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Magic Moments > 2000 > The 2000 Season Premiere Episode 3446

Written by Louise Le Nay, Directed by Louise Leitch

Bill tells Anne that he loves her and they kiss. Amy is kissing Damien. Drew asks Karl’s permission to propose to Libby, but everyone overhears. Before Libby can answer, Karl notices that number 26 is on fire and Drew rushes in. Susan asks Tess if Brendan hit her and she says that he did. Drew rescues Lolly from the fire and comes outside with his clothes on fire. The fire engines and ambulances arrive and Karl explains what happened. Lolly and Drew are taken away while Michelle watches on, wracked with guilt...

. . .

The ambulances arrive at the hospital and Karl quickly explains to the nurse that Lolly’s father is interstate and that the other casualty is his daughter’s fiance.

. . .

The Scullys are worried about Rex the dog but Susan explains she saw Toadie taking him away earlier. Joe decides to check out the damage but Lyn isn’t so sure he should be going inside. Joe insists that it’ll be fine.

Susan takes Lyn and the kids into her house and asks Tess to gather up some blankets from around the house. Michelle is in shock and Susan offers to make her some hot tea. Lyn assures her daughter that everyone will be fine and Susan thinks they might all have to stay the night. Lyn is sure the bedrooms won’t have much damage, but Michelle says that she doesn’t want to go home.

Joe goes in the front door of number 26 and explains to the fire crew that he’s the owner.

. . .

Libby and Bill are waiting for news, but Karl says they’ll have to be patient. One of the nurses comes out and explains to Karl that Lolly’s asking for her father. Libby asks the nurse if there’s any news about Drew, and he asks her if she’s a relative. She says she isn’t, and he explains that Drew’s gone to the burns unit and he’ll see if there’s any other news. Bill tells Libby she should have said she was engaged to Drew.

Joe is checking out the damage to the kitchen with a torch and is horrified as he sees all the family’s possessions melted and burnt.

. . .

. . .

Libby and Bill are still waiting for news. He asks her if she’s going to marry Drew, but she says she has other things on her mind right now. Bill says their parents think it’s already happening, but she says she needs to make her own mind up. She asks Bill why he’s so keen and he explains that Drew’s the first decent guy she’s managed to hook up with. She then notices his expression when she mentions his love life and he explains that things have moved on for him and Anne. He decides to go and get some sleep and she promises to call if there’s any news.

Lance gets off the phone at number 30 and says that Amy’s plane got back ok. He’s wondering why she didn’t show up, and Toadie admits it’s strange, as Amy normally needs very little encouragement to party. Lance thanks him for his help. Billy arrives and explains that Drew and Lolly are being kept in, but seem to be ok. He asks if he can stay, as all the Scully family are staying at number 28. Anne says she hates being at the Greenwoods’ with Amy away and so agrees to stay over aswell.

. . .

The Scully family is checking out the damage and Lyn is trying to be positive about things but Flick is pointing out all the problems. She says they won’t be able to cook, but Joe says he’s got a small gas burner and it’ll keep them going until he can get the kitchen sorted out. Flick notices the table and Joe explains that that’s probably where the fire started, where Lolly was playing with sparklers. Flick has a go at Michelle, but Joe quickly shuts her up. Susan comes in and once again offers them some rooms at the Kennedy house but they insist they’ll be fine. Once alone with Joe, Lyn breaks down in tears and admits she wishes they’d never moved to Ramsay Street. Joe tries to lift her spirits, telling her not to give up.

Bill is leaving number 28 with his sleeping bag and Karl comes in. He explains to Susan that Lolly is asking for Lou and that they’ll have to call him, but at least it’s with good news. Karl asks Tess how she is and she says that she daren’t complain after the night that the Scully family just had. She thinks she should leave, but Susan insists that she stay and get some sleep.

. . .

Libby goes in to see Drew, who is lying on his front with bandages all over his back. He’s a bit sleepy from the painkillers. He asks how Lolly is and she says she’s fine and that Drew was the big hero. He’s starting to drift off and asks if she remembers what he asked her earlier, but she says they should talk about it tomorrow and kisses him goodbye.

Susan arrives to sit with Lolly, although the nurse says she needn’t be there, Susan feels that she should be.

. . .

Karl gets up to find Susan in the kitchen and tells her she should get some more sleep. He goes off to speak to Harold and get Lolly’s teddy, while Libby gets up. She asks her mum what’s going on with Tess and Susan admits that she really isn’t all that sure. Libby asks if she’s too young to get married and Susan says it was all a bit of a surprise. She asks Libby if she’s answered him yet and she says she hasn’t, so Susan says she should just take her time. Just then, there’s a knock at the door and it’s Ron and Rose, who have come to congratulate the happy couple on their engagement…

After having explained everything, Libby, Ron and Rose are heading down to the hospital. Once they’re gone, Tess appears and tells Susan she should get going. Susan insists that she stays for breakfast and they can have a little chat.

. . .

At the Scully house, Joe is trying to keep everyone’s spirits up, but Flick is still being very negative. Karl then arrives, still searching for Lolly’s teddy bear and they realise it was probably destroyed in the fire. Flick starts having a go again, blaming Michelle for the fire, until Joe tells her to be quiet. Joe says that Michelle is too young to have been made responsible for last night and Michelle storms out in tears.

Tess explains to Susan that Brendan was always so much fun to be around, but she can’t really remember when things changed. He became possessive and then the violence started, it was always there and she knew that one day she’d have to leave. Susan realises that that was why she went for the permanent position at Erinsborough High.

. . .

. . .

Rose, Ron and Libby are at the hospital and Drew is trying to play down his role at the hero of the hour. Ron asks if they can get the car serviced while they’re down. Rose explains that they had to come and offer their congratulations and Libby looks uncomfortable as everyone gets carried away, with Drew believing that she’s said yes. He announces that he’s the happiest man alive.

Notes: The recap music for this episode was an unusual piece of dance music. This was the first and last time it was used, though it did add a certain sense of urgency to the scenes.

Summary by Steve