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Dahl 1994-2010
Lived: 22, 26, 28 Ramsay Street

Brett Stark and Lata Chatterji had a doomed relationship from the start, and once it was discovered by her brother, Vikram, she was sent away to live with an aunt. Before she went, she bought Brett a galah that she had noticed him looking at in the local pet shop window. Although his affections soon moved on to Libby Kennedy, Brett cherished the bird, which he named Dahl, and would often chat to it when nobody else in his family had time to listen.

A couple of years later, when Brett decided to leave Erinsborough to go sailing around the world, he entrusted Dahl to his closest friend, Libby. Dahl went to stay with the Kennedy family at 28 Ramsay Street where she was very happy, despite having to live with Karl, who developed a love hate relationship with the bird. Dahl became a firm fixture in the Kennedy household, despite her tendency to disappear into the roof from time to time. She even managed to live alongside Libby’s little dog, Audrey, when she moved back home. In 2006, Dahl spent a brief period living at 26 Ramsay Street, while Susan was away in Belarus.

In 2010, the Ramsay Street residents took part in the Million Paws Walk raising money for the RSPCA, with Karl deciding to take Dahl along in a bid to outdo neighbour, Rebecca Robinson who was walking Cat and with a $10 charge per paw, Dahl won over the pet pig, Lennie as she was cheaper to enter. After an enjoyable walk, the residents returned to Number 22 for refreshments, where Karl was horrified to discover the door to Dahl's cage open and Dahl gone. Karl soon began pointing the finger at Cat, but as the Kennedys returned home to mourn the loss of their longtime pet, Karl thought he heard the sound of a Galah's call, but turning to look, Karl failed to notice Dahl perched on a nearby tree.

At some point in the intervening years, Dahl returned, then disappeared again, and in 2021, when Melanie Pearson dressed up a 'Mystic Mel' for a Christmas party, she saw a vision of Dahl being attacked by a cat. Karl was forced to reveal to Susan that this was how Dahl had met her end, attacked by Vera Punt's cat, and that she was buried in the back garden, where the greenhouse now stood.

Trivia Notes
• In 1999, the original Dahl was replaced with a lookalike when Animal Actors took over as suppliers for all of Neighbours animal needs

Biography by Steve