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Magic Moments > 2006 > Loris' Arrvial Episode 5041

Written by David Hannam, Directed by Tony Osicka

Episode Title: Throw Mamma From The Trainer

Steph asks Max if there’s anything he needs to tell her, but he tells her not to worry.

Izzy is in the office of Dr Jan Kimberley, and is in shock, asking if there’s been some kind of mistake. Dr Kimberley says that the results of the tests are definite. Izzy then asks how long, and the doctor tells her no more than three or four weeks. Izzy is stunned.


Lyn and Paul pull up outside Grease Monkeys, where Carmella, and a group of children, are enjoying a day out. Carmella assumes that Paul has come to see how the donation he made to the crisis centre is working out. Paul is disinterested, but Lyn says that it was a very generous thing to do. She goes inside to get a couple of coffees, as Carmella points out that Lyn always seems to see the best in Paul. Paul isn’t impressed and says that she’ll regret messing with him.

At number 32, Steph arrives home to find Max waiting with a bunch of flowers and the champagne on ice. As he continues cooking dinner, she gets suspicious and asks if he’s bumped her bike with his car again, but he insists that it’s nothing like that – he just realised that they haven’t had much time to themselves lately. Just then, Izzy returns, clearly still in shock, and tries to sneak to her room but Max spots her. She doesn’t want to talk to anyone, but he insists that he’s made too much food and she should join them. She turns them down, and Max asks her if she’s been crying, before offering her some champagne. She wonders why he’s going to so much effort, and again asks if he’s bumped Steph’s bike in his car. She then says that she could take Charlie for the evening, so that they have some proper alone time. Afterwards, Steph wonders if Izzy is ok, then announces that she has to just go and see Susan, but tells Max that she could get used to his new attitude.


At number 30, Toadie complains as Ned tries to encourage him lifting weights. Toadie accuses him of being a slave driver. Ned’s pleased, as he’s hoping to make a new career of being a personal trainer, and has put an ad in the paper looking for clients. Toadie asks if there was a photo of Ned on the ad, pointing out that he’ll only attract lonely housewives. Ned isn’t impressed with this comment and tells Toadie that he isn’t like Stuart or Connor, or even Lance, and Toadie needs to move on from that level of humour and grow up. Toadie is further shocked as Ned announces that it’s time to hang up the trousers.

At number 28, Steph gives Susan a pair of his and her bathrobes – a housewarming gift for Karl moving back in. Susan’s delighted and admits that it’s taken a long time for them to get to this point, but they’re both very happy. Steph wishes she were in the same boat, and Susan if there’s a problem with Max. Steph says that it’s been a bit shaky lately, but they’ve worked it out now. Susan assumes Steph is referring to the incident with Katya and Max, and starts talking about it, as a shocked Steph tries to act like she knew all along.


At number 30, Toadie is busy removing some of the ‘House of Trouser’ junk from around the place and Ned is surprised. Toadie says that he’s going to be a better mate to Ned from now on and apologises for the jokes earlier. Ned then takes a phone call, as Steph arrives, wanting to speak to Toadie about ‘guy stuff’. At first, he thinks she’s kidding around, but then realises that there’s something wrong.

At the bar, Lyn tells Paul that the people suing them seem to be quite dodgy, and she’s organised a meeting to suggest that the court case might not be such a good idea. Paul says that Lyn’s nuts if she thinks that’ll work. She asks why he thinks they should do, and he suggests breaking into their office to get some incriminating evidence to use against them. Lyn is shocked, but Paul says that people aren’t nice and they have to beat them at their own game. Lyn wonders what will happen if they get caught, but Paul just throws some money down on the table and leaves, just as Susan sits down with Lyn. She asks what’s going on, but Lyn won’t say and Susan tells her to be very careful, as Paul is good at playing games. Lyn says that she’s just trying to help and Izzy, carrying Charlie, comes over, having listened in on the conversation. She warns Lyn not to let Paul drag her down with him. Lyn accuses Izzy of being over-dramatic, but Izzy insists that she knows Paul well. She says that she can see the way Paul is influencing Lyn, but for every step forward, there are a hundred steps back. After Izzy leaves, Susan suggests that she might have had a point, but Lyn isn’t impressed, believing Isabelle is up to her usual tricks.


At number 30, Toadie says that Max thought he was doing the right thing by not telling Steph, as it would only have upset her, as evidenced by her current reaction. He mentions that Max isn’t the cheating type, but Steph asks why he’s making such an effort with dinner if he’s not feeling guilty. She’s annoyed that he’s been keeping secrets from her, but Toadie says that men treat relationship problems differently to women, and they don’t always want to talk about it. He tries to calm her down by giving her a couple of tickets to the football – a gift from a client – and reminds her not to go ballistic as Max will think she doesn’t trust him. He says that she could take Max to the footy and be grateful to have a husband who cares so much about her feelings.

At number 22, Carmella turns up to visit Cameron and Paul invites her in, before admitting that Cam isn’t home. Carmella goes to leave, but Paul mentions that Cam told him all about her little secret, but says he won’t tell anyone. Carmella doesn’t believe that Cam would ever betray her like that, as he’s a decent human being. Paul says that he’ll find out sooner or later but Carmella says she’ll always have the satisfaction of knowing that she didn’t give in to his mind games. He says that her morals are such a turn on, but Carmella spits back that the whole bad guy act is getting very boring now. She storms out, telling him that if he wants to ruin her life, that’s fine, but he’s a better man than that, deep down.


At number 32, Izzy and Max are chatting in the kitchen and she says that she’s starting to appreciate the little things in life, like seeing her brother so happy with his family. She wishes that she had something similar, as Steph comes in and listens in on their conversation. Max is shocked that Izzy is jealous of his life, but she says that she’s just happy for him, and they share a hug. Steph then comes in as Izzy leaves, and shows Max the footy tickets. He says that he has to go to the Tibetan class with Katya, so Steph asks him to skip it, just this once. He says that he promised Katya, so Steph decides to take Toadie instead.

Toadie drops Ned off at an expensive-looking townhouse and a glamorous woman meets him at the gate. She has the phone in one hand and a gin and tonic in the other. She finishes her call and is impressed as she takes a look at Ned, saying that he’s a lot bigger than she’s imagined. He takes her drink and pours it into a plant pot, and she’s impressed with him taking control so early on.


At number 26, Lyn is standing in the laundry, and Oscar is helping her to put her overalls on, when Susan turns up to collect Oscar. Lyn quickly puts her dressing gown on, but Susan realises that something is up. Lyn shows her what she’s wearing and the reason why, and Susan is shocked that her friend would break the law for Paul Robinson. Lyn says that it’s not like the other company is innocent in all of this, but Susan tells her to stop and listen to herself. Lyn says that she has to think about Oscar’s future, but Susan says that there are lots of other ways to do that. She then calls to Oscar that it’s time to go, and tells Lyn to take a long, hard look at herself.

At Mrs Beaumont’s house, she is sitting and watching as he once again demonstrates how to do a sit-up. He realises that she’s not really interested in the exercise and she goes off to get a drink when Ned’s phone rings – it’s Toadie, who’s at the bar and wants to know how things are going. Ned says that his new client is really friendly. As Ned hangs up, Mrs Beaumont returns, ready to finish the workout and so Ned shows her how to do some stretches, as she happily watches from behind.


At the bar, Carmella is shocked when Izzy announces that she finally understands what was so attractive about life in the convent – making a difference to other people and having a sense of fulfilment. Carmella tentatively agrees, but wonders what’s up with Izzy. She says that she’s just realised what’s important in life, but never thought she’d find the answers in someone so devoted to their religion, particularly after all of her problems with Rosie. Carmella is happy and wishes that she’d had that effect on a few other people.

Paul and Lyn are outside the offices of the people who are suing them, dressed as cleaners. Lyn is nervous about typing in the access code for the building and Paul wants to know what’s keeping her. She says that this is all ridiculous, but Paul reminds her that this really isn’t the time to be discussing it. He’s relieved as Lyn starts to type the code, but then she has a brainwave and deliberately presses the wrong digit, causing the alarm to go off. Paul isn’t happy as Lyn says ‘whoops’ and runs off.


At the bar, Max is surprised when Steph comes in, carrying Charlie, to ask if he’d like to have lunch with her. Just then, his phone rings and he notices that it’s Katya, but lies that it was just a salesman. Steph then checks the phone and tells Max that she’s tried to be understanding about all of this, but she can’t keep up the act and wants to know why he’s started lying about Katya’s calls…

Back at Mrs Beaumont’s house, she’s started doing some exercise – power-walking – but Ned decides that it’s enough effort for one day. She’s surprised, as she’d only just got started, but Ned says it’s been three hours and they can discuss things at their next session. She then asks Ned if he’d like to stay a little longer and have morning tea with her…


Back at the bar, Max tells Steph that Katya had a crush on him but he put a stop to it as soon as he found out. Steph asks why he didn’t tell her, but he says that he was trying to save Katya the embarrassment, as she’s just a bit mixed up and scared at the moment. He apologises to her for the way she found out about it all and insists that he isn’t enjoying the attention from Katya, but still wants to be her friend. Steph thinks that being friends will only make things worse. Max says that he isn’t going to abandon the girl when she’s so fragile and asks Steph what he’s supposed to do. Steph storms out, telling him to think about it. Just then, Katya calls again…

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Summary by Steve