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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Joanne Blair Nell Feeney

Joanne Blair 2003
Children: Sean
Occupation: Moco Assistant

As Stephanie Scully and Max Hoyland attempted to get their romance off the ground, things were suddenly threatened by Steph’s friend from Moco, Joanne Blair. Jo was closer to Max in age, and they were both single parents, so they immediately had more in common than Max and Steph. It seemed that Jo was determined to win Max and, when she arranged a date between her nephew, Dennis, and Steph, things were moving along nicely, pushing Max and Steph further apart. However, when Dennis stood Steph up, Max shared lunch with her, but Joanne had already found another way to get close to Mr. Hoyland – her son, Sean.

Jo told Max that Sean was desperate to get onto the cricket team, but she was having trouble affording the proper gear, so Max agreed to help her find some. Jo was extremely grateful when Max then helped her son to get a place on the cricket team. She turned up at the house and invited herself in for a barbeque, but it was already clear that Max wasn’t interested in anything more than friendship. However, when Steph called in and found Jo in the kitchen, she thought she’d missed the boat completely, and Jo made matters worse by asking Steph to leave so she could have some time alone with Max. Max’s daughter, Summer, was also upset that Jo was coming between Max and Steph, and she deliberately squirted ketchup all over Jo’s top. Realising the mess he was in, Max decided to be honest with Jo, telling her that he wasn’t interested in her. He then went to the pub to be honest with Steph as well, but found that she’d already decided to move on – with new barman, Alex Argenzio

Notes: Nell returned to the show in 2004 in the regular role of Janelle Timmins. Prior to this, she worked as a trainee storyliner on the series.

Biography by Steve



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