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Eleanor 'Elly' Leanna Rose Conway 2001-2002, 2016-
Lived: 28 Ramsay Street
Born: 1986
Parents: Ian and Liz Conway
Family Tree: Conway
Occupation: Student

Elly had a very unstable upbringing - she never knew her father and her mother was always neglecting her, so she became very rebellious and also quite estranged from her family. Thus, it was a complete shock when Elly's mother, Liz, turned up in Erinsborough, having not seen her sister, Susan in years and explained that Elly had been expelled from boarding school for smoking pot. She went on to explain that she had to go to Sweden for six months to accept a six-month contract doing admin for the Swedish embassy, and wanted Susan to take care of Elly. Liz's hope was that Susan would put her daughter back on the right path and help her to concentrate her efforts on study rather than making trouble. Although Susan didn't agree, she didn't say 'no' either and so, a week later, she received a call to say that Elly was on her way.

When she arrived at Number 28, the police, much to Susan's shock, had escorted Elly there. She formed a strong bond with her cousin Darcy, but struggled to get along with Susan's husband, Karl, who was annoyed at having another stroppy teenager around. Susan and Darcy found themselves in a dilemma when they realised Elly thought she was only staying for a couple of weeks, when the truth was she was staying for at least six months. Although Darcy did tell her, she didn't believe him, and she was devastated when angry friend Michelle broke the bad news to her in an explosive outburst. Shocked at the news, Elly denied it for weeks. When she was told that she was being sent something in the post by her mum, Elly thought it would be a ticket to Stockholm, but receiving only a credit card made her face facts. Devastated, she booked herself on a one-way flight to see her mother. However, Susan stopped her before take off and she accepted the fact she had to live with the Kennedy family.

Michelle and Elly went on to form a close friendship, although they got off to a rocky start when Michelle accused her of cheating with her boyfriend, Zack. When Zack started spreading rumours about Michelle, the pair teamed up and got back at him by writing 'Zack Is Gay' on the classroom's blackboard, but it backfired when Susan found out who had done it. Elly stuck up for Michelle but it strained her relationship with Susan and Karl. Later she told them she planned to move out as soon as she turned 16, but Lyn Scully's talk about family made her change her mind.

Elly finally showed signs of maturity one day, when she saved Darcy from the sudden effects of a heart problem he was having by giving him CPR via directions over the phone. Although she was distraught, she was hailed a hero and even got work experience at the surgery. She also set her sights on Tad Reeves, although their romance was short lived. Karl and Susan decided it was time to find out who Elly's father was, in the hope of giving her some stability, so they started to search for him though they did not tell her. She found out however, and was angry at their deception, so with help from Karl she helped track down Ian Conway who she believed was her father. However she was stunned when he told her that he had been informed her father was in fact Karl! She tried to fish for information, and asked Libby if her father had ever had an affair, and she admitted the truth that he had a few years back. Elly figured that if Karl had an affair once what would stop him having had one before that. And so, Elly confronted Karl about it later but he told her that he had never had an affair with Liz. Although slightly relieved, Elly had to admit that she was disappointed, as she had come to see Karl as something of a father figure in their few months living together.

Liz returned, pregnant by her new Swedish boyfriend, Lars, and Elly asked her who her father was. She admitted that it was Ian Conway and she had lied to him. She was devastated at her mother's neglect, and when Liz offered to take Elly to Sweden, she was unsure of Liz's motives, especially when Liz forgot her birthday. However she admitted to Karl she wanted to give her mother a chance, and Elly and Liz left for Sweden to start their new life.


Magic Moments
Episode 3919: Stuart and Elly's Arrivals
Episode 3998: Elly's Departure

Biography by Joe