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Chris Cousens 2003-2004, 2005
Occupation: Photographer

Sneaking out to a nightclub in order to attract the attention of Taj Coppin, her latest crush, Serena Bishop found herself approached by an older man. He showered her with compliments and told her that he’d like her to be a model for him. Following revelations about her parents’ dire financial problems, Serena realised that this could be a way to help them out. As she arrived at Chris’ studios, along with her concerned cousin, Sky, Serena found herself presented with a huge range of clothes, as well as being lavished with attention. Despite Sky’s concerns that Chris was looking for more from her than just a model, Serena enjoyed the attention of the older man and planned to model for him again.

This time, she went alone, and Chris became more familiar with her, touching her to change her position. He even offered to give her one of the dresses she had modelled, to wear to her school formal. After gaining her trust, Chris asked Serena if she would like to join him at a hotel for the night. Although apprehensive, Serena didn’t want to appear to be too immature, and so agreed to go along with him. Once at the hotel, however, Serena started to feel uncomfortable. Chris told her not to worry, offering her drinks, but she realised that she was in over her head and walked out on him. Chris chased her, but failed to catch up before she left in a taxi and so, a few days later, he sent her a big bunch of flowers by way of apology.

Serena agreed to model for him again, even allowing herself to be photographed in a swimsuit. Chris’ plan seemed to be coming unstuck, however, when Serena’s parents, Liljana and David, found the swimsuit photos in their daughter’s bag. They refused to allow Serena to continue seeing this man, and when he came into the Coffee Shop one day, Lil delivered him a slap for his trouble. With her 16th birthday approaching, and claiming that she was in love, Serena refused to cut contact with Chris and continued to see him in secret. On the day of her birthday, Serena quietly left a family gathering to see Chris. This time, however, he began to get heavy with her, after giving her a ring as a birthday gift, and she became quite uncomfortable. The final straw came when he left the room briefly, and she realised that he was recording their entire exchange on his webcam. He claimed to have left it on by accident, but an unconvinced Serena fled, eventually telling her family the truth. The police were called in, but there was little that they could charge Chris with, so David decided to take matters into his own hands. He broke in to the studio and took away Chris’ harddrive, while also destroying his printer. The Bishop family never heard from him again, while Serena made sure to wipe him from her memory by throwing the ring into Lassiter’s Lake.

Serena wasn’t the only young Erinsborough local to fall victim to Chris, however. Several months after the end of her ordeal, Serena was shocked when new Coffee Shop assistant Lana Crawford recognised her from photos in Chris’ studio and revealed that she too had been taken in by him.

The following year, Janae Timmins, who had only been in Erinsborough for a few weeks, was desperate to impress her new boyfriend, Mike Pill, and work her way up the social ladder at school. One evening when the two of them were attending an all ages rage, he Mike pushed Janae too far, but suggesting that she kiss his mate, Jimmo, in order to make Jimmo’s girlfriend jealous. Janae was disgusted by the idea and poured her drink over Mike, before storming off and walking straight into Chris Cousens himself. Janae wasn’t taken in straight away, laughing in Chris’ face as he asked her if she was a model, but when he mentioned that he was a photographer, she agreed to have a drink with him, little realising that he’d spiked it.

With Janae gradually losing control of her body, Chris offered to “take her home” and went to get their coats. Whilst he was gone, Janae managed to phone home and raise the alarm with her siblings, Stingray, Dylan and Bree, who headed straight to the venue to search for her. As Chris was trying to get a helpless Janae out of the club, Dylan spotted them just in time and refused to believe his excuses that he was simply giving her a hand as he didn’t want her to come to any harm. Bree managed to knee Chris in the groin, whilst Dylan then took him outside to teach him a lesson about messing with the Timmins kids. A few days later, Janae decided to report the matter to the police.

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Episodes Featured
4382, 4383, 4387, 4388, 4394, 4395, 4396, 4397, 4404, 4405, 4406, 4407, 4414, 4415, 4713, 4714

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