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Magic Moments > 2006 > Cameron's Death Episode 5048

Written by Judith Colquhoun, Directed by Chris Adshead

Episode Title: Wishful Shrinking

Paul tells Cameron and Elle about his appointment with a psychiatrist, Dr Young. Izzy is told about her test results and can’t believe what she’s hearing. As Paul leaves for his appointment, Elle realises Cam is in terrible pain and he tells her to get a doctor, quickly…

A panicked Elle isn’t sure what to do, and she races out into the corridor, calling out for some help.


In Dr Young’s office, Paul is sitting opposite her and wants to keep his phone switched on, in case there is any news. Dr Young, however, tells him that it has to be switched off during the session.

Elle races back into Cameron’s room, and picks up her phone to call her dad.


Paul, meanwhile, is switching his phone off.

A frustrated Elle is unable to get through to her father and Cameron is in a lot of pain. Elle calls out for some help, just as Carmella appears at the door.


Paul is explaining to Dr Young that he’s always looked at a situation to see what he can get out of it, but that’s going to change from now on, as he made a promise to his son.

Carmella stands by Cameron, who is in a lot of pain, and tells him to save his energy as he tries to talk to her.


Meanwhile, Dr Young asks Paul if he’s really only doing this for his son, to fulfil some kind of obligation, because if that’s case, then no therapy is going to help.

Cameron asks Carmella to look after Elle, and be her guardian angel. Carmella says that she will do everything she can. Elle then turns up, followed by a doctor who checks on Cameron.


Paul explains to Dr Young that he almost lost his son, who he loves more than anything, and if Cameron is the reason for him visiting a psychiatrist, he doesn’t see that as a bad thing – he insists that he wants to change.

The hospital staff wheel in a bed to take Cameron away for an emergency operation.


Dr Young asks Paul to tell her about his time in prison. Paul sarcastically tells her that it was a walk in the park, before she says that it would help if he was honest about the experience.

Elle and Carmella are asked to wait outside, as Cameron is prepared to be taken to theatre.


Paul explains that he came out of prison a different person – before he was a good man with a bad side, but after prison, he was a bad guy with only a little good left. Dr Young wonders if the experience left him unable to make normal bonds with other people and Paul admits that he surrounded himself with other broken people, like Izzy, who suffocated him.


In the hospital corridor, Elle leaves another message for Paul, telling him to call as soon as possible, as Cameron’s taken a turn for the worse. Carmella and Elle wait for news, as Lyn arrives, asking how Cam is. Elle explains that he’s about to go in for emergency surgery and Lyn goes to find Paul. Cameron is then wheeled past. He calls Elle ‘Porky’ and says that it’s always been them against the world. He asks her to look after Paul, as he’s wheeled away.

At number 24, Harold is back from his trip to Perth and Sky is explaining what’s happened with Lou and Karl’s suspicions that he might be early onset Alzheimer’s. Harold can’t believe that Lou is ill, and says that it’s simply a broken heart as Mishka has dumped him and he wants to forget about it all. Sky says that she, Karl and Janelle are all really worried about Lou, so Harold says that he’ll talk to him, but he won’t believe it until he sees it for himself. Harold then spots some DVDs and Sky says that she was watching them to celebrate the birthday of Miyazaki, her favourite Japanese anime artist. Harold has never heard of him, so Sky suggests watching some of the films later. Dylan then arrives, fresh from his trip to cooking camp, with a gift for Sky, a stuffed toy of one of the anime characters from Miyazaki’s films. Sky is amazed that he remembered, as Harold watches the two of them, smiling. Dylan says that it can be the first toy for the baby.


At number 32, Izzy is with Max, Steph and Charlie, looking through some photos of childhood holidays. Izzy turns down Max’s offer of a coffee and Steph asks her if she’s ok, she says that she’s just a bit tired. Max offers to cover her shift at the bar, apparently desperate to get away from Steph. After he leaves, Izzy tries to get Steph to open up about her marital problems, but Steph insists that everything’s fine. Izzy suddenly announces that she wants everything to be ok before she leaves town in a couple of weeks. Steph’s shocked and wonders if this is just another of Izzy’s ploys to get people to run after her and bring her back. She insists that she won’t be back this time, and Steph admits that she doesn’t want her to leave, as, although they’ve had their ups and downs, she’ll really miss her.

At number 24, Harold asks Sky and Dylan why he couldn’t just have bought a traditional teddy bear for the baby, but they tell him that the character helps to restore faith in humanity, he’s a spirit of the forest. Harold is more confused than ever, so he goes to leave, but asks about the cooking course again. Dylan says that it was great and he got some great recipes to help Elle. Sky suddenly realises that he hasn’t seen Elle since he’s been back, and she breaks the news about Cameron being seriously ill in hospital. Dylan isn’t sure what to do, but Sky insists that he go and see her.


Izzy is waiting for Steph outside number 32, when Paul’s car pulls up across the street. He comes over to speak to her, and, much to her surprise, apologises for the way he behaved at the hospital the week before. He says that he hasn’t been himself lately, before changing his mind and saying that he’s just been more of a brute than usual. Izzy isn’t sure what to say. He tells her that he never stopped loving her and she asks why he’s telling her now. He explains that he’s trying to better himself, and has been to a therapy session. Izzy is impressed, and Paul says that he wants to mend bridges, but they bring out the worst in each other, so they’re better off apart. Izzy agrees and mentions that she’s leaving town anyway. It’s Paul’s turn to be surprised and he says his goodbyes to her. Their embrace is broken up as Lyn drives into the street and tells Paul she’s been looking for him and they need to get to the hospital.

At the bar, Sky and Harold arrive, and he orders some raspberry cordial, explaining that he got hooked on it in Perth. Max and Sky aren’t convinced, but Harold gets his way and sits down with the cordial in a shot glass. Izzy then comes in, with Steph, and “introduces” her to Max at the bar. She says that they should get to know each other better, and offers to take over Max’s shift, so he and Steph can go home and have a long talk about their problems.


Paul, Elle and Lyn are waiting for news about Cameron. Elle is starting to worry, but Paul insists that his son will pull through. Carmella is waiting outside, when Dylan arrives and asks if there’s any news. Carmella says that he’s still in theatre and his destiny is in God’s hands. Dr Truman then appears and goes into the room. Her face says it all and Paul breaks down in tears, as a stunned Elle sits down.

Later, Paul is pacing around the room, listing all of the things that need to be done now. He wonders if Cameron would have drawn up a will and decides that he should be buried in Tasmania. Elle tells him to stop, and Lyn says that there will be plenty of time to make arrangements. He and Elle then break down crying and hug each other.


Back at the bar, Harold is still on the Tazzles raspberry cordial and tries to hide it from Sky but she catches him. She and Izzy tease Harold about his addiction and suggest that he’ll be dancing on the tables by the end of the night. Their happy little scene is broken up by Dylan, who breaks the news about Cameron dying. They’re all shocked, and Sky insists that Dylan should go and be with Elle right now.

At number 32, Max is serving up dinner as Steph comes in from checking on Charlie. She says that the food looks great and they start to eat in silence. Steph then says that the past two weeks have been very difficult for her, but it’s not his fault and she’s been too hard on him. He says that it was all just really stupid. He wonders why someone like Katya would be attracted to him, and Steph suddenly asks if he’s attracted to Katya. He says that he isn’t and it was all a fantasy on her part. Steph asks if he was flattered and he says that he was, but he should have said something sooner. He says that Katya was so fragile… Steph is shocked. Max says that his only mistake was assuming that Steph knew how much he loved her. Their argument is interrupted by a stunned Izzy walking in, and they both turn to look at her…


Back at the hospital, Lyn and Carmella are sitting in the corridor. Lyn is concerned about Paul, who’s been sitting with Cameron for a long time. Carmella thinks that Paul has a lot to talk to him about. Lyn says that Paul always pretends that he’s coping, even when he isn’t, but she’s going to have to stick by him now. Carmella explains about how she promised to keep an eye on Elle. Dylan then arrives, looking for Elle.

Dylan finds Elle sitting by the bed. He says that Sky insisted that he come back, but Elle says that she shouldn’t have. She says that she hasn’t been in to see Cameron yet, and she can’t take the news in. Dylan offers to go in with her, but she suddenly blurts out that she’s not sick – she made it all up. A shocked Dylan asks why, and she says that it was to stop him from leaving her for Sky. She tells him to go to Sky, as she wants to be alone now.


At number 32, Max is pacing around the room, angrily ranting about how he thought it was Robert and now he’s killed an innocent man. He doesn’t know how he’s ever going to live with himself now. Izzy says that it’s not his fault, but Max is still very worked up. Steph tries, but Max pushes her away, screaming that it’s all his fault.


It’s the morning on Ramsay Street, and Paul and Elle, along with Carmella, walk towards the hearse with their bags. Max stands on the other side of the street, watching. Elle says that everything’s organised and she spoke to Gail, who isn’t happy that Paul is going to be there. Paul says that Cameron was his son too, and Gail can go to hell. Carmella reminds him of his promise to Cam to stop being full of hate, but Paul stares at Max and says that he made that promise to a living son, not a dead one.

Summary by Steve