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Magic Moments > 1994 > Julie's Death/Karl's Arrival Episode 2242

Written by Michael O'Rourke, Directed by Chris Adshead

Doug tells Phil that he's left the estate agent his number. Phil is by Julie's hospital bed asking for forgiveness, saying that none of this was supposed to happen. The detective listens in...

A taxi pulls up outside Number 26 and Michael and Danni get out. Danni wonders how everyone is, and Michael sarcastically remarks that he doesn't imagine the family are coping too well. Danni says that at least they'll be glad to see him. Michael tells Danni he wants to go in on his own, and leaves her outside.

. . .

Inside, Debbie is in a daze on the couch. When Michael says hello she runs up and hugs him. She tells him that Julie is in intensive care, and that it doesn't look good. She says that Phil's at the hospital, and that he's going over to see him. Debbie tells him that she hasn't been to the hospital, because she can't handle seeing her the way she is, and says that she'll pull through. Michael tries to talk her into going, but she says she can't.

Over at Number 22, Cheryl asks Danni if she had a good time, and she says that she did until Michael got the call about Julie. Brett tells Danni that Cheryl was the one who found her, and Cheryl says it was awful. She says that she's been feeling guilty over what's happened to Julie, saying that she had so many ill thoughts about her, and that she's scared that her wish to finally see Julie get her comeuppance has come true. Danni tells her not to be silly, and Brett says she's not responsible for what happened.

At the hospital, Michael goes to see Phil. They hug and Phil holds back tears. Michael asks if there's any improvement, and Phil tells him that Julie has brain damage. He says there's so much he wants to talk to her about, and that he can't believe how hard he was on her, and that all he's been doing is trying to prove some stupid point to him. He says he'll never forgive himself if she never pulls through, and says he can't remember the last time he told her he loved her, and breaks down in tears.

. . .

At Number 30, Mark shows Rick some pictures of the place he stayed at with Annalise. Mark says he's in love with the most beautiful woman in the world, and that he's thinking of asking Annalise to move back in. Rick says it's a bad idea, but Mark tells him it'll be different this time. Rick says he'll give them one week tops before they're at each other's throats again if she moves back in.

. . .

. . .

At the hospital, Phil is quietly sitting by Julie's hospital bed when the nurse suddenly raises the alarm and asks him to leave he asks what is going on, but he is frantically pushed out of the room by other nurses. The doctor tries to resuscitate her several times, but she flat lines. Phil screams in agony in the corridor outside, as the reality sets in that his wife has died.

. . .

The next morning, Rick brings in the mail and hands Mark a note from Lassiter's. Mark reads it and says that he's been asked to see him.

Annalise goes to see Cheryl about when she'll be needed back at the Waterhole, and Cheryl says she won't be needed, as she's going to be working there part time herself. Marlene enters and coos at the baby. Cheryl says she's going to run a baby competition at the Waterhole. They agree it's a good idea.

. . .

At 26, the Martins are in mourning over Julie's death. Debbie says how sorry she is, and that she should have gone to see her. Phil says there was nothing she could do. Michael stands at the doorway, and him and Debbie suggest that he goes and takes a lie down. Phil says there's too much to do - he has to let the relatives know about what has happened. Michael says that he spoke to them all, and that he's also talked the funeral arrangement over with Helen. The funeral is all organised. Danni comes in and asks how Julie is, and Phil turns away from her. Danni realises what has happened, and Michael says Julie died last night. Danni leaves, offering her condolences.

Cody's walking up Ramsay Street and sees Danni leave Number 26. She asks if there's any news on Julie, and Danni tells her the bad news. Danni says she ought to leave it a while and go and see them later. Danni leaves and Cody sees a man staring through the window of Number 28. She approaches him. She asks if he's interested in buying the house, and he says he could be. He says that a Mr. Philip Martin should have the keys, and Cody tells him there's been a death in the family and shouldn't disturb him. She says she can get them later for him, and the man says that it's all too inconvenient. She asks him a second time, and he agrees and hands her a card with his number it. She makes the mistake of calling him Karl, then Mr. Kennedy, and he corrects her by saying that it's Dr. Kennedy. He turns on his heel and swans off, saying if she doesn't get the key it's no big deal, and that there are plenty more fish in the sea.

Mark enters the coffee shop and sees Annalise, who says she isn't needed back at the Waterhole. Mark tells her about the meeting with Crowley at Lassiter's, and he said he accepted his offer of having his restaurant back, ruining Annalise's plans.

. . .

. . .

Back at Number 26, Phil is sitting on the couch when Michael comes in from the kitchen with some soup. Phil says he has no appetite, but Michael insists. He says he can't stop thinking about how he made Julie's life a living hell for the past few weeks, and said that had she been happy at the end, it would be easier to accept. He begins to cry again when he realises that the last thing he did with Julie was argue with her. He says he wishes he had told her that he loved her. He tells Michael that the one thing that keeps playing on his mind, is if Julie killed herself. Michael tells him not to think that, and Phil says that if she did kill herself, then he's to blame. Michael reminds him that nobody knows what happened to her, but Phil asks Michael how he can be sure she didn't kill herself. Michael tells Phil to stop torturing himself, and Phil asks him to give him one good reason why he should.

Back at the coffee shop, Mark and Annalise argue about Mark's job offer, and Mark says it was too good to refuse. Mark reminds Annalise he's a chef and that that's what he is trained to do. Mark cheers Annalise up however, by suggesting that they start to live together again.

. . .

Michael is sitting outside, and Danni approaches him, asking if he's okay. She says she hasn't seen much of him since they got back, and he snaps that he's not here on holiday. Michael tells her things are pretty rough at the moment, and that he had to get out of the house for a while. Danni suggests they go down the coffee shop, and Michael yells at Danni saying that his family needs him. He gets up and leaves her.

Rick and Cody return to Number 24 from ice-skating, and say to Marlene that they didn't have a good time because of what has happened. Cody says she wants to go over, but Rick says it's too soon. Marlene says the best way is to get a sympathy card, but Cody says that's copping out.

. . .

Cody goes to Number 26, and says how sorry she is to Phil and Debbie. The phone rings and Debbie goes to answer it. She tells him about Karl and the keys, and Phil goes to get them. Debbie hangs up, and Phil asks her what's wrong. She tells him that the doctor said he can't sign the death certificate, and that they can't go ahead with the funeral. The police want to do an autopsy, and find out exactly how Julie died.

Summary by Billy. Captures by Steve