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Magic Moments > 2005 > Summer's Departure Episode 4767

Written by Michael O'Rourke, Directed by Gary Conway

Episode Title: Alas, Poor Yorick

Steph warns Max that if he wants to wrap Boyd in cotton wool that’s fine, but she doesn’t want to live her life like that. Sindi spots Yorick the spider on the wall as she massages Stu and starts to freak out. Summer tells Boyd that he’s wrecked the family.

At number 32, Kayla tells Boyd that she knew it would all go wrong if they moved in, but he tells her that they have every right to be there, as it’s his house too. Summer accuses Boyd of being selfish and runs out the front door, with Steph going to get her keys to follow her. Kayla apologises to Max for everything that’s happened, but Boyd tells her not to, and asks Max if he’s going to let Summer get away with speaking like that. Max tells him that it hasn’t been easy on any of them and Steph comes back into the room and agrees, before leaving to search for Summer. Boyd says that although this hasn’t worked out the way any of them were expecting, they shouldn’t have to put up with that sort of treatment. An increasingly annoyed Max tells Boyd in no uncertain terms to drop the subject.


At the General Store, Bree is telling Summer not to worry about Boyd, as all boys are idiots, particularly those in love. Janae hears this and loudly exclaims that Boyd isn’t in love, he’s just being nice to Kayla and is too nice for his own good. Lyn calms everyone down and says that they’re there to celebrate Summer getting into music school, and reminds Bree she should be proud of herself for all the coaching too. Bree is upset that Summer will be leaving the following day, but Summer isn’t so bothered, what with the atmosphere at home. As Bree offers to turn Summer’s sheet music when she’s famous, Karl interrupts and reminds Janae about their counselling session the next day, before leaving and passing Steph on his way. Steph tells Summer that she’s been looking for her everywhere and asks if they can have a chat. Summer gets up, whilst a concerned Lyn looks on.

At number 30, Toadie remembers that he ran into Trent Hoffa at the servo earlier, who thinks he will be back at work soon. At the mention of Trent, Sindi quickly leaves to get Toadie a beer and Toadie wonders if he said the wrong thing. Stu explains that he accused Sindi of being the driver, but then found out that the person actually had dark hair and glasses. Sindi suddenly screams and runs out, saying that she’s seen Yorick the spider again. Toadie and Stu don’t take her seriously and refuse to get rid of him, even joking about charging him rent when they find out that huntsman spiders can live for up to two years. A furious Sindi says that she’ll be sleeping at number 28 and promptly leaves.


At the General Store, Summer picks at her cake as Steph says that getting angry isn’t going to make things better, although she understands why she’s upset. Summer says that Boyd is the one that’s caused all of their problems, but Steph reminds her that she’s leaving on a big adventure to boarding school and her last day shouldn’t be filled with so many negative emotions. Summer is reluctant to go and leave Steph on her own with everyone else against her, but Steph says that it isn’t like that and Max is doing his best to make everyone happy. She reminds Summer that she’s a Scully and is tough and that they have lots of things in common, including annoying brothers. She tells Summer to go off and enjoy herself and by the time she comes back, everything will be sorted out. A teary Steph and Summer then share a hug.

In the middle of the night in the Hoylands’ lounge room, Boyd and Kayla are struggling to get Ashley to sleep as she cries into the night. Boyd doesn’t think it’s too loud, but Kayla is worried about how Max and Steph are going to react to all of this.


In Max and Steph’s bedroom, they’re lying awake, trying to ignore the crying. Steph is about to get up and go and help as she doesn’t think they know what they’re doing, but Max stops her and says that they need to learn for themselves. They’re both concerned that they’ll never get any sleep at this rate and realise that they’re just going to have to put up with it. Summer is also unable to sleep and she comes in and gets into bed with Max and Steph and says that she’s sort of glad she’s leaving. Max agrees with her, saying that nobody’s having much fun at the moment.

Early the next morning, Ashley is still crying and Boyd and Kayla are both completely exhausted. Kayla wonders if they should call Karl, but Boyd checks and says that Ashley doesn’t have a temperature. Steph comes out of the bedroom and Kayla apologises for all the noise last night, but Steph notices how exhausted they are and reminds them that she’s there if they need a break. Although Boyd is reluctant, Kayla hands Ashley over as she continues to cry. Steph walks Ashley around the room, telling her that she’ll take her for a ride on her motorbike and the baby finally quietens down as Boyd and Kayla fall asleep on the lounge.


At number 30, Sindi is chasing Yorick the spider along the hallway and finally flattens him with a show. Toadie comes in and is shocked to witness this, but Sindi assures him that Yorick was attacking her and she was acting in self-defence. He accuses her of being a murderer over and over again, and she says that she’s moving in today and wanted the house to be pest-free. As Sindi leaves, Toadie looks down at the shoe and laments Yorick’s passing.

Back at number 32, Steph has calmed Ashley down and notices that Kayla and Boyd are still asleep so she decides to give them a break. She takes Ashley to her pram and says that they’ll go and get some croissants and will be back before anybody notices that they’re gone.


Outside the General Store, Steph wheels Ashley along when a young mum sitting on a bench asks if Steph has been up all night too. Steph jokes about Ashley being in training for the Olympics and the mum introduces her baby boy, Tyler. Steph introduces the mum to Ashley. The mum then realises that she hasn’t even introduced herself and says that her name is Bronnie and asks if this is Steph’s first child. Steph quietly says that is is and looks guilty as Bronnie coos over the pram.

At the school, Janae is telling Karl that she’d like to have a family of her own one day, once she’s met the right man. Karl says that she is a little young to be thinking about that, especially when she comes from such a big family, and her own relationship with her mum isn’t that great. Janae thinks he means that she wouldn’t make a good mother, but Karl says that he’s just surprised to hear her talking like this. She says that it’d be nice to have a man and a baby, but he wonders if she’d be more interested in the man. She comments that sometimes she thinks a baby is the only way to keep a man and Karl tells her that that’s called entrapment. She insists that’s not what she meant, and Karl goes on to ask her how things are doing at home.


At number 30, Toadie is explaining to Stu that Sindi is a murderer, but Stu doesn’t believe him until he sees the evidence on the shoe. Sindi then walks in with some boxes, complaining that nobody is helping her but Toadie says that he doesn’t want to help a murderer. Sindi tells him to get over it as Stu defends his fiancee, but Toadie continues to push the issue. Sindi says that she’s moving in to replace Yorick and Stu tells her to apologise. She says that she’s very sorry she ever met Yorick in the first place.

Back at number 30, Bree is helping Summer to pack her things and they’re giggling about finding Bree a nice trumpet player at the music school, but Max tells them to keep it down as Boyd and Kayla are still asleep. As Boyd and Kayla wake up, she wants to know where Ashley is and Boyd realises that Steph had her last. Max says that she probably just took her for a walk, but Boyd is annoyed that she went out without telling anyone and has been gone for two hours. Max defends Steph, saying that it’s been very difficult for her having Kayla and Ashley in the house, but Boyd says that she still should have told them. Max laughs in his face, saying that Steph was just trying to give them some peace and they should be thanking her.


Bronnie is asking Steph about her diet and how she got her figure back when Lyn and Oscar approach the table. Steph does the introductions, before Bronnie says that she should be going. After she leaves, Steph looks guilty but insists that Bronnie just jumped to a conclusion and she wanted to pretend for a while. Lyn says that there’s nothing wrong with that, but she has to realise… but before she can finish, Steph stops her and says that she knows what she’s going to say.

At number 30, Toadie is helping Sindi to unpack, but only because Stu bribed him with alcohol. Sindi reminds him that she’s already said sorry about Yorick, and then she goes to pick up a box, which breaks under the weight and amongst the contents is a dark wig. A distressed Sindi quickly runs out of the room.


At number 32, Boyd is still going on about Steph not being back, but Max assures him that she’ll be there. Bree presents Summer with the first chapter of a book she’s been writing about Summer becoming a famous concert pianist. She explains that she’ll send on the rest of the chapters when it’s finished. Boyd spots Steph arriving and rushes to the door. Steph says she’s sorry but they spent some time in the park as it was such a nice day, but Boyd says that she should have taken her phone. He then quickly changes his tune and thanks her for letting them get some sleep. Steph says she picked up some croissants for the drive to Wangaratta, and Max says he thought she might have been doing something like that. Kayla agrees with Boyd that they were grateful for the sleep. Bree then interviews Summer about what she’s going to miss about Erinsborough as they go out the door.

Outside number 32, Lyn hugs Summer and says that they won’t cry because they’ll still see each other all the time and will talk on the phone and write. Max hurries them along and Summer reluctantly walks over to Boyd. She asks if he’s glad she’s going and he jokingly says that he is. She asks if he’ll visit and he says he will, so Summer suggests that he bring along Kayla and Ashley. Boyd hugs her as she apologises for being a pain and he tells her to let him know if anyone gives her hassle at school. Summer gets into the car and Kayla suggests that Boyd goes too, so he hops into the car. As they pull out of the driveway, Lyn tells Kayla that she’s just across the road if she needs anything. Janae then walks up the street and spots the Hoylands leaving…




Janae follows Kayla into the house and asks her if she loves Boyd. Kayla says that it’s none of her business and Janae says that Boyd has made a huge commitment to Kayla and what she’s doing is called entrapment. Janae insists that Boyd doesn’t love Kayla and she’s just speaking up for him because he’s too nice to do it himself. Janae accuses Kayla of ruining Boyd’s life, saying that no guy would want to spend his life with a girl he doesn’t love and a baby that isn’t his. She then walks out, leaving Kayla stunned.

Summary by Steve