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Magic Moments > 2005 > Janae and Bree's Arrival Episode 4691

Written by Philippa Burne, Directed by Jovita O'Shaughnessy

Episode Title: The End Of The Ride

Stingray and Dylan tell Janelle that they’ve decided to move in with her at number 26, leaving her delighted. Izzy finds some gloves in Paul’s wardrobe and realises that Paul in the arsonist. Andy tells Lyn that he and Sandy never had kids. Sandy later turns up with their children, leaving Lyn stunned.

At number 26, Lyn is demanding an explanation for Andy lying to her like that. She tells him that there’s actually nothing he can say to her that will make things better and forces him to leave. He apologises as he’s going out the door.


In Paul’s hotel room, Izzy is downloading files when Paul appears from the bathroom and she quickly changes the window to a clothes website. He asks her what the hell she’s doing and she explains that she was about to use his credit card to go on a shopping spree. He calms down and tells her to turn the computer off, whilst she quickly removes the cd from the laptop.

Back at number 32, Izzy is drawing up a chart, trying to work out the connections between Paul, Lee Thomas and Lil. She suddenly realises exactly what’s going on and congratulates herself, before removing a casserole from the oven.


Izzy arrives at Karl’s flat with the casserole and he thanks her, before apologising for all the mess around the place. She tells him that the bar opening went really well and he explains that he popped in but she seemed really busy. She tells him that there’ll be other times when he can have a big night out at the bar, but he reminds her that he’ll be sticking to medium nights out in the future.

At number 26, Susan and Janelle are arguing over whether Lyn should forgive Andy for lying about not having children. Janelle explains that she sometimes forgets to mention to a good-looking bloke that she’s married with kids. Susan doesn’t buy this, saying that he’s lost his three strikes – he lied about not having kids, he deceived her since they met and he has an irate ex-wife. Janelle says that woman their age can’t afford to be picky, reminding Susan that her own husband ran off with a woman half his age. Susan tells her that she’s skewing the facts, to which Janelle says that maybe they’re skewing Andy’s facts. Susan looks confused, while Lyn is still no closer to working out what to do.


Back at the flat, Izzy is trying to snap Karl out of his depression, telling him that his friends and patients need him. He tells her that he’s not a youngster any more and can’t trust his body. He says that every night he goes to bed worrying that he won’t wake up.

Later on, Karl is in bed while Izzy sits with him. She says that she’ll sit there until he falls asleep and he will wake up tomorrow. She reminds him that with every new day, things will seem a little bit better.


At number 26, the next morning, Stingray and Dylan are moving furniture into the house for the girls’ rooms. Lyn seems very preoccupied and Stingray is worried that she’s annoyed with the whole family moving in. Janelle says that it’ll be fine – and that Janae and Bree are little angels. She says that Janae and Lyn can share make-up tips and Dylan reminds her that Janae is a little scrubber. Janelle hits him and says that the girls have changed…

On a country road, Janae and Bree are busy being thrown off a bus. Janae threatens to sue the driver, while Bree sits on her bags, reading a book. Janae makes up a story about the driver harassing her and laments not getting the number of a cute guy on the bus. Bree says that the guy didn’t like her anyway. Janae suggests that they start walking, but Bree refuses.



Lyn is getting ready to go out when Janelle bursts in, explaining that her girls weren’t at the bus station, as they were thrown off the bus. She goes to phone Toadie, planning to sue the bus company, but Lyn reminds her that maybe she should track down her daughters first. Lyn says she can’t come and Janelle realises that she’s going out to meet Andy, to give him a second chance. Lyn doesn’t look so sure, but Janelle reminds her that Andy has all his own teeth, so he deserves a second try.


Janae is trying to hitch a ride, but the cars keep going past. In the end, Bree stands up and pretends to be crying, so the next car stops and the two of them get in.


Paul is on the phone, having found out that a woman’s been snooping around, trying to get information on him. He then goes through his suit and finds that the gloves are gone, and asks the caller for more information on what the woman looked like. He realises that it’s Izzy and reminds the caller not to give out any information to anyone.

Lyn and Oscar arrive at The General Store and Andy is delighted to see them. Lyn explains that she’s done a lot of thinking and tells Andy that he’s the first man she’s known apart from her husband, and he’s a client of her’s. He says that he loves her, but she apologises, saying that she can’t see him any more, as they’re too different. She apologises again, before getting up and leaving him devastated.


A car pulls up in Ramsay Street. Bree and Janae hop out and Bree thanks the driver, explaining that her brothers will probably survive the operation. Janae is surprised that the story about siamese twins worked. Janae looks at the piece of paper with the address on, but can’t work out which number house it is, so she starts calling out. Susan emerges, asking if she can help them, and Janae compares her to Julie from The O.C. Janelle then runs out and hugs her daughters, before introducing them to Susan. Stingray runs outside to greet his sisters, and Janae tried to work out which men in the street are available. Susan starts staring at the family as they interact and Janelle tells her that maybe she should take a picture, as it would last longer. Susan quickly goes inside, as do the girls, leaving Stingray to take in the bags and comment that it’s lucky he can choose his friends.

At the bar, Izzy is doing a stock take when Karl comes in. She offers to make him a Scarlet Bar special – a muffin and a coffee. He decides to have a herbal tea instead and sits down. Some rowdy men come in and Izzy tells them to quieten down. Paul then walks in and asks Izzy for a chat. As they’re talking, Karl gets up to leave, so Izzy follows, leaving Paul in charge of the bar.


At number 26, Janae is showing Janelle her new clothes and the family are discussing things back in Colac. Lyn returns home, with Susan, and Janelle introduces her daughters. Bree is caught up in her book, while Janae admires a photo of Jack. Dylan then arrives home and seems indifferent to his sisters being there. Janelle then puts her foot in it, asking Lyn is she’s back together with Andy. Stingray realises how awkward the situation is, and drags the girls outside, while Susan takes Lyn to the kitchen. Lyn insists that she’s fine and that the Timmins family will be a good distraction for her.

Eva finishes her first song and Tim is very impressed, while Toadie kisses her. Tim tells her how great she was and Toadie introduces everyone to Eva, explaining that they also wrestle together. Tim isn’t impressed, but realises that he has no choice but to accept the wrestling and so makes a toast to the new practice.


Izzy gets back to the bar and finds Paul in the office, going through her paperwork. She tells him to make an appointment if he wants to discuss his investment. He asks her why she’s playing at being a big, tough businesswoman and reminds her that she’s three days late with her repayment. He tells her that he could have her thrown out of the bar, and she closes the door, before telling him that she could have him thrown back in jail as she knows all of his secrets…

Notes: The novel Bree was reading during this episode was Swept Away, written by the character Philip Martin in 1995.

Summary by Steve