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Brodie 'Chas' Chaswick 2016
Occupation: Swimmer

When the Willises were living in Perth, young swimmer Brodie Chaswick became fixated on their happy family life, but almost destroyed Brad's coaching career when he made a false claim that Josh had been taking steroids. The family then cut ties with Brodie, and later moved away to Erinsborough, whilst Brodie found himself a scholarship in Portland, Oregon. Whilst there, he got back in touch with youngest Willis, Piper, who was in Vancouver on a school exchange. Romance blossomed between them, but when Piper decided that she had to return home to Australia, where her family was falling apart, Brodie showed his nasty side again, reacting badly to their split.

Six months later, Piper received a shock when Brodie, who she knew as Chas, turned up in Erinsborough wanting a second chance, hopeful that Brad could coach him ahead of the Olympics. Though Brad was tempted to help him, Josh refused to have anything to do with Brodie, whilst Piper kept very quiet about her time spent with him in Canada, hopeful that her family would send him away and she'd never have to see him again. However, Brodie managed to persuade Josh - who'd been forced to give up swimming after a shoulder injury - that he couldn't live without his sport, and that working with Brad was his only hope of making it work. Piper was horrified to realise that he'd be staying, and her concerns only grew when she found out that he'd be staying on the family's sofa. When she went to get some water during the night, she and Brodie started talking about old times and it wasn't long before they were kissing, and were almost caught out by Josh. It wasn't long, however, before Josh caught them out for real and they had to own up about their relationship and its history back in Canada. At first horrified, Brad and Terese quickly realised that they risked pushing Piper away if they banned the young couple from seeing each other, and so they agreed that it could continue - with a few conditions. But it soon became obvious that Brodie's relationship was distracting him from his training, and with his times failing to improve, Brad realised that he had no chance of making the trials.

Brodie took the news badly and started making plans to leave, with Piper persuading him to stay in town, so she could help him to find a new coach. He then shocked her by asking her to move in with him, and soon the pair were staying in a room at Robinsons Motel, with Brodie slowly turning her against her family and friends, and deleting messages on her phone. Wanting Piper all to himself, Brodie persuaded her to go back to Perth with him for a few days - though it soon became clear that he was intending it to be a permanent move. As she began to have doubts, Brodie managed to keep her away from Ramsay Street, and he continued to hide her phone and reply to messages pretending to be her. It was only when they were on their way out of Erinsborough that Piper found her phone in the pocket of Brodie's hoodie, and realised what he'd been up to. When she confronted him, Brodie locked Piper in the car with him, trying to make her see that he'd done it for her own good, and that her family and friends were just making life difficult and that they'd be happier together in Perth. Realising that Brodie had no intention of them returning to Erinsborough and wasn't thinking clearly, Piper persuaded him that she was going along with his plan, then asked if she could get out to get some air. She sent a text to her friend Tyler and he rushed to her aid. As Brodie tried to change her mind, Piper was taken home by Tyler to a grateful Brad and Terese.

Though they were hopeful that Brodie would return home to Perth and forget his obsession with Piper and her family, Terese was in for a shock when he turned up at Lassiter's and tried to persuade her to give him a job. Terese was horrified and ordered him to leave her alone, and Tyler, who was there to get an update on Piper, backed her up and sent Brodie on his way. However, when Tyler later did Terese a favour and went to check on the hotel's boiler which had been playing up, Brodie followed him and watched. And when the boiler later exploded, leaving both Josh, and Brad's father Doug, dead, Piper worried that Brodie might have had a part to play in the tragedy.

With Paul Robinson charged with causing the explosion, Piper convinced herself that Brodie couldn't have been responsible, but when she interviewed him and started to doubt his guilt, Piper again began to wonder about her ex. She contacted Brodie and asked him to come to see her, and was shocked when he turned up the next morning, having immediately flown out of Perth. As she pretended to be pleased to see him, she tripped him up when he mentioned that Tyler, who'd been accused of causing the explosion, had only been messing with the boiler for five minutes. Aware that this information hadn't been made public, and it hadn't been in any of the vlogs she'd made, Piper confronted him and he realised that she'd only asked to see him to try and work out if he was guilty. He stormed off, but later turned up in the Willis back garden to show Piper his taxi receipts and boarding pass from the morning of the Lassiter's explosion, proving that he couldn't have done it. He then told Piper that he would never hurt her or her family and as he prepared to leave, he told her that Tyler was clearly in love with her and, if he made her happy, she should go for it.

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Biography by Steve