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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Steve Chisholm David Whiteley

Steve Chisholm 2005
Occupation: Solicitor

Lawyer to Izzy Hoyland, slimy Steve Chisholm was given an envelope by his client and informed that he should open it if anything were ever to happen to her. Some weeks later, Izzy suddenly went missing after her life spectacularly fell apart and her partner, Karl Kennedy, and family abandoned her. Steve quickly found out that envelope contained evidence that local businessman Paul Robinson was behind a fire, and possible murder, in late 2004. However, instead of going to the police, Steve tracked down Paul and blackmailed him with what he knew. Paul handed over some money, before tracking down Izzy and dragging her back to Erinsborough.

However, Steve didnít let that stop him and he continued to blackmail Paul, turning up one evening at a party that he and Izzy were throwing and threatening to go to the police. Izzy decided that the only way to stop Steve was to get back the evidence from his home. The following day, they broke into his house and found his safe, but were interrupted by the cleaner and forced to hide in the wardrobe. Fortunately, they werenít spotted and they escaped with what they had come for, along with a few compromising photos of Steve cheating on his wife. After burning the evidence of Paulís crimes, they posted copies of the photos back to Steve as an insurance policy, reminding him of what he could lose if he ever went to the police.

Notes: David Whiteley previously appeared in 1994 as Dr. Jack Chang, in 1996 and 1998 as Erinsborough News editor Jeff Reiner, in 1997 as Sven Jorgensen and in 2000 as Nick Gill.

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