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Magic Moments > 2000 > Brendan's Death Episode 3562

Written by Drew Tingwell, Directed by Richard Sarrell

Bianca and Michelle are working out how much money they made from selling the stolen chocolate bars. Tess tells Karl that Brendan’s been charged with reckless driving. At the hospital, Karl tells Drew that he has to be positive, as Libby is not going to die.

At number 26, Steph is on the phone when Lyn comes in and asks Joe what’s going on. He explains that it’s the police and as Steph gets off the phone, she says that Brendan’s been charged over the accident. Steph feels sorry for Tess, but Joe is glad that the person in the wrong has been caught. Steph isn’t so sure, however, and says that it’s not that clear cut and they need to wait for proof.


At the hospital, Dione is working when Tess comes in to see Brendan. She tells Tess that Brendan is having a few tests done at the moment, offering her a cup of coffee while she waits, which she refuses. Dione asks Tess how she’s coping, admitting that these accidents put a lot of stress on everyone. Tess says that she’s not sleeping well and decides to have the coffee after all.

At the school, Michelle and Bianca are collecting in money from selling more out-of-date chocolate bars when Cecile approaches them, asking whether they’re going to the school dance the following evening. She tells them not to wear anything too daggy and leaves with her little group. Once Cecile’s gone, Michelle wonders if they should stop selling the chocolate within the school, but Bianca tells her it’s their biggest market. She then reminds Michelle that they have to go shopping that evening for their dresses.


Libby has woken up and is groggy, asking for Mal. Susan explains that Mal is overseas, but Drew is there to see her. Drew suddenly becomes distressed, blurting out that they’re supposed to be getting married next week. Karl assures him that this is normal behaviour, but Drew walks out and Karl urges Susan to let him have some time alone.

Back at the school, Cecile approaches Michelle and Bianca once again, taunting them that she’s heard that they’re selling Carobean bars around the school. Michelle tries to deny it, but Bianca quickly grabs Cecile’s money. A satisfied Cecile walks away, while Michelle tells Bianca that she shouldn’t have done that, as Cecile will probably go and dob them in now.


At number 26, Joe is about to phone the police to find out where they impounded Steph’s bike. Lyn isn’t sure that it’s such a good idea, but Joe says that Steph will probably want it back when she’s had a chance to get over the accident. Lyn accuses him of being insensitive, but Joe says that he doesn’t want her to lose all of her confidence.

In the hospital cafeteria, Steph finds Drew sitting on his own. She asks how Libby is and he says she’s got worse. He tells her what a nightmare it all is, and Steph agrees, saying that now Brendan’s been charged, it all seems even more crazy. Drew is shocked to hear about the charges and Steph realises she’s put her foot in it. She explains about Toadie’s information and the witnesses and Drew realises that it might not have been an accident after all. Drew gets up to leave and Steph tries to stop him…


Drew walks into Brendan’s room to find him reading. He says that Libby likes to read, but she can’t at the moment because she’s fighting for her life. Brendan assures him that she’ll pull through and says that it looks like Drew has decided he’s guilty already. Drew starts shouting about Toadie’s evidence and Brendan says he’s got it all wrong. At that moment, Tess appears in the doorway, overhears their conversation and drops a vase of flowers she was bringing in. Drew tells Brendan that he’d better hope the wedding next week doesn’t turn into a funeral. He storms out, whilst a shocked Tess decides to go and find someone to clean up the mess. In the corridor, Dione comes running up to Drew, trying to find out what happened, while a dazed Tess walks off, apologising for the mess she’s made.

In the Coffee Shop, Michelle and Bianca are discussing the accident, when Cecile comes in. She tells them that there’s some gossip going around about some stock missing from the tuck shop. She says that the police might have to get involved.


Steph finds Tess in the hospital cafeteria. Tess asks about Libby, and Steph says she’s not doing very well. Tess says that she’s been trying to believe Brendan about the accident, but he keeps on lying to her. Steph tries to defend him, but Tess says that he just lost it, like he always does. She says that she isn’t sure she still loves him, but Steph says that everyone makes mistakes and this is no reason to stop loving Brendan.

At number 26, Michelle and Bianca are comparing their new dresses for the school formal and both admit to feeling guilty about stealing from the tuck shop in the first place. Just as they’re wondering whether Cecile will dob them in, they hear Lyn coming up to the front door with Steph. They quickly hide the dresses and act innocent as Lyn asks them to help her prepare dinner, and a despondent Steph lies down on the couch.


Later that evening, Steph decides, against the wishes of Lyn and Joe, to pop across and see if Drew’s home. Lyn then apologises to Joe for their argument earlier, saying that she knows Joe has Steph’s best interests at heart, but she just think it’s too soon to bring the bike back. Joe explains that it doesn’t matter as they won’t release the bike until after the trial. Michelle comes out to answer the phone and reluctantly hands it over to her mum. It’s Cecile’s mum and Michelle and Bianca are both very worried...

Steph finds Drew star-gazing outside number 22 and asks him if this is some sort of therapy. He says that it is, but it’s not working as he can’t find Libby’s star, which Karl gave her for her 21st. Steph looks through the telescope, while Drew explains that he used to do this a lot with Libby and he becomes distressed as he can’t find the star.


Back at number 26, Lyn is furious with Michelle and Bianca, who are trying to claim that Cecile made the whole thing up. Lyn says that there’s proof – the chocolate bar that they sold Cecile that morning. Bianca says that she’s going to kill Cecile, but Lyn says that they can’t blame her for this one. Michelle finally owns up, but says that the bars were past their sell-by date. Lyn says that she’s going to have to talk to Bianca’s mum and the school, and they won’t be going to the school formal.

Tess bumps into Joe at the Coffee Shop and he tells her that she needs to keep her strength up. His order comes and he’s about to leave, but he stops and asks Tess why a nice girl like her would want to get involved with someone like Brendan again. She’s upset by this, but doesn’t have a chance to respond as her phone rings. She is shocked by the news she’s given and quickly leaves the shop.


At the hospital, Karl arrives, asking Dione if Tess is there yet. Dione explains that she’s been contacted and should be there soon. She says that the relatives have also been contacted and are on their way. Just then, Tess runs in and Karl breaks the news to her that Brendan died twenty minutes ago. She goes in and sits by his bed.


Drew enters Libby’s hospital room and watches her sleep.

Tess is in tears and she takes Brendan’s hand and kisses it.

Drew sits down next to Libby.

Tess breaks down in tears.


Drew takes Libby’s hand and smiles.

Summary by Steve