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Magic Moments > 2002 > Summer's Arrival Episode 4006

Written by Louise Le Nay, Directed by Richard Sarell

Michelle and Connor share a kiss. Joe realises that he’s lost his voice just before the wedding. The hypnotist tries to bring Rosie out of her trance, but she begins speaking Italian instead…

At number 26, Michelle is showing Connor the Gaelic tattoo she’d had done and asks him to read it to her. He is reluctant, but quickly makes something up. She tells him that it’s henna, but not to tell Joe and Lyn as they’d probably be annoyed anyway. Connor then heads to bed, just as Lyn and Joe arrive home. Joe disappears to bed, while Lyn explains that the doctors can’t work out why he’s lost his voice – but they think it might be psychosomatic. Lyn warns Michelle not to say anything to her father and explains that they’re just going to have to be very supportive and hope that his voice comes back in time for the wedding.


At the pub, Lou and Harold are trying to get through to Rosie. They start talking about recent events, like the fire at the church and them giving Rosie her photos and she remembers. Lou goes to get her a brandy and Harold asks her if she remembers who she is. Rosie is confused by his strange behaviour and he says he’s pleased to have her back.

At number 26, Michelle comes in with some packages and some chocolate bars she bought from a kid outside. Joe takes one, but Lyn tells him to eat breakfast first. Joe notices that the chocolate is mouldy and out-of-date and Michelle says that she’s going to get her money back. Lyn tells her to go and get her wedding outfit on for a sitting.



In the street, the little girl is busy moving everyone’s wheelie bins into the middle of the street. Libby appears and asks who moved the bins. The girl says it was a group of boys – and she offers to move the bins back. She then starts trying to sell her chocolates, saying that it’s a fundraiser for the local church that burnt down. Libby agrees to buy some, but only has a $20 note. Summer says that she can have a whole box for $20. She takes the note and gives a confused Libby the box.

At number 26, Michelle receives a letter saying that Valda can’t come to the wedding, as she has gastric problems. Libby and Ben then arrive and Connor offers to keep an eye on Ben. In the kitchen, Libby gives the box of chocolates to Lyn and asks Joe how his speech is going. When Lyn explains the situation with Joe’s voice, Libby laughs and Joe glares at her, before writing a note telling Lyn that she has to do the speech. Lyn says that there’s no way she’s doing it.


At the Coffee Shop, Lou, Rosie and Harold are going over fundraising ideas, when Rosie stops and asks why they’re being so secretive since last night. Lou says that he’d be happy to tell her, but Harold’s worried about her “delicate sensibilities”. She demands to know, so Harold tells her about the trance she was in and that she did some embarrassing things. Harold asks if she was ever the chairperson of a board, and she says that she was, and she wonders what sort of impression she must have made.

At number 26, Lyn is furious with Joe for making her do the speech. Then Michelle comes in wearing her dress with a shirt under it and Lyn demands that she take it off. Michelle storms out and Libby follows, asking her what’s wrong. Michelle explains about the tattoo on her arm, so Libby drags her into the bathroom to try and find a solution to the problem.


At the pub, Joe is writing notes for Connor to read over lunch, but Connor is having trouble reading them. Lou and Rosie come in and Connor explains about all of the problems. Rosie says that much the same thing happened when she was a professional anaconda wrestler in Ecuador, and Lou looks confused until he realises that she’s winding him up over last night. Rosie takes Lou into the back office for a chat.

At the garage, the little girl is selling chocolates to Drew and he gives her a $20 note, so she gives him six boxes. She goes off and he asks her why she isn’t in school. She says that she can be trusted because she’s class captain, then she cycles off, leaving Drew holding all of the chocolates.


In the pub office, Rosie is telling Lou that they have to be honest with Harold before he works out that they’re seeing each other. Lou admits that it might be easier said than done. He suggests that they fudge the truth, like Harold did after last night’s incident with the hypnotist. Rosie warns Lou that it would be much better for Harold to know the truth.

At number 26, in the bathroom, Libby is trying to scrub the tattoo off Michelle’s arm, when Lyn starts knocking on the door, demanding to know what’s going on. Michelle says she’s taking off some nail polish and she hasn’t seen Libby anywhere. Libby asks Michelle who she was trying to impress with the tattoo, then she realises that it was Connor. Michelle begs Libby not to tell anyone, and says that it didn’t exactly have the desired effect anyway.


In the street, Libby sees Drew as she runs to get some make-up for Michelle’s arm. She asks Drew if they were so frantic before their wedding, then they remember Uncle Fergus. Joe gets back and Connor says that he made all of the calls, and starts listing all of the things that Joe’s workmen are going to do over the next few days. Libby then runs past them with the make-up. Connor asks her where the fire is, and she says it’s at his place.

Outside the Coffee Shop, the little girl is counting up her money. She happily puts it away, then picks up some more boxes of chocolates and walks into the Coffee Shop with them.


At number 26, Michelle appears in her dress. Connor wolf whistles her and tells her how wonderful she looks. Lyn follows him into the kitchen and thanks him for being so nice, as Michelle’s been very down on herself lately. He says that she shouldn’t be, as Michelle is gorgeous. Connor then suggests that Lyn should do Joe’s speech at the wedding, but Lyn quickly changes the subject, asking Connor to be the usher. She gives him a list of instructions and he looks at it.

Outside the Coffee Shop, Summer is putting the hard sell on Harold, telling him that they have to be generous if they want to be good like Jesus. Harold gives her $20 for chocolates and another $20 as a donation. Drew then appears and tells Summer that the chocolates he bought had weevils in the them. Summer tries to make a quick exit, then Rosie and Lou appear. Rosie asks why Summer isn’t at school and she explains that she was fundraising. Rosie says that she didn’t ask Summer to do that and introduces everyone to her granddaughter, Summer Hoyland. Summer asks Rosie if Lou is her new boyfriend and Harold looks upset.



At number 26, Lyn is ready to go through Joe’s speech in front of everyone. She keeps hesitating, but they tell her just to read it...

It’s not everyday that your eldest daughter gets hitched. When they’re little, you don’t ever think about them getting married at all – I didn’t anyway. I thought of Steph as always being a kid in rompers, who’d be following me around, hanging onto my legs. Then you blink and she’s a woman, who’s so beautiful it almost stops your breath when you catch sight of her. When Stephanie was born, I wanted everything for her; wealth, fame, a career and a Lamborghini to run around in. Now she’s a woman and I’ve realised all I want for her really is happiness. It’s the only important thing and sometimes it’s the hardest thing of all to get. So standing here in front of you all today, I want to tell her in front of everyone how much her mother and I love her and are proud of her and how if I could give her anything in the world, it would be happiness. But that’s something that you have to make for yourself and I know that my daughter, Stephanie, and Marc, are going to do that. I pray for that anyway.

Everyone is moved by the speech, Lyn hugs Joe and tells him that it’s perfect.

Summary by Steve