cameron says that he’s got something of Eric’s, and it looks like he wants it back.


At the Farnsworth house, Jordan and Michael have been playing tennis. Jordan compliments Michael on his plan, and Michael says that Julie always insisted that it was his mum’s drinking that drove her mad, when it was really Julie stealing Philip away, so now she’s going to see how it feels to be on the receiving end. And he says that he hasn’t finished yet, in fact, he’s hardly started…

At number 32, Julie is still insisting Michael was at the house, but Phil thinks she must have fallen asleep and dreamt it. Julie asks if he thinks she’s insane and, when he pauses, she realises that he does. He says that he can’t talk to her like this and leaves. Julie starts screaming at him that she’s not insane, then, once alone, she sits down, quietly telling herself that she’s not insane, before bursting into tears.


Regular Cast Appearing: Dorothy Burke, Toby Mangel, Phoebe Gottlieb, Stephen Gottlieb, Hope Gottlieb, Philip Martin, Michael Martin, Hannah Martin, Julie Martin, Cameron Hudson, Jim Robinson, Helen Daniels

Guest Cast: Jay McCormack as Jordan Farnsworth, Robert Essex as Tom Merrick, Pauline Coutts as Angela Starkey, Brian McLean as Nathan Starkey, Richie Akers as Les Priest, Tony Porter as Bernard Seaton

Trivia Notes
• Final appearance of Maggie Dence (Dorothy) and Ben Geurens (Toby)
• Number 26 is on the market for $180,000

Summary by Steve

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