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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Peter Dwyer Bert Labonte

Dr Peter Dwyer 2007
Occupation: Spinal Injury Specialist at Erinsborough & District Hospital

After being trampled by some horses at the racetrack and left paralysed, Frazer Yeats was treated by spinal injury specialist Dr Peter Dwyer. After regular check-ups over several months, Dr Dwyer was forced to explain to Frazer that he could no longer find any physical reason for the paralysis, and explained that the reason he could no longer walk was psychosymatic and he must find the cause of it before he would be able to leave his wheelchair. Though horrified by the implications at first, Frazer eventually realised that there was something in his past that he had repressed and confronted his mother, who explained that, when Frazer was only three, he had watched as his younger brother, Paul, drowned in the family’s swimming pool on Christmas Day.

Biography by Steve



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