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Magic Moments > 1993 > The 1993 Season Finale Episode 2070

Written by John Upton, Directed by Peter Barrett

Pam is worried about Cody getting hurt and decides that she and Michael shouldn’t see each other. Cody then turns up at Michael’s window and asks him to come out with her, he isn’t sure but she tells him not to listen to their parents.

At the Coffee Shop, Annalise sits down with Gaby, and they both complain about their terrible luck with men recently. Annalise asks Gaby if she’s been flying lately, as she can’t avoid it just because of Jack. Gaby insists that she isn’t, and asks Annalise to join her for a flight the next morning.

. . .

At number 24, Brett arrives to thank Lou for the job at the caryard. Lou tells him he’ll mostly be cleaning up the cars and tells him to thank him again in a month if he’s still grateful. Lou then starts asking about Cheryl, and whether she has much time for ‘fun’ now that she’s got two of her kids back living with her. Brett immediately realises what Lou’s talking about and tells him, as he leaves, that he should ask Cheryl out if he wants some ‘fun’.

At number 28, Gaby arrives home with bags full of new clothes, as Pam starts going through them, shocked at how much her daughter has spent. Gaby sits down and starts rubbing her feet and asks her mother to save the lectures for now. She then announces her plans for a flight with Annalise the next morning and asks how Cody’s been getting on. Pam says that she doesn’t know what to do – she was so close to Cody before she went to America, now she can’t seem to get through to her. Gaby offers to have a word with her and Pam admits that she’s willing to try anything at the moment. Gaby goes into the bedroom, only to find it empty. Pam immediately realises that Cody’s gone out with Michael Martin, as it was the one thing she was told not to do.

. . .

At number 22, Brett is trying to find something decent to wear for work, but Cheryl advises not to wear his best jeans, as they’ll get ruined. She then gets ready to go out for work, as Danni comes in and tells her she looks very nice. Cheryl immediately suspects that something is afoot and warns both of her children that if she finds out that they’ve been up to something, she’ll come down on them like a ton of bricks.

At number 32, Pam has arrived looking for Cody. Philip is slightly taken aback and tells Pam that Michael promised not to see Cody, and he trusts him. Pam says that she’s convinced that they’re together, and she insists that they check Michael’s room. At first, Philip refuses, but he then decides that it would be a good opportunity for Pam to apologise to Michael for the way she’s treated him. They go to Michael’s room and knock on the door. As he opens the door, Philip is shocked to realise that Michael isn’t in there and Pam asks what they do now.

. . .

At number 24, Brett arrives to ask Lou when he can start work. Lou tells him to be there the following morning, and Brett suggests that they go to the caryard now, so he can show him the ropes. Lou says that he spends enough time there as it is, but Brett points out that he’s a fast learner. Lou tells him that, if he’s a fast learner, he should have realised that he doesn’t want to go to the caryard that evening. Brett then starts asking whether he needs a uniform and if he should try to sell the cars if Lou’s busy, but Lou tells him he’s there to wash cars and nothing else. Before he goes, Brett tells Lou that he found out what Cheryl’s favourite perfume is – it’s called Volutuosa – Lou is delighted with this piece of information and writes it down.

At number 32, Philip is sitting in the dark, in Michael’s room, when the man himself quietly opens the window and sneaks back in. He turns on the bedside lamp and Philip asks him what he was playing at. Michael guiltily looks across to see his father. He turns the light on as Philip tells him how embarrassing it was to defend him in front of Pam, only to find that he’d shot through. He reminds Michael that he promised not to go out and see Cody and, if this is the way Michael is going to behave, then he’s very concerned for the future.

. . .

The next morning, at number 22, Cheryl and the kids are making breakfast and she wonders how people would fill their time if they weren’t constantly eating. Brett mentions that they could go to restaurants, using it as a none-too-subtle lead-in to asking his mother what her favourite restaurant is. He quickly covers by saying that he needs to know where to take her when he makes his millions at his new job. Cheryl starts thinking about the question, as Danni asks why he wants to know – it sounds like he’s trying to set Cheryl up. Cheryl suddenly twigs all the questions Brett’s been asking since he got the job with Lou. Danni is horrified and insists that Cheryl and Lou can never go on a date, but Cheryl explains that she and Lou have already been through that once before and it didn’t work out, and, besides, he hasn’t asked her lately. Danni gets upset and storms out, saying that she can’t believe Cheryl would even consider it.

At number 28, Gaby is trying to talk to Cody about the events of the previous night, but Cody doesn’t want to discuss it, and wishes Pam could keep her nose out of it too. Just then, Annalise arrives, complete with her flying outfit and a picnic basket and Cody struggles to keep a straight face. Pam emerges from the bedroom and asks what time they’ll be back from the flight. Gaby says that they’ll be flying out to Parson’s Ridge, so will probably be back by late afternoon. As they leave, Philip and Michael arrive to see Pam. Gaby waits behind to see what happens. Michael immediately apologises to Pam, who says that she just wants him to keep right away from Cody, who then storms out of the room. Michael apologises again, and he and Philip leave, as Gaby tells her mother that perhaps she could have handled that better. Pam says that she already knows that.

. . .

At the Coffee Shop, Brett and Danni sit down with some drinks, and he wants to know what she’s got against Lou and Cheryl getting together. Danni says that Lou doesn’t live up to their father, but Brett points out that Cheryl’s life didn’t end when their dad died. Danni says that’s not the point, Lou is only after Cheryl’s mother, but Brett thinks that’s ridiculous.

At number 22, Lou is putting a gift on Cheryl’s doorstep when she opens the door. He quickly stands up and apologises if it looks juvenile, but he doesn’t care. Cheryl says that it’s not juvenile, but romantic. Lou is delighted and asks her out for dinner. She tells him that she’ll have to think about it, and closes the door. Lou seems happy with this outcome, but Cheryl looks concerned.

. . .

At number 32, Cody knocks on Michael’s bedroom window and apologises for her behaviour earlier. Michael doesn’t seem to care what she has to say any more, and Cody tells him that he’s not in prison now, and he can loosen up a bit. He asks her to leave, and she does, telling him that he’s the one who’s missing out.

Gaby and Annalise are sitting in the plane, and Gaby notices how nervous Annalise seems. She admits that the plane is a lot smaller than the ones she’s used to and they always seem much more solid and safe. Gaby decides that they should change the route and fly over the state forest, so they’ll be back on the ground within an hour. Annalise is much more taken with this idea and Gaby tells her she’ll need to close her door before they can take off.

. . .

At number 28, Cody is sitting at the kitchen table, looking upset, when Pam comes in to start the ironing. She sits down with her daughter and tries to find out what’s wrong. Cody blurts out that Michael isn’t to blame for any of this, she’s the one who went to his bedroom and convinced him to go out with her. She says that she just had to do something to get out of the house. Pam is annoyed with Cody and points out that she went and tore strips off Philip Martin last night. Cody points out that she has nobody to blame but herself.

At number 32, Philip sits down with Michael and tries to talk to him about the situation. He says that hopefully things will calm down once Michael settles in a bit more. Michael says that he can’t control the problems if he’s not the cause of them, and that Pam needs to learn to control Cody rather than blame him. Philip tells him to stop passing the buck, but Michael says that, if he doesn’t tow the line 100%, he’s also going to be blamed for anything that goes wrong. He walks out of the room as Philip looks like he’s about ready to give up.

. . .

At the Coffee Shop, Brett and Lou are getting some lunch, and Lou thanks Brett for all of his help with the plan to get a date with Cheryl. As Lou leaves, he runs into one of his regular customers, Valda Lawson and starts flattering her and telling her about a new sports car on the caryard. Brett listens in, and isn’t impressed as Lou sweet talks Mrs Lawson into buying it.

At number 32, Michael is packing and struggling to control his emotions as he stuffs his clothes into a bag.

. . .

At number 22, Danni shows Brett the Christmas card that Cheryl got from Lou. Brett looks disgusted by it and Danni asks him what’s wrong. Brett explains about the incident with Mrs Lawson, and how it looked like Lou was just being nice to her so he could rip her off. He’s starting to think that Lou’s doing the same thing with their mum and they need to split them up.

. . .

In the plane, Annalise is starting to relax, but is pleased when Gaby suggests that they turn around and head home. However, just then, the engine quietens down and Gaby worries that something’s gone wrong. At first, Annalise thinks she’s joking, but Gaby says that she wouldn’t joke about something like this. The propeller then cuts out and Gaby warns Annalise to brace herself, as the plane is going down. They then crash down into some bush land and both women are thrust forward as the plane hits the ground…

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Summary by Steve