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Frederick Samuel 'Sam' Cole 1986-1987
Born: 1986
Parents: Fred Mitchell and Susan Cole
Siblings: Henry and Charlene
Family Tree: Cole and Mitchell

Born to Susan Cole, after an affair with her married boss, Fred Mitchell, baby Samuel Cole’s life had a difficult beginning. Soon after his son was born, Fred threw out Susan and Sam, unable to cope with the responsibility and they left their home in Coffs Harbour for Erinsborough. After hiding out for a while, and receiving help from Fred’s teenage daughter, Charlene, Susan fell ill. Not wanting the child to have to go into care, Charlene agreed to take Sam home with her. However, she realised that her mother, Madge, would never allow the baby into the house if she knew who the mother was, so she pretended that Sam was her own. Over the few days that Sam was staying, Madge started to bond with the child, but was nonetheless horrified when she found out that he was actually Susan’s baby and, when Susan came to collect him, she demanded that they both leave the house. However, Susan’s health still wasn’t up to par and she collapsed in Madge’s house, leaving Madge little choice but to allow Susan and Sam to stay for a while.

During their time under the same roof, Susan and Madge slowly bonded over their poor treatment by Fred. When it came time for them to go, Madge convinced her neighbour, Clive Gibbons, to let them have one of his spare rooms and also tried to help Susan find a job. Unfortunately, having a baby son didn’t help matters and Susan was rejected by many prospective bosses, until she found out that Paul Robinson needed a new secretary at the Daniels Corporation. Although Paul felt the same way as many other employers about Susan having a young baby, he was talked into hiring Susan by his grandmother, Helen Daniels, who agreed to be the one to fire Susan if her parental duties got in the way of her work. Over the weeks that followed, both Paul and Clive started to fall for Susan, with Clive particularly enjoying having a baby around the house. Although Susan and attracted to both men, she ended up agreeing to marry Clive, who she saw as a better father for Sam.

However, as she celebrated her engagement to Clive, Susan couldn’t stop thinking about Paul and she realised that she’d be creating problems for herself if she got involved with either man. Susan took Sam and disappeared from the area, only contacted Charlene a few days later, explaining that she’d left one of Sam’s favourite teddy bears at Clive’s house and asking her to collect it. When Clive caught Charlene retrieving the bear, he convinced her to speak to Susan and arrange one final meeting for them. And so, before she and Sam flew back to Coffs Harbour, Susan met Clive at Lassiter’s. As she went to say goodbye to Paul, Clive was left alone with Sam. He told him to make sure to eat his pumpkin and to enjoy his life, before Susan returned for a final goodbye.

Trivia Notes
• Scott Wealands played Sam from his arrival until episode 364, and Thomas Hamston took over the part from episodes 366 until 413

309-364, 366-413

Biography by Steve