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Magic Moments > 2000 > Libby and Steph's Bike Crash: Part Two Episode 3559

Written by Noel Maloney, Directed by T Grant Fenn

Brendan is asking Toadie where Tess is, and he rushes off to find her and Daniel. Brendan is speeding towards the club when he pulls out from behind a bus and crashes into a motorbike, carrying Libby and Steph…

Brendan starts to come round and realises what’s happened, while Steph also begins to wake up and looks around her to see Libby lying unconscious a few feet away. The people from the bus start running out to try and help.


At number 28, Karl and Susan are playing Scrabble when Drew arrives to see if Libby’s home yet. He decides to stay and wait for her and shows them the kilt that he’s going to wear for the wedding. Susan admits that she finds a man in a kilt very attractive, and she tells Drew that he’ll be extremely dashing on the big day.

At the site of the accident, Steph, Libby and Brendan are being put onto stretchers and taken away in ambulances. Steph is becoming hysterical, but is assured that Libby is fine and is in the best possible hands.


Drew and the Kennedys continue their game of Scrabble and start to argue about it when they’re interrupted by the phone. Karl suddenly becomes very worried and informs Susan and Drew that Libby’s been involved in an accident.

At the Scully house, the family are just arriving home from a trip to the cinema, when Toadie arrives looking for Steph. At the same moment, the phone rings and Michelle answers, passing it to her dad, who then informs everyone that Steph’s been in an accident.


At the hospital, Dr. Olenski explains to Karl, Susan and Drew that Libby’s being assessed, but so far it looks like several broken ribs and a penetrating wound. She leaves Karl to explain the medical jargon to Susan and Drew, then goes round the corner to find the Scully family looking for Steph. Dr. Olenski explains that Steph has a few bruises but is otherwise fine. They go off to see her, while Toadie enquires after Libby. Just then, he sees Brendan go past on a trolley and explains that he knows who he is and can help them find the next of kin.

Dione is in Steph’s room looking after her, before leaving the family to spend some time with her. Steph is in a state of shock and admits that she didn’t realise what was happening until it was too late. She wants to speak to Libby, but everyone goes quiet, admitting that they don’t know how she is.


Outside, Dr. Olenski explains to Karl, Susan and Drew that Libby is undergoing an operation to stem the internal bleeding. As the doctor leaves, the Scully family come around the corner, and Lyn hugs Susan, offering to stay with her. Susan explains that Libby is in surgery at the moment and there’s nothing anyone can do. Joe then comes forward and hugs Susan too. As they leave, Susan realises that they didn’t even ask how Steph was doing. Susan and Karl go to get a coffee while an anxious Drew waits for news.

Dione checks on Steph again, who is feeling very sorry for herself. Steph starts asking Dione if people involved in accidents like this ever forget what happened. Dione says that they’ve identified the other driver as Brendan Bell and he’s out of surgery and will be fine. Steph asks about Libby and Dione says she’s still in surgery but they should have more news in a couple of hours. Dione offers to sit with Steph for a while, but Steph refuses.


The next morning, Tess is arriving home in a cab and finds the roses scattered all over the road. Toadie appears and explains to an upbeat Tess that he needs to talk to her about something…

At the hospital, Dr. Olenski tells Tess and Toadie that surgery on Brendan went well and he should be fine. Tess thanks her and then tells Toadie that she’s confused about Brendan suddenly turning up like this. They bump into Karl and Susan, each awkwardly enquiring about Libby and Brendan.


Karl finds Libby’s surgeon, John McGill, who explains that Libby’s stable. She had a laceration in the ascending colon, but they fixed that, although, more worryingly, there was a rupture in the uteron artery. Karl looks worried as John leaves him.

Outside, Drew tells Susan that he wishes he’d stopped Libby going on that bike ride. Tess appears about admits she feels like she’s watching herself in a movie. Karl appears and tells Susan and Drew that Libby’s out of surgery and it looks like she’s going to be fine. At the same time, Dr. Olenski appears and tells Tess that Brendan is starting to wake up.


Tess sits by Brendan’s bed and tells him that they’ve removed his spleen, but he’s going to be fine. Brendan realises how lucky he is about to tell her that it was all his fault, but instead he tells Tess that he loves her and always will.

Dione arrives at number 30, looking exhausted, and asks after Joel. Toadie explains that he isn’t there and enquires after Libby and Brendan. She says that Libby’s still in intensive care, but all Brendan required was to have his spleen removed. Toadie doesn’t look impressed and explains to Dione about what happened the night before. He says that it clearly wasn’t an accident, but he didn’t witness it so he can’t really go to the cops. Toadie says that there was nothing between Tess and Daniel anyway, and he isn’t sure whether he should tell Tess what he knows.


Constable Walker is interviewing Steph about the accident. She explains that she slowed down to make the turn and is certain that she wasn’t speeding. The police leave and Joe is confused about why Brendan was overtaking a bus in such a dangerous place. Steph breaks down, admitting that she nearly killed her best friend, but Joe says that Brendan is the person to blame fo all this.

Drew is sitting by Libby’s bed and Karl and Susan remember when they used to sing her to sleep. Lyn and Joe bring Steph into the room and Drew takes Steph’s hand. Steph starts apologising to Libby but Susan assures her that there’s nothing to be sorry about.


Tess asks Brendan if he knows what happened, but he says that he knows what happened – he was on his way to Foxy’s when he swerved to avoid a bus pulling out and his a motorbike, but everyone’s ok. Tess tells him that the other passengers were Steph and Libby and Brendan is shocked and Tess tells him that Libby might not be ok. Brendan starts to blame himself, but Tess assures him that it was all just an accident…

Summary by Steve