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Magic Moments > 2006 > Kerry's Birth: Part Two Episode 5088

Written by Megan Herbert, Directed by Aarne Neeme

Episode Title: Babe Runner

Carmella confronts Teresa about stealing Sky’s baby – Teresa then spots a pan of boiling water on the stove. Sky gives birth to a baby girl. Janelle, Janae and Loris are shocked as they stand outside the burning hospital. Will runs up to them with a baby-injured Carmella. Sky goes to her new hospital room and finds that baby Kerry’s crib is empty…

Karl is trying not to get Sky any more worked up than she already is, and insists that Kerry has simply been moved or taken for more tests. Sky is adamant that Teresa has taken her baby, but Karl insists that she’s in the psychiatric ward and hasn’t gone anywhere with any baby. Sky is still certain that it was Teresa and she must have escaped. Karl decides to go and contact security about the matter, but Sky wants the police to be contacted before Teresa disappears completely. Harold then tries to calm Sky down, insisting that Kerry will be safe in another part of the hospital. Sky asks why her crib is still there if one of the nurses took her, and Karl has run out of answers, so he goes to contact Dr Olenski.


In Carmella’s room, she’s in bed with dressing across half of her face. She wakes up to find Rosetta and Will standing over the bed. Carmella is still sleepy and confused about what’s happening, so Rosie explains that she’s been burnt and has dressing on her face. Carmella suddenly remembers Teresa and insists that she has to leave, but Rosetta says that she’s not going anywhere. Carmella tells them that it’s important, as Teresa was threatening to take Sky’s baby. Rosie is confused and doesn’t think Teresa would ever do something like that, but Carmella says that she wanted to take the baby, but not hurt it. Carmella insists that they go and check on Sky, so Will offers to speak to someone, as long as Carmella stays in her bed and doesn’t try to leave. After Will leaves, Rosie tells Carmella that everything is going to be fine, but Carmella tells her sister that she doesn’t know Teresa like she does – she’ll do anything to get that baby. Rosie reminds Carmella that Teresa used to cry when she stepped on a snail and volunteered at animal shelters in her spare time… Carmella again insists that it’s Teresa, and points to her dressing, saying that Teresa did that too.

At number 26, Bree gets off the phone, wondering how they could have lost her niece. Rachel points out that she’s just been misplaced, but Bree is still annoyed that there’s been another hospital baby mix-up in her family. Rachel admits that she doesn’t like the name Kerry, preferring Jemima, but Bree says that Kerry was the name of Sky’s mum – although she would never name her daughter Janelle under any circumstances. Bree then starts talking about Stingray, wishing that he’d just come back and sort this whole mess out. Rachel is sure that he’ll turn up soon, but Bree thinks that he’s not exactly in control of his life at the moment. Rachel blames the alcohol and insists that, deep down, he’s still the same as he used to be. She reminds Bree that her brother loves her, though all Bree can remember if what he said at the intervention, when he told her that she wasn’t even his real sister. Bree decides that they have to go out and find him, and agree to start their search at Lassiter’s.


Back at the hospital, Janelle is waiting for news on Sky and asks Harold how she is. He explains that Sky’s been given something to calm her down and he’ll be fine once this whole mess is sorted out. Karl then appears and explains that Dr Olenski didn’t move Kerry – the last time she saw the baby was in the crib in Sky’s room. Janelle is furious that Kerry was left alone like that, but Karl says that nobody could have predicted any of it – and besides, the staff were busy evacuating the other wing of the hospital. Janelle wants to be certain that there hasn’t been another baby mix-up, and Karl sheepishly admits that Teresa vanished before she could be admitted to the psychiatric ward. Harold goes in to comfort Sky, realising that she might have been correct about Teresa. Karl, meanwhile, tells Janelle that the search has been extended outside of the hospital grounds and Janelle points out that a premature baby needs a lot of care. Karl says that Dr Olenski checked Kerry and she was surprisingly strong – Janelle asks him why he said ‘was’ and Karl quickly corrects it to ‘is’. He tells Janelle to remain calm and Kerry will be found. Will then finds them and explains about Carmella being admitted and says that she’s very distressed about Sky and her baby. Janelle wants to know why… and Will suddenly realises that the baby is missing and they need to go and hear Carmella’s side of the story.

In Carmella’s hospital room, she’s explaining to Rosetta, Will, Karl, Janelle and Steiger that Teresa gave her baby up for adoption and it later died, so she was really mixed up. Rosie isn’t convinced, wondering why Carmella never told her about this before, but Carmella explains that it was just too painful. Carmella wants to get out and help with the search for the baby and for Teresa, before suggesting that she probably started the fire too. On the basis of Carmella’s evidence, Steiger agrees to alert the officers to keep a look out for Teresa and Carmella feels guilty for not mentioning this when she found out that Sky and Teresa were sharing a room. Karl admits that he would never have allowed Teresa in a room with a pregnant girl if he’d known and Carmella breaks down in tears. Janelle gets angry with her, and says it’s too late to be sorry. Rosie then butts in, reminding Janelle that Carmella is seriously injured. Janelle angrily tells Rosie that Carmella is to blame for Kerry being taken before turning on Carmella, asking her where Teresa is. Rosie tells Janelle to get out of the room, and Janelle asks Rosie if she’s going to call one of “her daddy’s associates”. Karl tries to calm Janelle down, as she starts ranting about mob families, and says that the Timminses are still a force to be reckoned with. Steiger points out that Janelle has just threatened violence in front of a senior police officer, and escorts her from the room. Will tries to defend Janelle, saying that she’s just worried about her granddaughter. Carmella struggles to compose herself and finally breaks down, saying that it’s all her fault. Karl sends Will out to get a nurse and tries to calm Carmella.


By the garage and Grease Monkeys, Rachel and Bree are looking for Stingray and showing his photo to any passers-by. They then spot Teresa walking across the street with a pram and wonder if she might have seen him. They’re about to go and talk to her when Steiger pulls up next to her in a police car. Teresa is talking away, saying that she needs to be with her little one, when Steiger asks if she’s Teresa Cammeniti. She smiles, wondering how he knows this and he asks if she could answer a few questions for him. He says that he’ll help her with her baby – to which Teresa suddenly asks if he’s found her baby, as she’s been so worried. Steiger notices that the pram is empty and looks up at Teresa, who grins maniacally at him.

In Sky’s hospital room, Harold is sitting beside her, thinking she’s asleep, when he realises that she’s crying. He assures her that, even if Teresa did take Kerry, she would never harm her. Sky realises that what he’s saying is true and realises that Kerry will have been taken care of once she’s found. Karl then comes in and breaks the news that they’ve found Teresa and are questioning her – but Kerry wasn’t with her. Sky breaks down in tears again.


At the police station, Teresa is insisting that she doesn’t know where Kerry, ‘her baby’, is. Steiger asks her again if she wants a lawyer, but she insists that she doesn’t need one, as she hasn’t done anything wrong. He then asks her again when she last saw Kerry. She accuses him of asking her the same question over and over again and he’s wasting his time – but he replies that she’s the one wasting time, as the security footage puts her in the frame for the arson. He also reminds her of the assault she committed on Carmella, who she told about her plan to steal the baby. Teresa replies that she couldn’t leave the baby with an alcoholic father and a mother who doesn’t want her – Steiger asks if she’s confessing. She admits to starting the fire, as a distraction, but she insists that she doesn’t know where the baby is and she can’t bear not knowing. Sergeant Moller then comes in and explains to Steiger that they’ve finished reviewing the security footage and they now have another suspect.

In one of the offices at the hospital, Steiger is telling Janelle that Stingray is now a suspect for taking baby Kerry. Janelle insists that he has nothing to do with it, and that they’ve already worked out that it was ‘Carmella’s loony cousin’. Steiger says that Teresa has been found and she doesn’t have the baby – Janelle quickly suggests that she must have hidden it, to which Steiger says that they’re exploring that avenue already. He tells Janelle that they’ve got footage of Stingray hanging around outside Sky’s room during the fire, but Janelle thinks that it was just somebody who looked like him. Steiger asks Karl, who’s sitting in on the interview, whether Stingray could have done this, and Karl thinks he could have – he doesn’t want to think he did, but he could have. Janelle wonders why Stingray would steal his own kid, and Steiger again asks her where is, but she again insists that she doesn’t know.


Bree approaches some more people to ask them if they’ve seen Stingray, when Rachel suddenly finds him in the bushes, passed out and stinking of smoke. She calls Bree over and they wake him up. They find a teddy bear inside his jacket and urgently tell him that he has to go with them, as Sky’s been has been taken. Still drowsy and hungover, Stingray eventually gets to his feet and goes with them.

In the hospital corridor, Will and Rosetta are waiting for Carmella to be brought back from her operation. Will insists that she’ll be fine, but Rosetta isn’t really listening – she just wishes that Carmella had felt able to confide in her about Teresa and they might have avoided all of this. She asks Will if he thinks her whole family is crazy, what with stealing babies and throwing boiling water at each other. Will says that every family has a few skeletons in the closet, and Rosie asks if he means things like her father’s involvement in dodgy dealings? He says that she doesn’t have to tell him about it if she doesn’t want to, but she explains that her dad’s in prison, and even she, Carmella and their mother don’t know the full extent of what he got up to. Will says that it must have been difficult for her, not having her dad around, but she says that it’s actually worse being left to clean up his mess. She says that everyone thinks they know the family, because of what was in the papers, Will can relate to this. Rosie asks if he’s regretting moving in with a Cammeniti, but their conversation is interrupted by Carmella being wheeled past with an even bigger bandage wrapped around her head. Karl stops and explains that there were no complications and Carmella’s been very lucky not to lose her sight. Rosie asks if there will be any permanent scarring, but Karl, rather than give a direct answer, says that he’s hoping for the best.


In Sky’s room, she asks Harold whether he saw baby Kerry before they took her. Harold says that she was very beautiful. Sky then starts to worry that she didn’t get to hold her baby, and Kerry won’t know who she is. Harold tries to calm her down, but Sky can’t understand who took her, if it wasn’t Teresa. Harold assures her that every child is born with a guardian angel. This idea makes Sky feel better as she thinks the guardian angel is her mum, and Harold agrees that he did feel her presence in the room. Stingray suddenly arrives and says that he had to come and see her. Harold isn’t too pleased to see him and asks if he’s drunk. Stingray replies that he’s just a little hungover, but this time he means it when he says he’s going to stop drinking. Harold isn’t convinced. Sky says that she wants Stingray to stay with her and he goes over to hug her and says that he won’t rest until Kerry is found. Janelle then turns up and spots Stingray, quickly, and loudly, telling him to run as the police are after him. Steiger then turns up and thanks Janelle for announcing Stingray’s presence to the entire hospital. He asks Stingray to come with him, as they need to have a chat about recent events. Janelle tells her son to stay quiet until she’s called in Toadie. Sky is concerned, and Janelle explains to her that the police suspect Stingray of taking Kerry, before going to help him.

Back in the hospital office, Steiger is questioning Stingray about where he was the night before, directly after Karl had him thrown out of the hospital. Stingray insists that he can’t remember any of it, as he’d been drinking quite a lot. Steiger points out that he was seen on the hospital cameras, loitering on Sky’s ward around the time that Kerry went missing. Janelle points out that this doesn’t prove anything, and Steiger says that the footage was obscured by smoke but that Stingray has no alibi either. Stingray insists that he can’t remember any of it – and besides, it’s his daughter and he wants to find her too. Steiger reminds Stingray that Karl didn’t think he was in a fit state to be at the birth, and suggests that he was annoyed and wanted to get the baby that was rightfully his. Stingray keeps denying the accusation, as Steiger points out that he was so drunk, he can’t remember any of it, so how can he be sure…


Teresa is sitting alone in the interrogation room when Rosetta joins her. Teresa asks her if they’ve found her baby, and Rosie says no, before checking if Teresa knows who she is. Teresa doesn’t seem too pleased to have Carmella’s sister there and says that nobody in their branch of the family ever helped anyone. Rosie ignores this and starts talking about how Teresa needs a lawyer right now – she’s no longer a main suspect in Kerry’s kidnapping and it’s Carmella’s decision over whether to press assault charges, but there’s still the matter of arson to deal with. Teresa doesn’t care about any of it, but Rosie says that it’s a lot to take in and she knows she only did what she did because she was so distressed. Teresa says that she doesn’t trust Rosie or her sister and tells Rosie to get out. Rosie insists that she’s only there to help and starts to get annoyed with having it all thrown back in her face. She points out that Carmella didn’t deserve to have boiling water thrown in her face and she could be left with permanent scarring. Teresa disagrees – she says that Carmella deserved everything she got – she killed Teresa’s baby and is the guilty one in all of this.

Steiger starts directing police officers in the search before asking Stingray to show him exactly where he passed out the night before, so they can then work their way back to the hospital from there. Stingray shows him, and Steiger starts asking him whether he was alone and where he was before that. Stingray can’t remember anything, but insists that he would never risk Kerry’s life, whether he was drunk or not. Steiger points out that nobody has suggested deliberate harm and to check his pockets for any receipts that might show them where he was. As Stingray goes through his pockets, something drops out and Steiger uses a hankie to pick it up – it’s Kerry’s baby bracelet…


In Sky’s room, Harold is sitting by the bed, praying, but Sky wonders if, given all the bad luck their family has had, it might be doing more harm than good. Janelle comes to the door and says that she needs to say something, though Sky is reluctant to listen. Janelle says that, ever since Dylan and Stingray found out the truth, someone like this has been building, but Sky refuses to believe that Stingray would take the baby. Janelle says that they found Kerry’s baby bracelet where Stingray passed out last night. Sky insists that, despite the evidence, she knows in her heart that he wouldn’t do it and Janelle says that her heart is saying that Kerry is safe and well. Sky agrees, she says that she can feel Kerry’s energy all around her, and Janelle hugs her, saying that it’s a mother’s intuition.


Kerry is in a Moses basket, wrapped in a pink blanket from Erinsborough Hospital’s linen stock. She is quiet but awake, and a male hand reaches in and starts to stroke her.

Summary by Steve