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Guest Character Profiles > Detective Sergeant Goldstein Kevin Summers

Detective Sergeant Goldstein 2001, 2002
Occupation: Police Detective

When her boyfriend Larry ‘Woody’ Woodhouse was sent into witness protection after being the key witness at the trial of diamond thief Kev Kelly, Steph Scully secretly started getting in touch with him. When the contact was rumbled by Detective Sergeant Goldstein, who’d been heading Woody’s case, warned Steph to break off contact or he would have to move Woody again. Steph said that she’d always find a way, so Goldstein arranged for one final meeting between the pair at the police station. After leaving them alone for ten minutes, Steph announced that she wanted to join her boyfriend in witness protection, despite Goldstein’s protests that it wasn’t a good idea. The pair later set off together, but hadn’t got far when Woody was kidnapped and driven off by one of Kev Kelly’s henchmen, only for the car to crash and burst into flames. A devastated Steph headed home, only for Woody to return, some months later following Kev Kelly’s death, when he admitted that he’d faked his death so that Steph didn’t have to risk her life to be with him.

Some months later, Goldstein was assigned to a case involving another Ramsay Street resident when Susan KennedyDr Karl, about why she would suddenly run off like that. He then questioned the Kennedys’ neighbours Joe and Lyn Scully, as well as their daughter, Libby, and concluded that Susan, in her amnesiac state, was afraid of Karl. Goldstein then went to the surgery and took a humiliated Karl away for questioning, in front of a packed waiting room, though he was released later that day and Susan was found to be staying with her high school boyfriend, Craig Benson.

Trivia Notes
• Kevin Summers previously appeared as Alex Carter in 1986, as Detective Harris in 1997 and as Cliff Browning in 1998
• He returned in 2003 in the recurring role of Detective Alec Skinner
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Biography by Steve