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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Saxon Garvey Troy Lovett

Saxon Garvey 2002
Lived: 24, 32 Ramsay Street
Parents: Roger and Isabella Garvey

When removal vans arrived outside number 32, recently vacated by the Hancock family, tongues began to wag with gossip concerning the new arrivals. When several residents took welcoming gifts to the mysterious new residents, they got no word of thanks and their casserole dishes returned to their doorsteps. Some even had the sprinklers turned on them.

Meanwhile, a young man began spending most evenings eating lasagne in the Coffee Shop. Harold began to wonder where he had come from, until he learnt that the new resident of number 32 was a writer by the name of Isabella Garvey. Harold found it odd that, whenever he visited the house, Saxon would explain that his mother was in her room working. Dee Bliss also recognised Saxon, from seeing him at the hospital, and it emerged that Isabella was a patient there, in the final stages of terminal cancer.

When Isabella died, Saxon had nowhere to go. With his father, Roger, spending most of his time out of the country on business, it was left to Harold to take the young boy in. Saxon did manage to build a strong friendship with Boyd Hoyland out of his grief, as both boys had lost their mothers, they found it easy to share the experience. However, when Roger finally came to town, Saxon was angry with his father, who simply wanted to send him away to boarding school. Roger went to Sydney for a while, but vowed to return to collect Saxon. Meanwhile, Max Hoyland, Boyd’s father, had returned to town and made plans to rent out number 32. Seeing other people looking at the house upset Saxon, who still saw it as his home, and he went over and splashed black paint all over the walls in the lounge room.

Drew spotted the black paint on Saxon’s hands and he owned up to what he had done. He also agreed to help repair the damage and he spoke to Harold about not wanting to go with his father. Harold thought long and hard about allowing Saxon to stay with him, but decided that he wasn’t ready to take on another teenager. So, when Roger returned, Saxon left to go to boarding school in Sydney, after saying goodbye to Boyd, one of the best friends he’d ever had.

Biography by Steve


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