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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Redmond Fisher Cole Rintoul

Redmond [Red] Fisher 2007
Occupation: P.E. Teacher

After receiving mysterious gifts from a secret admirer, Pepper Steiger became convinced that her former fling, Paul Robinson, was behind it. However, after attending a dancercise class at the bar, taken by Erinsborough High PE teacher Redmond ‘Red’ Fisher, Pepper suddenly became convinced that Red might be the man behind the gifts when he told her that “life is beautiful” – something that had been written in one of the cards she received. Pepper remembered that, when she’d been suspended from her teaching job, Red had been very supportive, and she grew convinced that he was the man. But, a few days later, when she tried to speak to him about it, their conversation was interrupted by Red’s pregnant girlfriend, Emily Granger, and, as Pepper ranted to him about sending her gifts when he had gotten another girl pregnant, she suddenly realised that he had no idea what she was talking about, and she’d got the wrong man.

Biography by Steve



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