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Magic Moments > 2005 > Lana's Departure Episode 4634

Written by Helen MacWhirter, Directed by Gary Conway

Episode Title: Lasting Impressions

Lyn believes Steph had something to do with Charlie's death. At Lana's leaving party, Stingray meets his match when Shazza arrives, but Serena doesn't look too happy about it...

At Grease Monkey's, Stingray is doing a handstand to try to impress the new girl in town, Shazza. She says she's from Colac as well, and Stingray's ecstatic, picking her up and spinning her around. Over at a table, the more sensible Sky and Lana discuss their antics, before Sky tells Lana she has to make a lasting impression before she leaves Erinsborough. Serena enters and is about walk right out as soon as she spots Shazza and Stingray - but Sky calls her over. Serena's very unimpressed with Stingray's behaviour.


Susan has brought some food over to number 26 for Lyn who says she's chosen the most expensive coffin for Charlie. Lyn, still distraught over the death, says everyone wants different things - Valda wants them to wait until she gets back for the funeral, Doreen wants a cremation and Michael wants Charlie to be buried next to his mother in Shelley Bay. Susan asks how Steph is taking it, but Lyn obviously doesn't want to talk about her. Confused, Susan asks what's going on and Lyn finally tells her that she thinks Steph might have killed Charlie.

Stingray and Shazza throw food around Grease Monkey's trying to impress each other. On the other side of the shop, Stingray's show-off behaviour is making Serena more and more angry. Lana comments that Serena doesn't want him but she obviously doesn't want anyone else to have him either - which isn't exactly a healthy attitude. Lana says it's the happiest she's seen Stingray in months and not everything should be about her.


At number 30, Connor sits at the computer sub-editing a piece for the magazine, but with Carmella looking over his shoulder telling him exaclty what to type. They finish the article and Connor says he resigns as sub editor. Carmella is worried about what her mother will think of him, and says he's giving in way too early - but Connor says he just wants to be happy and he's not suited to editing. They're about to go to the bedroom when the phone rings. Connor picks it up and it's Lori, who needs Connor to look after Maddy for a few days.

Lyn says she's not sure about anything except that Charlie's gone. Susan wonders if it's possible Charlie himself wanted to slip away peacefully, because she can't believe Steph would take it upon herself to do it. Lyn is upset that Steph might have listened to his requests and helped him to die.


Maddy has arrived and is crying despite Connor and Carmella's attempts to settle her down. The phone rings again and this time Carmella picks it up - it's someone from the magazine with free entry to the VIP room at the club Cube. Carmella assumes they can go but Connor points out the obvious - that they have to stay in and look after Maddy, as there's no one else to do it. He suggests Carmella just goes by herself.

Lana and Sky have crept into the closed community hall to do their last artistic masterpiece - or graffiti - in honour of Lana's departure. Boyd comes in and tells them to be quiet and Lana says she hopes she doesn't leave them in too much trouble. Sky says, "it's all about leaving your mark on Erinsborough...just like you did on me", before a moment of awkwardness between the two. Lana mentions that things didn't develop enough to be serious between George and her and also says Sky was the first person to make her feel good about who and what she is.


Connor is sleeping on the couch, obviously exhausted. Carmella comes in from the club all dressed up, and is about to kiss him on the cheek when he wakes up suddenly. Carmella wants Connor to come to bed but he's concerened about disturbing Maddy. Carmella takes control and tells him Maddy will be fine; she says in a commanding voice, "Into the bedroom - NOW." They run off in the direction of the bedroom.

Sky points the torch at what they've done on the wall of the community hall, and says that it will definitely get people talking. They go to wake up Serena and Boyd who were supposed to be keeping watch, and ask where Shazza and stingray got to. Suddenly Shazza and Stingray burst out of a cupboard looking sheepish, and Stingray asks if they missed anything. Eventually they all leave the dark hall for the night.


The next morning at number 24, Serena is telling Sky on the phone that she doesn't want to come to the community hall again. She then answers the door and it's Lyn, who's there to tell Lil that the funeral will just be for immediate family. Lyn notices that Serena is looking and sounding very distant, and despite her own worries she asks if she's alright.

Max and Boyd are eating breakfast at Grease Monkey's. Max is on the phone and has heard that the body found in the burnt-out pub was in fact Gus Cleary's. Boyd says at least he won't be hassling them anymore but Max asks him to show a little bit of compassion because the man wasn't well. Boyd thinks that Gus probably lit the fire himself and continues to show little remorse that he's dead. Max changes the subject, and asks what Boyd's plans are for the day. Boyd realises that it's time to go to the community hall.


Back at number 24, Serena tells Lyn all about her problems with Stingray and how she's annoyed at herself for feeling jealous of Shazza. Lyn thinks Serena should be more positive and be genuinely happy for other people, or she'll never be happy herself.

At the community hall, Susan asks Max if Steph is okay. Max says she's not too good, and the sooner the police wrap everything up the better. Max asks Susan is she could try to change Lyn's mind on the whole subject. Meanwhile, Sky and Lana are unhappy that nobody has noticed their artwork on the wall - which is two girls, one Canadian and one Australian, holding hands over the community hall's portrait of the Queen. Max and Susan tease them by pretending to analyse it and saying how good it is, much to Sky and Lana's disgust.


Later, Susan has brought some comfort food over to Lyn to try to cheer her up. Susan quickly brings up the topic of Steph, and says that if Steph did actually help Charlie die it would have been because of the love and compassion she felt towards her grandfather. Lyn says that if it's true she could never forgive Steph. Lyn wants to know how Susan can possibly think it could be the right thing to do. Susan reveals that she's been there before: "I know how she felt. Because I was in the same situation with my mum...and I did exactly the same thing."

Outside the community hall, Lana says that next time they will have to do something bigger and better to make their mark. The cab has arrived to take her to the airport. Lana hugs Serena and tells her to be happy. She moves on to Sky who tells her to promise not to cry. Sky gives a tearful Lana a pen set and they share a long hug before Lana walks towards the cab and, with one final wave, gets inside and drives off. The gang head off for a swim and Serena stays where she is, before smiling and saying she's coming too.



Susan explains that her mother wasn't afraid to die, she was afraid to go on living. Lyn wonders why Suasn has never told her any of this. Susan asks Lyn to imagine how frightening it must be knowing how your suffering is only going to get worse. She says if Steph helped Charlie to go, then what she did was an act of mercy. But Lyn isn't understanding - she thinks Susan is sitting there trying to justify murder. Lyn wants Susan out of her house and says, "Susan, you didn't help your mother, you killed her..."


Summary by Aaron