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Sean Edwards 2000
Occupation: Student, Part-time Club Employee

When architecture student Sean Edwards met Felicity Scully, they were forced to keep their relationship a secret, as she knew that her father would never allow her to see an older boy. For a few weeks, things worked out well, as Flick pretended to be seeing her neighbour, Tad Reeves, who would cover for her when she wanted to spend time with Sean. However, one morning, having spent all night out dancing, Sean got into a cab, not realising that the driver was Joe, Flick’s father. Flick herself got in a few moments later and started kissing Sean, before she and Joe suddenly noticed each other. Although Joe then banned his daughter from seeing Sean, she refused and he eventually realised that he would have to try to accept the relationship, or risk losing his daughter for good.

Flick’s mother, Lyn, decided that a family dinner, with Sean as guest of honour, would be the best way to accept the young man into the family. Having met him, Lyn was impressed and, coupled with a positive reference from Susan Kennedy, Sean’s former teacher and the Scullys’ neighbour, she encouraged Joe to make an effort. Sean tried to his best to be polite, but managed to upset Flick’s younger sister as soon as he walked through the door, when he mentioned her dance contest, which had gone badly. Joe then spent the evening being as antagonising as possible towards Sean, who decided that it might be best to leave early. Felicity wasn’t happy and things took another turn for the worse when she felt ill one day and decided to stay home from school. Sean phoned her and, when he heard that she had the house to herself, he called in. At the same moment, Lyn came home, so Sean was forced to hide in the bathroom, where he found that Flick had run herself a spa. He climbed in and, with Lyn gone back to work, he was trying to convince Flick to join him when Joe returned home unexpectedly. Sean attempted to make a quick getaway over the back fence but Joe caught him and threw him out of the house.

Later that day, Flick met up with Sean at the Coffee Shop, where she apologised for what had happened. He told her that he couldn’t cope with her father’s treatment of them and called the whole relationship off. After a couple of weeks apart, Sean got back in touch with Flick and told her that he wanted them to get back together and he’d even try to put up with her father. It looked like Joe had finally accepted the relationship when Sean attended the 21st birthday party of Flick’s sister, Steph. However, it proved to be a short-lived reunion when Sean started dragging his friend, Steve Callum, along with him, making it difficult for Flick to get any time alone with her boyfriend. The issue came to a head when Sean promised to take Flick down the coast for the day, so they could get some time together. When he turned up to collect her, with Flick having wagged school, she was horrified to find that three of his mates were joining them. Things got worse as he announced that they’d be staying away overnight and, as Sean failed to see the problem, Flick walked away from him for good, phoning her dad to collect her. Sean later visited her in Ramsay Street, but she told him that she’d finally realised that he wasn’t right for her and that they should stop seeing each other.

Biography by Steve



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