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Magic Moments > 2006 > Robert's Car Bomb/Cameron Wakes Episode 4982

Written by Ben Marshall, Directed by Jet Wilkinson, Produced by Peter Dodds

Episode Title: Wham Bam Thank You Cam

Channel Ten: 06/06/2006, BBC: 29/08/2006, UKTV Gold: 28/03/2008

Janelle calls Steigers bluff and declares that she’s the one he should be arresting. Robert suddenly ends his relationship with Katya much to her shock. Izzy tells Toadie she believes ‘Cameron’ to be ‘evil’ after she discovers an edited audio file of a conversation the two of them had on his MP3 player. Paul refuses to listen to Izzy’s story and slams the door in her face just as she says she loves him.

At St. Luke’s hospice Robert is sat talking to his comatose brother. He mentions to him that today’s his last day, but not to stress, as he’s bottom of the list. Robert then pinches Cameron’s arm and says that it’s a pity he can’t feel that. With that Robert departs and when he’s gone, Cameron moves his hand over to where Robert pinched him. His eyes then slowly open.


Back on Ramsay Street, Dylan reveals to Toadie that Janelle admitted to copying and selling the DVDs to take the rap away from him. Toadie worries over what Janelle might be saying at the police station and reminds Dylan that as far as he’s concerned, they’re all innocent. Katya then walks past and is given a menacing look from Robert who’s out watering the garden. She invites Toadie round for dinner who happily accepts. Elle then comes out onto the street and compliments Robert on his keenness for gardening. She says that Paul is still a little upset, but that tomorrow she’s managed to get herself an invite to a winery in the Yarra valley. Robert declines the invite from Elle who then jokes how awful it would be if Robert was here with them. As Elle departs back inside, Robert looks on angrily.

At Scarlet Bar, a desperate Izzy is on the phone reminding the company that she paid them good money to recover the data from her MP3 player and that she wants it done. She describes it as a matter of ‘life and death’ causing brother Max to question whether Izzy is thinking rationally about all this. Just then, Paul walks in whilst on his phone. He concocts a story that he can’t talk right now as he’s just about to go through security at LA. As he approaches the bar, he ends the call and says goodbye to ‘Latisha’ before asking for his ‘usual’. Izzy and Max then continue their conversation and she defends her actions by saying that you’d do anything to protect the ones you love; pointing out to Max that he once sectioned Steph.


At No 26, Janelle returns from her trip to the police station. A clearly frustrated Toadie heads off to make a drink, as Janelle tells Dylan that it doesn’t matter what punishment they hit her with, keeping him out of jail is the most important. As Toadie returns he’s disgusted to hear Janelle ask Dylan if Stingray was involved, leading him to remind Janelle that making a false statement is a criminal offence too. Toadie leaves saying they’ll discuss this in the morning.

A spruced up Toadie heads over to No 28 for his dinner with Katya. However, she’s forgotten all about it. Instead Toadie’s more than happy to join her in some comfort-eating as he tells her that the only reason she wanted him round was so she could forget about ‘Cam’. Katya apologises for being too shallow, but Toadie still says he’d like to stay.


Over at No 22s garage, Robert carefully fixes a bomb to Elle’s car. He just about completes it in time before Elle and Paul return. Rob covers himself by saying he was just checking the car over before Elle’s journey to the Yarra later. Elle then drags Paul inside to watch some family videos to cheer him up, with Robert following after them.

Back at No 28, Katya asks Toadie if he’s heard anything from Connor. Toadie says that he hasn’t and the he’s probably too busy having fun with somebody else. Toadie then goes on to say that he feels like he’s stuck in a bit of a rut as his two best mates recently left him to go on adventures, whilst he’s still stuck on Ramsay Street doing the same job. Katya sympathizes and says that it’s time to find Toadie someone special.


On Ramsay Street, Janae checks with Boyd that he’s got everything for his exam later. Max wanders along and wishes his son good luck for the exam. Janae then kisses Boyd and says that she’s proud of him. Meanwhile, Paul hands Elle some cash and asks her to pick up some cases if she sees anything that’s nice, whilst Robert helps load the car. As Elle gets in the car she jokes with ‘Cam’ not to kill anything. He says goodbye to his sister, whom finds his tone slightly odd. As Elle tries to get away, the car fails to start. After several failed attempts Paul decides to phone for a company car to be sent, but Robert is adamant that it isn’t necessary. He then takes over and pulls Elle from the car to try and start it himself. Eventually, he succeeds prompting Paul to cancel the car reservation. Elle then drives off on her trip as Robert looks on rather menacingly.

Back at Scarlet Bar, Max is listening to the original MP3 conversation between Cameron and Izzy. As Izzy walks in, Max apologises for not believing her and questions why anybody would do something like this. Izzy tells Max how scared she is of Cameron and how this isn’t the first time he’s done something like this. Max is stunned to learn Izzy believes it was Cameron who had also turned the gas on when she was looking after Charlie. Max says they have to tell Paul, but Izzy isn’t so sure. Max reassures her though and says he’ll be there for support.


Paul isn’t best pleased to see Izzy and Max at his door, but they both plead with him that he needs to listen to the original MP3 recording. As Paul reluctantly gives it a listen, he realises that Izzy was right all along. Izzy then tells Paul how she suspects that it was Cameron who also turned the gas on. Paul is dumbfounded and questions why on earth his own son would want to do this. Izzy tries to explain some more:

“There’s something not quite right about him. I’ve caught glimpses of him when he thought no one was looking and he wasn’t there, he was just blank.”

Max confirms Izzy’s fears as she continues to warn Paul about his own son:

“He’s unbalanced and dangerous and at the very least a pathological liar. Who knows what else he’s done or could have done.”

With horror Paul then begins to realise what his own son is capable of. In his mind, flashbacks appear of earlier on in the day when Cameron behaved suspiciously around the car. Paul fears Elle is danger so rushes over to give her a call.


On the road, Elle’s phone starts ringing so she slows down to stop and to answer the call. A panicky Paul asks Elle to get out of the car as he’s concerned about the Jag. Elle’s confused by her Dad’s concern, but refuses to get out of the car as she doesn’t want to be late. A quick shot of the bomb shows that it’s at 17 seconds and counting down. Izzy then grabs the phone from Paul and shouts:

“Get out of the car now! Now! Run.”

Elle’s confused once again, but takes Izzy’s advice. She gets out the car, runs all the way around it and then away from it. The bomb ticks down from 3 seconds and as Elle runs to safety, the car then explodes. Elle looks on in shock and horror.



At the hospice, Robert arrives to see his brother, but as he enters the room he’s shocked to discover he’s not in his bed. Behind him, Cameron holds a crutch aloft, ready to attack his brother. Robert then slowly turns around before Cameron hits him with the crutch. Robert falls to the floor, allowing Cameron to take his clothes and to leave the hospice with his brother passed out on the floor.


Back at No 22, Izzy finishes her call to the police. She informs Paul that Elle’s fine, but just a bit shaken up. Paul, shaken up himself just wants to see his daughter, but Max and Izzy say they have to tell the police about Cameron first. At that moment, they notice that Cameron is back. He knocks at the door, but Max grabs him to stop him from going anywhere. Paul’s furious with his son and says how on earth could he have ever created a monster like him. Cameron tries to shake himself from Max’s grasp, pleading his innocence.

At Scarlet Bar, Toadie’s looking through Janelle’s police statement and is horrified to learn that it’s 15 pages long and pull of characterization. He tells Janelle she has to do it again. Janae then enters the Bar and goes over to speak with Dylan. He hands her a plate of food and tells her to take it to Janelle and Toadie’s table. Reluctantly, Janae agrees and is then forced to sit down with her mother. Dylan then attempts to get them both talking again so that Janae will move back in at No26, and eventually the pair reconcile. However, Janae doesn’t want to move back in just yet- she’d rather stay at Toadie’s for the moment so she can give things a go with Boyd.


Cameron tries to explain the situation at No 22, but no one believes him. He mentions about the staged car accident with Robert and how he’s been in a coma for the last 2 months, but Paul struggles to believe his story. With the evidence hugely against him and with everyone else refusing to believe his story, Paul tells his son he’ll do everything that he can to make sure he’s locked away for good.

At the hospice, Robert begins to come round. He then realises what Cameron has done, so decides to hop into his bed, attach all the necessary wires to himself and then pretend to be in a coma. As the nuns come in to make sure he’s comfortable, Robert’s eyes are firmly shut. As they depart, he reopens his eyes…


Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Dylan Timmins, Toadie Rebecchi, Katya Kinski, Elle Robinson, Izzy Hoyland, Max Hoyland, Paul Robinson, Janelle Timmins, Boyd Hoyland, Janae Timmins

Guest Cast: Adam Hunter as Robert Robinson & Cameron Robinson

Summary by Edd

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