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Magic Moments > 1993 > Cody's Return Episode 2058

Written by C. M. Covington, Directed by Philip East

Wayne explains to Helen that he got competitive with Brad and proposed to Beth rather than lose her to another guy. Danni tells Brett that, if she goes home alone, Cheryl is bound to send her away again so she suggests that they both go. Gaby is surprised to see Brad and Beth back together. Cheryl is just telling Jack how she won’t let him con her, when Brett and Danni burst in on them.

At number 28, the Willises are having a drink to celebrate Brad and Beth getting back together. Pam suggests that they throw a party, and Gaby says that they’d better be quick before they go off each other again. The phone rings and Doug is surprised to find Cody calling from Hawaii. Pam is concerned and asks if she’s ok and if she needs money. Doug passes on the message that she’s en route to Australia and will be home the next morning. She then hangs up and Pam is disappointed that she didn’t get to talk to her, but excited about her youngest child coming home at last.

. . .

At number 22, Cheryl closes the door on Jack and Danni asks her who he was – the local toyboy? Cheryl says that they can discuss that later, but she wants to know what they both think they’re doing. Danni explains that they wanted to come home as they missed her so much. She says that she missed them too, but she doesn’t believe their story for a moment. She wants to know which of them screwed up – and she wants to know now.

At number 26, Helen arrives home and asks Wayne if he’s spoken to Beth, as she just saw her going into number 30. Wayne says that he didn’t even know she was back and she clearly doesn’t want to see him. Helen tells him that it’s worth a try but Wayne says that he has to accept that he’s come in second place.

. . .

At number 22, Cheryl is on the phone to the convent and says that she’ll call them back very soon. As soon as her mother puts the phone down, Danni says that Sister Teresa always had it in for her. Cheryl asks Danni why exactly she was expelled, because she heard that she missed an important school debate to take half the class to see a band at the pub. Danni says that it’s an exaggeration, but Cheryl says that she didn’t shell out all that money so that Danni could spend her time in a pub. She then asks Brett why he ran away from school too, and he insists that it was a terrible place and he wants to live with his mother. Danni says that it’s a great house and they could all live together, do the shopping together… Cheryl looks like she’s coming around to the idea, but then stops herself and says that they’ll all sleep on it. As Cheryl leaves, Danni and Brett look pleased with themselves.

The next morning, at number 28, Doug is tidying the lounge room when Pam gets home from doing the night shift at the hospital, unimpressed with his efforts as it looks no different to usual. She asks when they’re leaving for the airport, but Doug says that Brad went to get her, as the plane was early. Pam is disappointed, again, as she wanted to be there to greet her daughter and admits she’s nervous about seeing her. Just then, Brad and Cody burst through the door and Pam quickly hugs her daughter, before saying that she looks tired. Gaby comes out of the bedroom and hugs her sister. She says that it’s been years since they saw each other last, as she was in Japan for a few years, then Cody went to America. Cody hugs her dad and he says that it’s great to have her back.

. . .

At number 26, Beth arrives to see Wayne, so Helen excuses herself. Beth starts to tell Wayne how flattered she was when he proposed, but he stops her. He says that he knows what decision she’s made and all he wants is that she’s happy. She’s touched and tells him how sorry she is. She asks if they can still be friends and he agrees, but doesn’t seem too convinced as she leaves.

At number 22, Brett and Danni have prepared a special breakfast, as Cheryl walks in, complaining that she didn’t get a wink of sleep thanks to them. She’s confused by the spread on the table, since it isn’t Mother’s Day and tells them that they’re not going to get around her this way. They start talking about how great it’ll be to have a proper meal for once, not like the grey muck they got served at school. Brett and Danni then start talking about what a great house it is and that they want to live there. Cheryl still isn’t convinced and says that she’s already decided to send them back, as it’s such a waste of money. She says that Brett will go back to his old school and they’ll find a new one for Danni. Danni is furious and storms off, saying that Cheryl just wants to be alone so she can bring over her “dweeby boyfriends”.

. . .

At number 28, Brad asks Cody about the surf in Hawaii but she says that she was only there for one night. Gaby asks her if she’s brought them any presents, but she says that she was surviving on her student allowance. She asks if Adam will be home for Christmas, but Pam isn’t sure. Gaby asks her sister how long she’ll be staying, and Cody says that she’s back permanently, as things didn’t work out with Drew. Pam starts pressing her to find out exactly what happened, but Cody doesn’t want to talk about it, eventually getting up and going to unpack. Gaby and Brad quickly then excuse themselves from doing the washing up and leave. Doug says that it’s great having Cody home, but Pam suspects that there’s something troubling her.

At number 26, Helen finds a broken mug in the bin and asks Wayne how his break-up with Beth went. He says that he just overreacted a little after she left and offers to buy her a new mug, or a set of unbreakable ones. Helen suggests that he find a more compatible girlfriend and reminds him that he knew his proposal to Beth was a mistake so she can’t understand why he got so worked up. He says that it would just be nice to find the right woman and he can’t understand what Beth sees in Brad, who’s always two steps behind the rest of the world. He decides that he needs some time away from it all, and Helen suggests going home to visit his family.

. . .

Outside number 22, Brett tries to get Danni to accept her fate, but she says that it’s not over until she says so. She says that she’s going to find a way to stay, but Brett doesn’t think she has a chance. Lou then comes outside and sees the two of them. He asks them if they belong around here, and Danni says that they’re going to rob the joint. Brett quickly corrects her, and Lou is surprised to hear that Cheryl is their mum.

At number 28, Cody is asking Brad what Wayne’s like, as he must be a real loser if Beth chose Brad over him. Cody says that she can’t wait to meet Beth and tell her all about Brad’s past, but Brad says that she already knows all about it. Cody says that Brad must be jealous, as she got all the looks and intelligence in the family, and Brad asks her why she split up with Drew if she’s so great? Pam’s ears prick up at this, but Cody tells him to mind his own business and starts hitting him with the newspaper.

. . .

At number 24, Doug is telling Lou about Cody returning home unexpectedly. He explains that they’re having a barbecue to celebrate and suggests inviting Rick, as it’ll be good for Cody to have someone her own age there. Lou mentions inviting Cheryl’s kids too – but Doug is confused, as he thought one was in jail and the other in the navy. Lou says that there are two more and they both wonder why she kept them a secret.

Brad is leaving number 24, when he sees Wayne reversing out of the driveway of number 26. He stops him and says that he hopes there are no hard feelings between the two of them. Wayne says that he considered punching Brad’s lights out, but Helen’s crockery got the brunt of it instead. They shake hands and agree to no hard feelings.

. . .

At number 28, Doug is checking the freezer and decides that he’ll have to go to the butcher for supplies. Pam asks Cody if she’d gone back to being a vegetarian while she was away, but Cody says that she tries to avoid meat but can make an exception for a barbie. Pam asks Cody is she’s ok and if she wants to postpone the party, but Cody insists that she just needs a shower and a nap and she’ll be fine. As she walks away, Doug asks Pam if she needs a lift to the shops, but Pam is distracted, worrying about Cody. She thinks her daughter’s behaviour is odd, but Doug thinks she’s making something out of nothing.

At number 22, Lou is confronting Cheryl about why she never mentioned Brett and Danni before. She says they were at boarding school, and he can forget judging her, because she had her reasons for sending them away. She offers him coffee, but he turns her down. She explains that bringing up two children over a pub, along with Darren’s bad influence, wasn’t ideal. She says that her lotto win allowed her to solve the problem and get the kids a decent education, but Lou says that it doesn’t matter, he’s just confused about why she never mentioned them. He says that it’s dangerous sending kids away like that, as you miss out on getting to know then as they change and grow. Brett and Danni then come in and ask Cheryl if Lou’s another one of their blokes. He says that he’s just a neighbour and he leaves. Cheryl then tells them that they can stay with her and go to school locally. They’re thrilled and give her a hug.

. . .

At number 28, Pam arrives home with the shopping, as Cody is sitting at the table staring at her American jacket. Pam says that she got Cody her favourite biscuits, but Cody points out that she used to like those – when she was 12. Pam asks Cody is she’s ok, and what happened with Drew, but Cody insists that she’s fine and she wishes that they could just drop the subject. As Pam leaves her, Cody looks very upset as she looks at the jacket again.

Summary by Steve