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Magic Moments > 2005 > Summer's Return Episode 4864

Written by Linda Stainton, Directed by Jovita O'Shaughnessy

Episode title: A Friendless Summer

Alex assures Susan that he would have told her about Katya and that he has no more secrets. Harold accidentally calls Connor, ‘David’ but quickly brushes it off. Elle confronts Ned about his ability to read…

At number 30, Ned proves that he can read by reading out a postcard from the fridge, but Elle isn’t convinced. She says that he’s read that before, and wants to see him read from his new script. Ned refuses, saying that he doesn’t have to prove anything to her and is furious with Elle for even asking the question in the first place. Elle explains that Ned isn’t illiterate, he just has a reading problem, and she just wants to help him.


At number 24, Harold is delighted about how well he and Connor are working together, but Connor is concerned about Harold calling him ‘David’. Harold says it was simply a slip of the tongue and nothing to be worried about, then he leaves to go the Mission. Connor says that he has a few things to do, but he’ll be there to join him later.

At the Scarlet Bar, Elle is complaining to Izzy about the way things are going with Ned. Izzy is surprised by how hung up Elle is on Ned and she reminds Elle that he can’t be all that smart if he hasn’t picked up on any of the signs. Izzy tells Elle that all Ned see her as is an adoring fan, but Elle says that it’s easy for Izzy to say that, as she’s got Ned eating out of the palm of her hand. Izzy decides that they need to find a way to get Ned to appreciate her, and Elle reluctantly agrees to the scheme, but wonders how she can win Ned over. They both glance across at Toadie, who’s busy examining the contents of his tissue.


At number 28, Zeke is annoying Rachel as he messes about with his skateboard. Bree then arrives and starts talking about how great the movie they’re seeing will be. She and Rachel assure Alex that nobody else will be going with them, and they leave. Once they go, Alex wonders if they’re meeting up with boys and Susan tells him that they are, as Rachel was painting her nails before she went. Alex is furious, but Susan reminds him that Rachel will never learn to do the right thing unless she’s free to do the wrong thing every so often.

At number 32, Max is alone when someone lets themselves in – it’s Summer. Max says that he wasn’t expecting her until the next morning, but she says that she told him she’d be arriving at 7pm – he took it as 7am the next morning. He tells her that they weren’t expecting her yet, so Steph’s away visiting her dad and Boyd had gone on a road trip with Janae. Summer asks if Steph is really big yet and Max tells her that she’ll have to wait and see for herself, as they’ve got many episodes of The OC to catch up on. Before they sit down to watch them, Summer says that she has to go and see Bree. Before going, she tells Max that she loves him.


At number 28, Susan happily hugs Summer, before introducing her to Zeke and Alex. Susan then explains that Bree’s gone out with Rachel, but she might catch her at The General Store. Once Summer leaves, Alex gets upset about Rachel again. Susan wonders if he’s so over-protective because of Katya and reminds him that Rachel won’t necessarily turn out the same. She asks him if he trusts her judgement as a parent and, when he says he does, she tells him to calm down, as she knows what she’s doing.

At the General Store, Rachel and Bree agree to get their stories straight, and Bree points out that she’ll have to watch some of the film to tell her about the plot. Summer then comes in and Bree is thrilled to see her. She explains to Summer that she’s covering for Rachel, as she’s gone out with Jake Rinter. Summer asks how old Rachel is, and Bree explains that she’s their age, but she looks older and is very pretty. She tells Summer that she’s only covering because they best friends. Summer looks upset, and Bree quickly says “apart from you”.


At the Scarlet Bar, Izzy reminds Elle that Ned is competitive and once he sees Elle with another man, he’ll suddenly realise how much he wants her. Elle isn’t sure that Ned is that stupid, but Izzy tells her that all men are that stupid. Elle then asks Izzy why she doesn’t love Paul, but Izzy quickly has to go and serve a customer. Meanwhile, Toadie is surprised, but thrilled, when Connor walks in and asks if he wants a drink.

At the General Store, Bree is filling Summer in on her disastrous relationship with Zeke, when Rachel suddenly returns, early. She says that Jake wanted to take things further than she was comfortable with, so she walked out of the cinema. She says that she also told him that he’d just been dumped by a 14-year old. Bree asks Summer if there are any nice guys at the boarding school, but soon loses attention and asks Rachel how Jake reacted to being dumped.


At number 32, Max is getting slightly over-involved in The OC when Summer comes back. He pretends that he wasn’t watching, and switches the tapes, as he asks Summer about her meeting with Bree. Summer is unenthusiastic and Max comments that relationships seem to change quickly on The OC. Summer comments that it’s no different to real life and tells Max that it’s good to be home.

At number 28, Alex is anxiously waiting for Rachel to return, but Susan points out that it isn’t even her curfew yet. Zeke is also upset with Rachel, as she hardly has any time to hang out with him these days. Rachel then walks in and Zeke hugs her, before she pushes him away. Alex asks her about her evening, and she quickly snaps and tells him that she was with Jake and he was ‘persistent’ so she dumped him and left. She goes on to say that she deserves to be punished but it won’t be any worse than the way she’s feeling right now. Alex points out to Susan that he was right, but she says that, more importantly, Rachel has learnt her lesson.


Out on Ramsay Street, Connor, Toadie and Ned are walking home from the bar when Connor spots the recycling outside number 22 and snaps. He kicks the boxes over and starts screaming that Paul is a murderer. Izzy and Elle come outside and tell him that Paul isn’t home, and Connor says that he doesn’t deserve to live on the street any more. Toadie and Ned fail to calm Connor down, but Harold comes outside and quickly manages to stop Connor. He takes him inside, though Toadie protests that Connor should be with his mates.

The next morning, Toadie and Ned emerge from the house and are discussing the situation with Connor and Harold. Toadie thinks that it’s unhealthy that they’re leaning on each other and not grieving. Meanwhile, Izzy is watching them and, as Ned leaves for his morning run, Elle appears with a guy named Jordan. They start kissing at the end of the driveway, but Ned just jogs on by. Izzy hands $50 to Jordan and smiles.


At number 32, Summer is telling Max about the Gillard school when Izzy turns up and hugs her niece. Bree soon follows her and the three girls start screaming together. Max reminds Summer and Bree that they already saw each other the night before, but Bree says that this was the day Summer was supposed to be home, so this is the day they’ll spend together. They all start screaming again, so Max throws a blanket over them.

At the General Store, Summer and Bree are chatting about Susan’s wedding and whether Summer will be the flower girl for her again, when Rachel and Zeke come in. Zeke goes to sit on his own, as Rachel tells Bree that Alex is meeting the private investigator to track down Katya. They stop chatting about that as Summer returns from getting drinks and they tell her that it’s private. Bree asks Summer if she watched Australian Idol, but she says she was busy with rehearsals. She tells them about watching The OC with her dad, but Rachel and Bree complain that they don’t watch it these days.


At the Scarlet Bar, Izzy is telling Elle that their plan is working, just as Ned comes in. He tells Ned that he was pleased to see her happy with that guy earlier. Izzy wishes that she had someone as nice as Jordan for herself and Ned wishes them both luck, before going. Meanwhile, Alex gets off the phone to the private investigator and tells Susan that if he wants to find Katya quickly, he may have to take some illegal routes.

At the General Store, Bree and Rachel and talking about Susan, and Summer butts in, mentioning how Susan helped Bree with her spelling bee. Bree says that she doesn’t do that anymore, as she won the best prize anyway. Summer goes to get a drink and starts chatting to Zeke about the music school. Bree quickly drags Summer away and tells her not to chat to her ex.


At number 24, Harold is helping Connor through his hangover. Connor is worried by how angry he was and Harold blames the alcohol, as he’s been fine without it. Connor thinks that he should see a counsellor, but Harold tells him that his work with the Salvation Army is good enough therapy. They both seem glad that Connor made the right decision by staying with Harold.

Summary by Steve