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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Pete Gartside Daniel Schutzmann

Pete Gartside 2007
Marital Status: Alicia
Occupation: Professional Footballer

Following a one-night-stand with former lover Karl Kennedy, Izzy Hoyland found herself pregnant but, having been told that, following a miscarriage, her chances of conceiving were slim, she saw it as a miracle. And knowing that Karl only slept with her because he was doped up on sleep medication and had mistaken her for his girlfriend, and ex-wife, Susan Kinski, Izzy kept her condition to herself. She viewed the baby as a chance to make a fresh start and become a better person and so, having confused the neighbourhood with her nice behaviour, she left her family, and the few friends she had, behind and quit Erinsborough. Within months, Izzy had made a new life in London, where she began an affair with professional footballer Pete Gartside. Though married, Pete’s wife, Alicia, made his life hell and regularly cheated on him, but when his affair was exposed by the press, Pete told Izzy that he had to stick by his wife for the sake of the kids who all looked up to him as a role model.

Down and out Izzy ended up sleeping on a park bench with a newspaper over her face, which was where Karl and Susan, on holiday in London, spotted her. Little realising who it was, Susan told Karl to leave the heavily pregnant homeless woman some money, but, as they walked away, Izzy sat up, stunned by the voices she’d just heard. She called Pete, begging him to meet her and give her another chance, but was shocked when he turned up and gave her a cheque, trying to pay her to stay out of his life. An emotional Izzy then caught up with Karl and Susan, telling Susan about the whole sorry mess she’d gotten herself into, which her former neighbours were already aware of, thanks to the newspaper articles. Realising that Izzy was genuine this time, Susan agreed to help and, pretending to be Izzy’s mum, Reverend Rosie, arranged to meet Pete. The plan worked, and Susan convinced Pete that he would be a much better role model to kids if he followed his heart, rather than stay in an unhappy marriage. Pete and Izzy were reunited, while Karl and Susan set off to finish their holiday, but Pete quickly realised that Karl was the father of Izzy’s baby and convinced her to tell him the truth before it was too late.

The following day, Izzy and Pete turned up by the Thames, at a boat where Karl and Susan were set to get married again, having divorced three years earlier, partly due to Izzy’s presence in their lives. She boarded the boat and headed below deck, planning to drop her bombshell, whilst upstairs, Susan and Karl were married for the third time. As the ceremony concluded, Izzy walked up the stairs but hesitated as she saw how happy the couple were. As they both turned and saw her, she announced that her waters had broken. By the time the boat had docked and Pete had joined his girlfriend, she was already in the final stages of labour, and Karl was forced to deliver the baby, little realising that the child was his. As a proud Pete shared a hug with Izzy and baby Holly, he couldn’t resist one final knowing glance in Karl’s direction but, in the ambulance, he and Izzy agreed not to tell Karl and ruin his happiness, little realising that Susan was standing by the door and had heard everything. Back in Erinsborough, she broke the news to Karl, who, after thinking it over, decided to return to London for a while to get to know Holly.

Biography by Steve



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