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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Selma Atkins Anne Cordiner

Selma Atkins 2007

Having given up on his old life as the son of rich hoteliers and changed his name from Sebastian Barnes, Will Griggs was struggling to keep up the lie with his girlfriend, Carmella Cammeniti. Though his parents were dead, Willís lies caught up with him as he pretended they were alive, but leaving on a six-month trip around Australia. Carmella was desperate to meet them before they left, so Will phoned old family friend Selma Atkins and paid her to pretend to be his mother. The plan worked, as Selma told stories from Willís youth but later, when Carmella called by at number 30, she overheard Will thanking Selma for her help that day, and paying her, and demanded to know what was going on. Will quickly claimed that he was repaying his mum for the bond on the house and, when she pushed the matter, he asked her to leave.

Trivia Notes
ē Anne Cordiner previously appeared as Emma Walsh in 1998 and June Merret in 2004

Biography by Steve



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