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Magic Moments > 2006 > Cameron's Accident: Part One Episode 5042

Written by Michael McKenna, Directed by Tony Osicka

Episode Title: The Katya In The Ride

Ned tells Toadie about his personal trainer ads in the paper. He meets his first client, Mrs Beaumont, who tells him she lives alone. Elle decides that she has to tell everyone the truth about her illness, but Paul doesn’t think it’s a good idea. Steph notices that Katya’s calling Max and wants to know why he’s been keeping it from her…

At number 28, a shocked Katya drops a letter on the counter and phones Max. He tells her that he can’t talk to her right now, as Katya starts closing the blinds and making sure she’s secure in the house. She explains to Max that something’s happened and she really needs to see him. Max reluctantly agrees to go over, saying that they need to have a chat anyway. He says that it’ll be easier for him to get away now, before the bar opens, and he’s on his way…


Out in the bar, Boyd comes in and sees his father emerging from behind the bar. He says that he just bumped into Steph and wants to know what’s going on. Max tells him that it’s none of his concern and Boyd isn’t impressed, reminding his father how he poked his nose into his relationship with Janae. Max abruptly tells Boyd that he’ll see him later and he walks out of the bar.

At Mrs Beaumont’s townhouse, Ned is trying to leave as she follows him. She assures him that she had no intention to seduce him, and it was simply a test, which he has passed, as she wanted to check that he could be trusted. Ned is surprised by her lack of faith in people and suggests that she find herself a more suitable companion. She tells him that she’d like him to give her a second chance, so he agrees to come back for another training session the next week. She insists that he stay for morning tea – she’ll pay him for his trouble - and so he agrees.


Max arrives at number 28 and Katya is very grateful to him for coming. She sits down, as Max starts talking about how they really shouldn’t see each other so much, he doesn’t want this to be goodbye though. He realises that she’s not listening and asks her what’s wrong. She picks up the letter and hands it to him, and Max is stunned to realise that it’s from Robert and says that he’ll be coming for her soon so that they can be together. Max is amazed that Robert managed to get a letter out of the secure unit and he puts his arm around Katya to comfort her. He reminds her that she’s still safe – Robert is still locked up, and she has lots of people around her who’ll look out for her.

At the bar, Paul is angrily threatening someone on the phone, then he approaches the bar and orders a scotch. Boyd says that his shift has just finished, so Paul tells him he can keep the change. Boyd asks after Elle, and says that if there’s anything he or Janae can do, just to ask, but Paul is offended by this apparent slur on his own parenting abilities. Paul goes on to remind Boyd that he can crush his family and their livelihood if he wants to. Boyd can’t take him seriously and tells him he’s a joke.


At number 30, Janae is paying her friend Joanna $50 for writing one of her essays. Jo is wondering how Janae affords to pay her and the rent. Boyd comes in the door, so Janae hurriedly asks Jo to leave, reminding her about another essay that needs doing – Jo says this one will be $100 as it’s such short notice. As Jo leaves, Boyd asks if they were studying and Janae confirms that they were. He says that Susan phoned him, to check that Janae is taking her VCE year as seriously as she should. Janae insists that she has it all under control and complains that Boyd sounds like one of her parents, before telling him that they should go out to the pool.

At number 22, Cameron tries to help Elle with the housework but she doesn’t want him to. He insists that she get some rest, for Paul’s sake as he clearly isn’t coping with her illness. Elle asks her brother to stop taking on everyone else’s problems but he says that he enjoys helping and then presents her with a surprise – tickets for the Orient Express. He reminds her that it was their dream to take that trip, but Elle says that it’s too much and she can’t accept. He says that it’s fine, as long as the doctors can allow her to go, but she suddenly blurts out that the illness is fake. Cam’s stunned as Elle explains that she and Paul made it up so that Dylan wouldn’t dump her. Just then, Paul walks in and complains about Ramsay Street being full of phoneys who suddenly want to help now that Elle is sick, but couldn’t have cared less before. Elle tells him to stop – Cam knows everything.


The conversation continues as Cameron rants about his father being sick and twisted. Paul tries to explain himself, but Cameron says that there’s no explanation for this, and a normal person would realise that. He says that he can’t believe he ever wanted to be close to his father, but Paul says that he did it for the family. Cam spits back that Paul only cares about himself, not the family and everyone who tries to get close just gets pushed away – look at Gail, Izzy and Carmella. Elle insists that she’s to blame too and Cam says that he knows that and she’s disgusting too, using Paul’s poor mental health to help herself. Paul says that he knows he has to change, but it takes time and he begs Cameron to give him another chance. Cameron says that he’s got nothing left for his father.

Back at Mrs Beaumont’s house, she’s wondering if Ned thinks she’s made a fool of herself. He says that he doesn’t, and they should just forget about it. She’s happy to hear that and explains that her husband is very ill in hospital and mentions that he once wanted her out of the way for a few weeks so he could spend some time with his mistress. She talks about getting revenge, and Ned tells her that being happy is the best revenge. She admits that she’s glad that she’s been able to talk to someone about it all and they make a toast to their new friendship.


At number 28, Max gets off the phone and explains to Katya that the people at the secure unit are confused about how Robert could possibly have got a letter to her. He reminds her that Robert is still safely locked up and she thanks him for staying with her. He gives her a hug and says that it’s understandable that she wouldn’t want to be alone after that shock. She mentions how lucky Steph is, and Max is relieved when Katya says that she’ll be fine now. As he leaves, Max says that he might drop the Tibetan classes as he’s struggling, but would like to continue with the meditation. She smiles weakly, but looks upset after he’s gone.

At number 30, Boyd answers Janae’s mobile, since she’s in the shower, and takes a message for her. When Janae comes into the kitchen, Boyd tells her that Jo just rang to say that her next essay would be ready the following evening. He points out to her that she’s risking getting thrown out of school, but she says that she’s only sticking out her final year because everyone says she has to, but she can’t manage the work without some help. He reminds her that it’s wrong and that they’re broke, but Janae explains that she’s using her nan’s money, as she wants to get to know her dad’s family. Boyd understands that, but doesn’t agree with the cheating, so Janae says that she’ll do her own work from now on.


At number 22, Paul is convinced that Cam will calm down soon, but Elle isn’t so sure and is appalled with herself for going along with the plan. She thinks that Cam was right to call her selfish, but Paul calls it a lapse of judgement. There’s a knock at the door and they both wonder if it’s Cam, but it’s Max who tells them about Robert’s letter. Paul is stunned and goes to call the prison. Elle asks after Katya and Max says that she’s coping. Elle wants to visit her, but Max thinks she already has enough on her plate, and mentions that Steph has been through the same illness, so is there if Elle needs to talk. Paul finishes his call and is furious. He tells Elle and Max that he couldn’t speak to anyone as they were all too busy dealing with Robert’s escape!

Back at Mrs Beaumont’s house, Ned is in a taxi. He leans out of the window and tells her that he enjoyed their chat and she admits that she’s glad she kept him on as a trainer. They arrange another session for the following week and, as Ned’s taxi pulls away, another one pulls up. Janae gets out and hugs her nan, telling her that she needed to talk to someone.


Katya is walking along the street, listening to music when a car pulls up, and Cameron asks her if she needs a lift. She accepts the offer, as she’s on the way to her class at the Eden Hills Civic Centre. She apologises to him for being so jumpy and gets into the car, as Cam admits that he needs a distraction from his family problems.

At the bar, Ned and Boyd are arm-wrestling and Ned wins. He explains about his new client, Mrs Beaumont and Boyd says that she sounds like a desperate housewife but Ned insists that she isn’t and that Boyd’s been spending too much time listening to Toadie. As they go to get some food from the kitchen, Janae and her nan, Loris, come in. Loris isn’t impressed with the décor and Janae says that it’s just a convenient place as it’s near to home, plus Boyd’s dad owns it. Loris is annoyed as she realises that this means that Janelle could walk in at any moment. She accuses her granddaughter of being both conniving and stupid and warns her that she’ll stop the cheques if there’s any more of this. Janae apologises and they leave.


Outside the Civic Centre, the car pulls up and Katya invites Cam along to the class, but he says he’s not in the mood. He asks if she needs to be picked up afterwards but she turns him down. Her phone then rings and it’s Max, calling from his car and speaking on a hands-free headset. He says he’s nearly there and asks if she’s alone. She explains that Cam gave her a lift and Max tells her to get out of the car, straight away. He explains about Robert and a panicked Katya quickly gets out and runs, as Cam chases her, telling her she’s forgotten her bag. Max then drives towards them and, spotting Cam chasing Katya, he swerves, hitting Cam in the process. Katya and Max are both shocked as they stare over at an unconscious Cameron.




A few moments later, Katya is leaning over Cameron, still believing him to be Robert and asking if he can hear her. Max finishes calling for an ambulance as Katya gets a blanket. They put the blanket over Cameron as Max looks at him, suddenly realising what he’s done…

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Summary by Steve. Captures by Callum.