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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Michael Cassidy David Paterson

Michael Cassidy 2004-2005
Parents: Charlie and Catherine Cassidy
Siblings: Lyn

The son of Charlie and Catherine, bitter Michael Cassidy felt as though he'd been pushed out of the family when his father was reunited with his long-lost daughter, Lyn, in 2003. It proved to be the breaking point in their already fragile relationship. Father and son barely contacted each other in the 18 months that followed. But as Charlie was in the final stages of dying of emphysema, Michael's Aunt Doreen tracked him down in China and sent a message urging him to return to Australia as soon as possible.

Michael met his half-sister Lyn, who took him back to her home in Ramsay Street, Erinsborough, where Charlie had been spending Christmas. As soon as he walked through the door, Michael saw Lyn's daughter, Steph, leaning over his father, holding a pillow. As Steph announced that Charlie had slipped away, Michael immediately jumped to the conclusion that his father had been smothered. The suspicious circumstances were enough for a post mortem and Steph was immediately in the spotlight. Michael refused to listen to anyone else, convinced that his father had been murdered and determined to seek justice. Michael was therefore pleased when Steph was arrested at Charlie's wake. Michael's mood darkened when he found out that Charlie had given up the family business, leaving him with nothing to continue.

Michael wasn't worried at finding himself on the outer with his new family, his only interest was in finding someone to blame for the fact that he never managed to make peace with his dad. He was unimpressed when Lyn, who had originally jumped to the same conclusions, withdrew her police statement and told Michael that she would purger herself if that was what it took. The situation only got worse when Steph was named as the beneficiary of the majority of Charlie's will. In court, Steph was found guilty, but received a three-year suspended sentence and Michael vowed to have her sentence overturned. However, as Lyn pleaded with her brother to try and forget the past and reach out to his new family, she finally made a breakthrough. Before leaving the area, Michael apologised to Steph and brought over some old Cassidy family videos for everyone to watch.

Biography by Steve



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