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Magic Moments > 2006 > Angie's Return Episode 4908

Written by Martin McKenna, Directed by Gary Conway

Episode Title: Blunder Oath

Josh Nelson watches Stingray’s short film and is impressed. Bree is pleased to see Zeke again but tells him that he has to start talking soon. Katya reminds Susan that she’s going to have a big say in Rachel and Zeke’s lives.

Toadie, Connor and Stuart are walking up Ramsay Street after a big night out, just as Katya pulls up outside number 28 in her new sports car. She laughs at the state they’re in, and they all stare at her as she walks away towards the house. Susan then comes down the path with Zeke, as they’re off for an appointment with his new counsellor. Katya insists that she can take him, pointing out that he’ll have more fun going in her car, and Susan reluctantly agrees, mentioning that she’s coming down with a cold anyway.



Inside number 30, the boys are shocked to find that the house is clean and tidy for the first time since Carmella moved out. Connor is immediately concerned that she’s come back, until Toadie finds a large bra hanging over the back of the couch and Angie suddenly walks in on them. Connor and Stu quickly make themselves scarce as Angie explains that she feels like she’s been neglecting Toadie lately and has come for a visit to make up for it. She then explains that she had a little chat with Ned last night and has come to the conclusion that Toadie’s life is going nowhere, so she’s going to help him rebuild it, from the ground up.

At the hospital, Katya waits as Zeke is taken away for his appointment. Meanwhile, Max comes in to drop off Steph’s birthing plan with Dr Olenski and he runs into Karl. Max explains that Steph seems like she’s doing a lot better and he’s beginning to think that she might come through the birth and the treatment. Max asks if Karl also has faith, but he says that Steph has to be positive and Max has to be supportive. As Max leaves, Katya comes over and says that it’s easier for them to deal with the patients than their spouses. She then says that you can be completely honest with the person who is sick, but it must be difficult when you have a personal stake in the patient’s family. She wonders if she could be as strong as he’s being over the Hoyland situation.


At number 28, Bree has come over to see Zeke, but has missed him. Rachel doesn’t think it matters as Zeke is such a weirdo nowadays. Susan says that Zeke would benefit from her support, and Rachel replies that it’s lucky he’s got Katya then. Susan reluctantly agrees, and Rachel pushes her, asking why she allows Katya to be there when she doesn’t like her. The tense situation is broken by Stingray, who arrives to say that Josh Nelson loved his film and wants to see him for an interview. Susan gives him a hug, as does Rachel.

At number 30, Angie watches as the boys attempt to clean up and comments that Toadie worked so hard to become a lawyer but can’t do housework. She comments on the chaos that surrounds them – burn holes in the carpet, holes in the walls and ancient food in the fridge – and says that she thought she’d brought her son up to have more respect for himself than that. Connor tells her that it’s not her fault, but she says that she feels like a failure as a mother and he clearly no longer needs her. Toadie then quickly insists that he does need her around.


Back at the hospital, Zeke emerges from his appointment and happily gives Katya a thumbs up when she asks how it went. She pulls him to one side and says that the world is a scary place, but she’s his sister and she’s separate from all that. She asks him if he can tell her what’s wrong and promises to keep it a secret. Zeke then tells her that Susan is going to die next.

At number 28, Bree is trying to find out what’s going on between Rachel and Stingray. Rachel insists that they’re just friends and Bree then asks what they’re going to do with the rest of the day. Rachel pulls out a bag and shows Bree the contents. Bree isn’t happy and says that it looks like it’s going to be something illegal. Rachel decides to find someone else who’s prepared to have some fun.


Back at the hospital, Katya explains to Zeke that Susan just has a cold and she isn’t going to die. She says that she knows that their parents both hid their illnesses, but Susan isn’t doing the same thing. She tells him that even though he can’t trust anyone else, she’s his big sister and she would never lie to him – he’ll always be able to trust her.

Rachel and Bree are at the Lassiter’s Complex, trying to find somewhere for Rachel to commit her criminal act. Bree points out that this is what Dylan used to get up to, and he ended up in juvenile detention, but Rachel isn’t put off and says that she just wants to be a grown up. Bree comments that graffiti isn’t really that mature a thing to do, but then Rachel finds a wall to try it out on. Bree stops her and says that she’s had an idea. Thinking on her feet, she mentions that the train station might be a better place – bigger walls and less witnesses.


At number 28, Karl arrives to see Susan with some cold medication, as Katya had mentioned that she wasn’t well. He asks why she didn’t take Zeke to his appointment, and Susan explains about Katya coming over. She’s beginning to think that maybe Karl is right, and Katya is trying to drive a wedge between her, Rachel and Zeke. Karl quickly leaves as Zeke and Katya return. Zeke disappears into his room, as Susan asks how he got on. Katya says that, yes, Zeke did speak, to her.

At number 30, Angie is pumping Stu and Connor for information on Toadie’s love life. They explain that there hasn’t been anyone since Eva, and Angie is concerned as that was ages ago and he should really be Bachelor of the Year. They insist that he’s happy but Angie isn’t satisfied with that. Toadie then comes in, having spoken to Stonie, and says that he now know the real reason for her visit. Stonie and Chantelle have decided not to have kids, so Toadie is going to be haranged into finding a woman and settling down. Angie admits that she just wanted to feel needed and he insists that he still needs her around. She tells him that he’s going to make a wonderful father one day.


At number 28, Katya is refusing to tell Susan what Zeke said to her, as she feels that it would be betraying his confidence. Susan says that it’s not that black and white and they all need to work together on this. She accuses Katya of playing games and says that, as Zeke’s legal guardian, she has a right to know what’s going on. Katya says that he only spoke a few words, but she’s not going to become another adult that Zeke can’t trust.

At Lassiter’s, Rachel reminds Bree that they’re going the wrong way to the train station, but decides that a large wall at the back of the complex will do just fine. Just as Rachel is about to start spraying, Max spots them and comes over from the table where he’s eating lunch. Bree quickly claims that she was going to paint an ad for Dyl Dogs, but then Rachel says that it was all her idea. Bree again insists that she was behind it, as it’s pure Timmins troublemaking, but Rachel tells him that Bree is just covering for her. Max decides to take them both back to Ramsay Street and speak to both Susan and Janelle.


At number 28, Katya comes in with Rachel and explains that Max just handed her over, and she was about to graffiti a wall at Lassiter’s. Katya claims that Bree Timmins is a terrible influence, but Rachel says that it was all her idea and Bree tried to talk her out of it. Rachel goes outside, and Katya thinks that Susan must be thrilled about this. Susan says that she isn’t, but Rachel needs some freedom to make mistakes and learn from them. Katya wonders if this is what Alex would have wanted, but Susan tells her that all of this point scoring has got to stop. She reminds Katya that they both want what is best for Rachel and Zeke and says that she felt sidelined when Zeke spoke to Katya. Katya admits that it felt good to have one over on Susan, and Rachel getting caught also gave her an excuse to yell again. They agree to meet up for dinner and have a proper chat about things.

At number 26, Stingray tells Rachel about his film school interview, and that the dean wants him to make a photo story with a beginning, middle and end, using only nine photographs. He raves about how great the school was, but wonders how he’s going to complete the project. Rachel offers to help, just as Angie bursts in with Bree. She asks where Janelle is, and explains that she bumped into Max who explained about all about the graffiti incident. Rachel says that it was all her idea, but Angie claims that nobody would ever believe that, not when the Timmins kids are around. She says that it’s no wonder they turned out to be delinquents, with Kim and Janelle as parents, and then wonders if the Timmins kids are the reason that Toadie and Stonie don’t want children of their own.


At number 28, Zeke is using his cards to thank Bree for helping Rachel, when Stingray has the idea to use the words on the cards to make his photo story.


Outside the bar, Katya and Susan are having dinner and Susan admits that Katya is a lot like Alex in many ways. She thinks that Alex only kept his condition a secret as he wanted to protect them from being hurt. Katya asks why he told them in the end, and Susan explains that he didn’t have much choice in the matter. She mentions that it was bound to come out sooner or later, and Katya then remembers that Karl was the GP and it must have been difficult for him to keep it a secret too. Susan quietly says that he struggled with the dilemma, and Katya then asks outright if Karl broke his Hippocratic oath and told her…

Summary by Steve