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Magic Moments > 2006 > Cameron's Accident: Part Two Episode 5043

Written by Drew Tingwell, Directed by Tony Osicka

Episode Title: Karma Fly With Me

Katya shows Max a letter that has been delivered to her – from Robert. Max tells Paul about the letter, and they find out that Robert has escaped. Max is driving to help Katya from the twin he believes to be Robert. As Katya runs towards Max’s car, with Cameron chasing her, Max swerves and knocks Cam down…

Cameron is wheeled into the hospital, with Max and Katya following. Karl explains that his pulse is low and respiration is poor, with possible spinal damage. Paul and Elle rush in, asking the nurse where Robert Robinson is, but before she can answer, Karl tells them that he’s in a critical state and he might not survive. Paul and Elle, along with Max and Katya, struggle to take the news in.


At number 30, Toadie is playing with Charlie as Steph prepares his food, but he hands the baby back when he suddenly fills his nappy. Steph is amused to see Toadie enjoying the company of a baby so much. He asks if she’s spoken to Max about Katya and she explains that Katya called in the middle of the conversation. Toadie reminds her that Max hasn’t done anything wrong, but Steph says it won’t do any harm for him to have some time to think. Toadie says that she’ll need to see Max soon, as the footy’s about to start, but Steph tells him that he turned down the tickets. Toadie is stunned and decides that he, Steph and Charlie will have to go instead.


At number 32, Carmella and Izzy are chatting about a man Izzy once went out with. Izzy is insisting that he didn’t have a girlfriend, but concedes that there might have been a wife. Toadie then comes in and explains that he and Steph are going to the footy and he’s just come to collect a few things. Carmella mentions to Izzy that Toadie’s a bit weird – he put a webcam in the bathroom at number 30. Toadie then returns, asking if Izzy knows where the binoculars are. Both girls are stunned, and then he comes back looking for a long trench coat. Izzy tells him that there are laws against what he’s about to do, and Toadie is shocked and accuses her of having a dirty mind. After he leaves, Carmella admits that it’s great to be back in Erinsborough. Izzy says it’s good to have her back, and tells her she’s the best friend she ever had.

At the hospital, Paul, Elle, Max and Katya wait anxiously, and in silence. Paul reminds Elle that they need to think positively, but Elle wonders if a lot of people wouldn’t be pleased if Robert died. Paul agrees, but says that Robert is still his son and he wants him to pull through. Just then, the police arrive and take Max and Katya away to a side room to question them.


At number 32, Carmella thanks Izzy for the meal. Izzy isn’t sure that she enjoyed it, but Carmella reminds her that she can’t tell a lie these days. Izzy asks her to stay for ice cream, but Carmella has to do her rounds at the soup kitchen and hospital. Izzy admits that, when she first heard about the nun thing, she had her doubts, but now she’s realised it isn’t all praying and making people feel guilty. She suggests to a surprised Carmella that she join her at the soup kitchen.

In a side room at the hospital, Steiger conducts an informal interview with Max and Katya about the accident. He asks Max why he was at the crime scene in the first place…


Outside, Paul rants to Elle about how Robert could possibly have escaped. Nurse Chaplin comes out of the hospital room and informs Paul and Elle that there’s no news yet – she also hands them a bag containing his belongings.

Max has explained why he needed to help Katya, but Steiger wants to know exactly what happened to lead to Max hitting Cameron with the car. He says that he swerved the car as he panicked – Steiger wants to know if it was intentional, but Max says that it was just a reflex when he saw Katya in danger.


Elle thinks that they should call some people and let them know what’s happened, especially Cameron. Paul doesn’t want to worry him, as he’ll already be halfway to Tasmania, but Elle starts to dial his number.

Max insists that he never intended to hurt anyone, and Katya backs up his claims that it was an accident. Steiger reminds him that he still took the law into his own hands, but Max says that he had to do something – Robert had just escaped from prison! Steiger then says that Katya and Max need to be made aware of something…


Elle calls Cameron’s phone, and both she and Paul are shocked when it starts ringing, in the bag that the nurse just gave them. They both realise the awful truth and Paul looks into the hospital room at his son.

Later, Paul has calmed down after phoning the prison. He tells Elle that Robert had just been hiding to wind up the guards. Karl then comes out of Cameron’s room and Paul starts ranting at him about saving his son. Karl tells him that he needs to calm down, for both Cameron and Elle’s sakes. After Karl leaves, Elle decides that the whole thing is her fault for the lies she’s told.


At the bar, Carmella finds Izzy, who suddenly disappeared from the soup kitchen. Carmella asks her why she left, and Izzy admits that it was because some of the people there smelt really bad. She complains that, just because they choose to live on the streets, they shouldn’t let personal hygiene fly out the window. Carmella sarcastically agrees, wondering why they don’t have any soap in their solid gold bathtubs. She goes on to tell Izzy that being homeless isn’t a choice – all it takes is a few poor life choices. This sinks in with Izzy, who agrees to go back to the soup kitchen, even offering to take some spare stock from the bar, with Carmella reminding her not to bring any alcohol.

Back at the hospital, Paul and Elle are leaning over Cam’s bed, as he lies unconscious. They start saying his name, willing him to pull through, just as he opens his eyes, unsure of where he is. Paul tells him he’ll be fine and asks if he can remember the events before the accident. Cameron then asks Elle to leave, as Paul tells him he’ll be ok in a few days. Cam tearfully tells his father that he can’t feel his legs.


Izzy and Carmella return to Lassiter’s, having finished the rounds at the soup kitchen, and Carmella admits that the people there weren’t expecting so much soap as a donation. She talks about the new car smell in Izzy’s car, and Izzy suddenly gives her the car, to use herself or donate to the convent. Carmella is confused and Izzy says that she just wants to start doing some good deeds, she’s realised that life’s too short. Carmella refuses to accept the car and tells Izzy not to make any more over-the-top gestures, before the two of them head to the hospital.

Carmella and Izzy arrive at the hospital, where Izzy runs into a teary Elle, who explains what’s happened. Carmella goes to see what she can find out, while Izzy sits and comforts Elle.


Paul bursts into the side room, where Steiger is now alone, and demands to know what’s going to be done and when Max is going to be arrested. He starts throwing $100 notes on the desk, asking Steiger what it will take to get some justice. Steiger ignores the money and says he’ll overlook Paul’s ridiculous behaviour, as he can understand – he has a child of his own. Paul starts ranting (again) that Max ran over Cameron on purpose, because he was jealous that Cam was talking to Katya, his “lover”.

At number 32, Toadie, Steph and Charlie arrive home, and Steph starts calling out to Max, to see if he’s home. She’s then amused to read a note from Izzy, saying she’s gone to the soup kitchen, and they both decide that it must be a new club or something. Steph wonders where Max has got to, as he isn’t at home or at the bar. Toadie assures her that it’s probably all completely innocent, but Steph is beginning to worry and she rushes out of the house.


Outside number 28, Steph is banging on the door, when Toadie, with Charlie in a carry cot, catches up with her, telling her to calm down and be rational. She says that there must be somebody home as the lights are on, and she wants answers. Toadie calms her down, reminding her that Max loves her and she should trust him. Steph stops, realising she’s making a fool of herself, and complains that she’s hurt her hand, so Toadie tells her to go home.

Paul is now alone, picking up the money on the table. Outside, Izzy asks Steiger if it’s ok for her to go in and see him, and he tells her it is, if she’s game. She goes into the room and hugs Paul, before they share a kiss. She pushes him away, telling him that, although he’s upset, this is in appropriate behaviour. Paul tells her that inappropriate behaviour is all she’s good for, and, horrified, she leaves him alone.



At number 32, Steph is changing Charlie and Toadie is horrified by the contents of his nappy when they hear the door. Steph is shocked as Max and Katya walk in together, and Toadie quickly leaves, offering to walk Katya home. Steph asks Max what’s going on.

Carmella is sitting by Cameron’s bed when he starts to wake up again. She asks him how he’s feeling and he asks her to make him a promise. If he doesn’t survive the accident, he wants her to find the baby and make things right…


At number 32, Steph is stunned after hearing Max’s explanation of the day’s events. He’s still in shock and says it all feels like a blur and he didn’t really know what he was doing, it was just a split-second decision. A teary Steph confirms that he thought it was Robert and was just acting to save Katya. Max tells her that he loves her and doesn’t know what he’d do without her. She hugs him.

At number 30, Steph visits Toadie, in tears, telling him what’s happened, but Katya has already filled him in as he walked her home. Steph can’t understand why Max would go to see Katya again, when he knew how much the situation was scaring her. Toadie admits that he can’t understand it either and Steph breaks down. Toadie hugs her.


Back at number 32, Paul knocks on the door until a bleary-eyed Max answers. He asks if there’s news about Cameron, but Paul says that he doesn’t know if his son will live or die, or even walk again. Paul warns him that, if Cameron dies, so does Max.

Summary by Steve