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Magic Moments > 2002 > The 2002 Season Premiere Episode 3921

Written by Noel Maloney, Directed by Gary Conway

Libby and Drew are thrilled after the safe birth of their baby boy. Woody asks Steph to marry him. Libby suddenly flatlines and Susan, Karl and Drew are frantic as the hospital staff try to resuscitate her...

The nurses manage to successfully resuscitate Libby, while Karl, Susan and Drew nervously wait outside her hospital room for news.


Woody explains to Steph that he had the engagement ring made to his design, but gets touchy when she wonders where he got the money for it. He insists it's not stolen, and that he saved up for it, but she's not convinced. He tells her he doesn't want an answer to his proposal straight away, but she tells him she's had plenty of time to think while he was missing, presumed dead. She tells him she could barely keep herself from going crazy over the past three months and now he thinks he can just waltz back into her life and ask her to marry him.


Drew frantically quizzes Dr. Lewin, who explains that they've managed to get Libby stabilised, but they need to take her through to theatre.

At the pub, Lyn, Joe and Flick are having dinner. As her parents are distracted over Woody, Flick goes off to chat to Matt. He agrees to shout her a drink in return for all the goss on what she's been up to these last few days.


Woody insists to Steph that he just wants to make things better, but she thinks he's trying to relieve the guilt that he feels for putting her through the ordeal of having to bury him. She starts to get upset and tells him she's going out for a walk. He offers to go with her, but she tells him she needs to be alone. They arrange to meet the following day and he gives her the number at his motel and promises to phone before he turns up. He insists that he loves her, but she says she isn't sure what to think any more. Just as Woody is leaving, Joe and Lyn arrive back from the pub. Joe takes Woody outside for a 'chat' while Lyn comforts Steph, who isn't really in the mood to talk. She explains to Lyn that Woody proposed, again, but she didn't give him an answer.


Outside Number 26, Woody tells Joe about proposing and that he can offer Steph a good life. Joe isn't impressed, saying that judging on his past record, he can't offer her anything. Joe says that what his daughter needs is a man she can rely on and explains that Steph has been through a hell of a lot because of Woody. Woody explains that he's been through a lot too, he had to disappear so that he and Steph could be safe and build a life together. Joe asks if Woody can honestly give Steph what she needs and Woody says that he can give her love, at which Joe walks off.

Back at the hospital, Drew and Susan are still waiting for news. Drew sits down next to Susan and says he never thought the birth would happen like this, not after all the preparation. Susan tells Drew it was stupid to drag her off to a rodeo when she was 33 weeks pregnant. Drew insists it's not his fault, but Susan is about to take out her frustration on his when Karl appears with news. Karl explains that Libby is still in theatre and that the baby is fine, but just needs regular oxygen.


Drew goes to see the baby, where he puts his hand on the incubator and starts crying.

Matt and Flick are locking up at the pub, and they're discussing the situation with Steph. Matt can't understand why Steph is continuing to see Woody, but Flick asks Matt if he's ever been so head over heels in love with someone that nothing else matters and that everything they do is wonderful. Matt says he can sort of understand, then quickly changes the subject by asking Flick to help him take some wine bottles down to the cellar.

Flick continues the discussion about love - saying that it comes from the heart, not the head and Matt comments that it must make people do some pretty weird stuff. Flick says that love isn't blind, in fact, it opens your eyes to the truth. He asks her to hold the cellar door open as they continue their argument, and she starts talking about Shakespeare's sonnets and that Matt doesn't know what real love is. Matt explains that he saw Steph fall apart after Woody disappeared, but maybe it's just a girlie thing. Flick isn't impressed by that comment, but Matt insists that women are more emotional than men. At this point, Flick lets the door close behind her and the couple realise they're stuck in the cellar, as the door only opens from the outside and Matt's mobile is upstairs on the bar. Flick isn't happy to be stuck with a sexist pig until morning.


Steph goes into the Coffee Shop to pick up some milk, where she sees Woody, who asks her to have a coffee with him. She says that the place is closing, and he wants to know why she keeps putting him off. She tells him she can't give him an answer and he says he couldn't sleep until he knew. She agrees to talk to him, but not at the Coffee Shop.

Flick continues to bang on the cellar door to try and attract some attention. She thinks that Matt set the whole thing up, but he says it was her fault for letting the door close. He insists that someone will notice they're missing and come looking for them, but she doesn't think anyone will look for them in the cellar. He says that Lou will let them out in the morning, but she says she'll use his head as a battering ram before then. He says it could be worse, the room could be refrigerated, or she could be stuck with Davo, the other barman. She continues to suspect that he set the whole thing up, but he says she's crazy. She says it's not as crazy as the crush he's got on her - it's so obvious and everyone knows about it.


At the hospital, Drew offers Susan a coffee, but she's still being distant with him. Karl arrives to say that Libby's out of theatre. They want to see her, but Karl explains that she's still unconcious and is on the critical list.

Joe and Lyn are heading to bed, while Woody tells Steph about his new place, telling her that she'd love it there, the people are really nice. He tells her he's made some friends there and is a member of the local footie team. He also tells her about his new job in the local hardware store and she seems impressed. He then explains that he's had to made up a whole new past to tell these people and she's worried that she'd have to lie too. He says that it's necessary if they want to make a new start and insists that things will be better from here on in.


Matt is still calling for help, but Flick tells him he might as well save it for the morning. She starts looking through the wines, he tells her to be careful, but in the struggle they drop an $80 bottle. He starts to clear it up and she apologises to him for the way she spoke to him earlier. She explains that he just won't take 'no' for an answer, but he accuses her of leading him on by flirting with him. She says she was just being friendly and it's typical of a bloke to misinterpret it. He then tells her she has plenty of faults of her own, like being a lousy hairdresser and being obsessed with her appearance. They both start laughing.

Karl, Susan and Drew go in to see Libby, who is just sleeping off the anaesthetic. Drew tells her that the baby's fine, is a boy and that he loves her.


Woody tells Steph about his neighbours at the new place and that his elderly neighbour keeps trying to set him up with her granddaughter. Lyn comes out of the bedroom and says she's worried that Flick isn't home yet, so Steph goes over the road to see if Matt's car is back. Woody apologises to Lyn for waking her up and Lyn tells Woody that she wishes he'd never come back. Woody says that Steph needs to make up her own mind. Lyn says she doesn't think much of him or Mitch and Woody says there was nothing between Steph and Mitch. Lyn thinks there was and that Steph is just trying to spare Woody's feelings. Woody wants to know more, but just then Steph comes back and reports that Matt's car isn't there - Lyn rushes to wake Joe up.

Flick and Matt are getting cosy in the cellar and she's telling him about the pressure she's under from her parents to go to uni, but she thinks there's no point if she can't do the course she wants. She thinks they only want her to go so that they can believe they haven't failed as parents. Matt says his father's the same, having enrolled him on an information technology course, but he deferred and his father's been trying to get him to go back ever since. Matt insists he's not going to go, so his father just goes quiet, rather than hitting the roof. He tells Flick that if you stay calm and just tell them over and over then they'll eventually get the message.


Libby starts to come round, so Drew wakes up Susan and Karl, who have fallen asleep in her room. Karl rushes off to get the doctor, while Libby asks where her baby is. Susan and Drew are very relieved.

Meanwhile, in the cellar, Flick has fallen asleep on Matt's shoulder, so he pulls the blanket over her and puts his arm around her.


Steph and Woody are arguing over Mitch and he wants to know what was going on between them. She says she really doesn't want to argue about it, so Woody asks if Steph loves Mitch, to which she says she doesn't. He then asks if she knows what he was inside for and she says he didn't tell her, because it's not important. He insists that she knows, because he wasn't just inside for arson. During the fire, a security guard was killed and Mitch was put inside for murder...

Notes: This episode introduced a new acoustic version of the theme tune, produced by Steve Wade, with lead vocals by Janine Maunder. A new title sequence design also debuted.

Summary by Steve. Captures by Karl