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Magic Moments > 2005 > Lassiter's Reopening Episode 4688

Written by Judith Colquhoun, Directed by Tony Osicka

Episode Title: Talk Among Your Selves

Boyd tells Serena how pretty she is, without realising what he’s saying. Harold and Serena try to convince Lil to return home and talk to David. Izzy finds some gloves with the metal button missing. Lil calls at Paul’s hotel room while he’s in there with Izzy…

Whilst Paul is outside, Izzy hides the gloves in her bag. Outside, Paul is insisting that he has time to have dinner with Lil. He then goes into the room and tells Izzy that he has to be elsewhere and she asks if he has a marriage to break up. He takes offence and tells her to leave, while she says that she was just kidding.


At number 32, Sky is telling Boyd that everyone’s talking about his efforts in the school debate last week. He doesn’t believe her and explains that he can’t even remember a word that he said that day. She reminds him that he’s a genius and everyone always knew it.

At The Scarlet Bar, which isn’t open for business yet, Izzy is busy gathering her evidence against Paul, including scans of the gloves, where Paul and Liljana come in, so she’s forced to hide underneath the bar. They don’t notice her and carry on discussing the sound system. Lil explains that she doesn’t know much about electronics, but will make the drinks instead.


Lou and Harold are busy setting up their new General Store and Lou is excited about the amount of money they’re about to make. He then decides to show Harold the new uniforms – aprons – which they’re both very impressed by.

At number 30, Toadie and Eva are returning home from dinner with Tim Collins and his girlfriend. Tim sends the girls off to make coffee, which doesn’t impress Toadie. Tim then tells Toadie that he put on quite a spectacle with his stories about wrestling. Toadie tries to defend Eva, but Tim says that he can’t be a wrestler in the conservative world of law. He then goes on to tell Toadie to “throw the beached whale back into the sea” as a horrified Eva listens in.


At the bar, Paul is telling Lil that he’s going to get a new sound system and relive the music of his teens. He then puts on a latin funk CD, as it’s all they have, and she tells him to try the cocktails she’s made. They’re a little strong, so they decide to abandon them and dance to the music. Izzy sees a perfect chance and sneaks out to take some photos of them together.

Back at number 30, Eva is busy telling another story. Tim’s girlfriend, Molly, tells Eva what a wonderful teacher she must be, before the two of them leave. Once they’ve left, Eva tells Toadie that she’ll get going too, as she heard what was said and she didn’t hear him defending her at all. She warns him to make up his mind what he wants before he gets back in touch.


Back in the bar, Lil is telling Paul about how confused she feels about her role in life, now that Serena is growing up. Paul tells her that she should be proud, but she admits that she doesn’t feel like she’s achieved anything compared to him. They leave their drinks on the bar and lock up. Izzy then emerges and puts all of her evidence in an envelope, addressing it to her solicitor.

It’s 5.30am and Karl is on the phone, leaving a message for Izzy, wishing her luck for the grand opening of The Scarlet Bar.


Izzy is on the phone to her solicitor, explaining that if something were to happen to her, then the contents of the envelope are her insurance policy.

At The General Store, Lou and Harold are preparing for the opening and ask Sky and Boyd to hang around and lend a hand. Sky checks with Boyd that it’s ok, and he gets confused and wanders off. He then comes back and asks Sky why she volunteered him as he hates working with people. She reminds him about working at the gym and he asks her what gym she’s talking about. He then apologises and goes to get some more boxes.


Izzy arrives at Karl’s flat and realises that she’s woken him up. She apologises and he insists that it’s fine, explaining that his sleep patterns are all over the place anyway. She volunteers to make coffee and has to force him to sit down. She then opens the fridge and tells him that the milk is beyond saving, before realising that they’re out of coffee anyway. She offers to go to the shops, but he stops her and reminds her that she has an opening to attend. She makes sure that he’s coming to come and be a part of her new bar.

At Lassiter’s, Paul is welcoming everyone, on its 20th anniversary, to the brand new complex. Harold says a few words, welcoming everyone to his new General Store. Izzy then runs up as Paul announces the new Scarlet Bar and she tells them all that there are free Izzycinos all day. Paul announces that the legal practice will also be opening that day, with the medical practice to follow soon after. Lil arrives and is disappointed to find that David isn’t there. Tim asks Toadie if Eva is there, before telling some of their associates that Eva is a hard girl to miss. Paul then makes a speech to the people of Erinsborough:



“We’ve snubbed our noses at disaster, we’ve picked ourselves up and we’ve started again. We’ve put our lives back together. And now it’s together that we have a chance to build a brighter and better tomorrow for ourselves and for our children. So without further ado, it gives me great pride and pleasure to announce the new Lassiter’s complex officially open…”


Izzy then cuts the ribbon to open the bar, as Harold does the same at The General Store.

Tim and Toadie enter The Scarlet Bar and Izzy tells them that Eva will be singing soon. Toadie is surprised, especially when Eva emerges and starts singing, leaving everyone very impressed. Paul comes in and congratulates Izzy, telling her she’ll soon be able to pay off the loan. He says that it’s a pity that Karl isn’t there. Sky comes running in looking for Boyd but nobody’s seen him.


Outside, Sky apologises to Harold and says that she doesn’t know where Boyd’s got to. Lil is telling Paul what a wonderful job they’ve made of the new complex. Harold asks Lil how she’s doing and she insists that she’s fine. He tells her that David’s putting on a brave front, but Lil says that she’s still got things she needs to sort out before she sees him. Harold then invites Lil for a grand tour of the new store.


Eva finishes her first song and Tim is very impressed, while Toadie kisses her. Tim tells her how great she was and Toadie introduces everyone to Eva, explaining that they also wrestle together. Tim isn’t impressed, but realises that he has no choice but to accept the wrestling and so makes a toast to the new practice.

At The General Store, Lou is busy drumming up trade. He, Harold and Lil then share a toast to their new business.


At number 32, Boyd is preparing some food and music, apologising to Sky for not making it to the grand opening. He starts talking about how weird he feels lately and thanks her for understanding. He then looks back over his shoulder, but there’s nobody sitting there…

Summary by Steve